Check out this RC airplane here:
This is the brand new and improve HobbyZone Duet S 2. This is a budget friendly RTF (ready to fly) RC airplane that comes with everything needed to get this RC plane in the air included in the box! We have loved this beginner RC plane for years and we are so happy to see that they have brought it back updated and better than ever!
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Check out this RC airplane here:


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This is one of the most legendary Park Flyers of all time it's gone down in the History books as one of the airplanes You can just stroll into a hobby shop or Better yet buy online using our link to Help support our Channel and it has Taught thousands upon tens of thousands Of people especially kids to fly in Their front yard backyard or down at the Local park but do not be deceived Because this is not just the original Duet this is the duet S2 it's back and Better than ever with a Vengeance Because now it is packed with technology Not only is this thing a great stable Trainer flyer but it has safe technology In this now which is fantastic it just Makes it easier and better for beginners Learning to Fly especially on a budget So in this video we are going to put my Money where my mouth is and I'm going to Let my wife which actually does know how To fly planes fly this for you all we'll Let her ma it see how things go and then Toward the end of the video I a more Intermediate pilot some have called me a Skilled pilot I don't think I am I think Maybe intermediate will put my hands on The controls to see what I think as well So this is going to be a fun Maiden on a Calm beautiful fall day without further Ado let's fly it and see how it does Taking Off

So you are currently in safe mode yes I Am in safe mode yes all right let's back Off on the throttle yeah you don't Really need to cook the throttle Throttle excuse me on a little trainer Plane like this this is very casual Little flyer that's what I like to call Like a Sunday flyer so there's a couple Things I really like about the duet and I have for Years first is the laning Gear are super forgiving they're just They're going to bounce and and it's Just going to be easy to get your plane Down you're not going to have to worry About it a lot number two I like that There's a dihedral in the wing it helps Keep it extra stable even with safe now The introduction of safe on the duet is Pretty awesome I'm very happy about that It's going to keep you even more level Than what the original one was able To you also have two Motors so it helps It fight through some wind but it's a Very very lightweight airplane it's Under 250 g which is important for some Of our viewers not necessarily everybody But some people do need to know that and That's Nice so I know we have a huge space to Fly in but you don't need a big space You could fly this at a baseball field At a park front yard backyard front yard Backyard if you have a decently little Yard and also uh just to give it more

Agility and Controllability because it has two Motors it also has differential thrust Mixed in already so when you're turning Abby one motor is spinning faster than The Other you can hear it changing me too That's pretty cool it's a good way to Get maybe an introduction into having an Airplane with two Motors so what this Plane is not is a sporty flyer or a Stunt flyer if you're wanting to learn How to fly and learn what orientation is This is a good plane to learn Orientation on and as Abby said it's Very forgiving because it's lightweight Because it flies slow because of those Bouncy rubber landing gear rubber esque I should say you see that she can just That's okay that's okay that's Okay uh you know you can very easily Have some crashes and they be forgiving They also have spare part availability Which is important you snap a prop or Something which will be hard to do on This airplane you can pick up spares Through our link in the description box There we Go very fun little guys are pretty funny It's a fun little plan now for those of You that are saying well it's too Restricted it has safe now you'll never Learn how to fly like the real Pilots Know how to fly without safe you can

Actually click the right stick one time And it'll turn safe off so if you would Like to advance your off and Abby's Going to push It so now she can bank a Lot steeper I See that and you can dive and climb a Lot faster too and that's okay you know We're oh she tried for a loop now no I Was just trying to see what it can do Okay no I forgot everything I've ever Known about flying that's Okay Abby does fly in safe uh I would Say 90% of the time that she flies Planes but to me there's nothing wrong With that because sorry it still gets You out and in the air and that's better Than not nice Abby that was like a Little cork screw Loop and she's back in Safe to save the plane I was headed Toward the ground a little quickly yeah That's okay good save so we got a loop I Probably cannot pull off a roll because Of the wing D anybody can Nate could so I'm going to land it and I'm going to Pass the controls off Nate see what I Can do with it so you can see more of a Progression of what you could do with This we'll see this plane has its Limitations but that was a nice smooth Landing Abby than you for this little Guy I'm pretty happy with that is on oh He's showing off with the hand launch so If you don't have a good surface if You're flying off of grass there's a

Great example of the hand launch that Was really Easy oh and now he's showing off don't Do that at Home what are you doing you're Throttling while holding It curious oh taking the landing gear Off okay let's do it and I'm not Throttling that's the uh safe oh okay Okay okay Here you go no landing gear hand takeoff Oh like nothing I feel like you could Almost not even Chuck that like this Without the landing gear I think it Looks really cool CU it's like it has Ret tracks now the landing gear are There for defense you know there're They're protecting your props and your Motors I recommend all beginners fly With those landing gear on but since We're trying to see what progression This airplane can hold I think that's Great taking the landing gear off is Going to reduce drag and weight so now We've got our eles a soaring glider this Is awesome I mean I can zero throttle Right here and just just steering it and We have no wind and no thermals really Helping us stay in the air but we could Get really long flight times on this by Taking off that drag and weight and you You'd be surprised how much of a Difference landing gear can make when You're flying your airplanes we might

Get an extra 10 minutes out of this just Easing on the throttle like I am right Now this is about 40% throttle and I am Just cruising around so delicately and Smoothly and a lot of guys like to fly This way sure some of us are speed Demons and we love to crank that Throttle and see how fast it goes and How high we can climb and snap rolls and Loops and crazy stuff uh but this is fun Too so we're climbing it up and we're Going to turn off our leveling which is Just clicking that and let's just see if We can pull off a nice clean Loop there We go that's pretty nice we'll just Double Loop it almost I also like Because we haven't really seen the Bottom of the wing until just now cuz We're flying a bit higher look at the Bottom of the wing we have those black Stripes on one side you see that right There yes that is great for orientation We know that's the left wing and when We're flying around and we maybe are High in the sky and can't quite see the Airplane that's going to let us know Which side of the plane we're looking at Markings like that are awesome all right We had just a little bit of a Distraction there but as I was saying I Love those markings for orientation it's A really good inclusion on this airplane I'm out of safe now right so I'm let's See if we can just kind of go a little

Bit wild with it let's climb higher and I do have a bigger battery in this Airplane than the one it comes with so I'll show you guys that there we go we Can sorry see if we can do maybe Inverted possibly no way well we'll see No oh yeah I got it upside down it was Almost upside down I you just fell Upside down let's be honest you fell Upside down that's okay just trying to See what we can get away with on this Little airplane you trying to roll Inverted you see that I'm inverted but I'm going to crash So it can fly inverted but for only a Few seconds So a tip here if you are going to crash Cut the throttle before it hits the Ground it will save your Motors and your Props so make sure you do that if you're Trying more advanced Maneuvers we have a Yellow light telling us the battery is Getting low you'll have to say that Again that was a no throttle toss nice I knew it could do that that was Good did you just ease into the throttle With that after you toss it that was Good under the leg Nate under the Leg Yes and now throttle nice didn't Throttle till right then seconds before I even touch throttle it Glides That's okay ready

Ready so Nate said there that was Throttle there so Nate said there is a Yellow light on the transmitter to Indicate that the battery is getting Low there's your yellow Light this is a great little airplane I Think the inclusion of safe is awesome Yes I do too for 1s airplane it's a lot Of fun and we might as well fly it till The battery gets slow because we're Getting fairly low now we were having Fun with those spins so I'm taking it up And let's go wow wow wow wow nice yeah So we can have some fun with it but yeah There's super dihedral in those wings That means that that Wing is curved up Which is just pure auto level happiness But then with the inclusion of safe Click that on it'll just not flip upside Down at All We're always listening to the radio Where we fly so there may be jumps there May be pauses you guys may actually hear Radio chatter occasionally on our videos But if there are little skips in the Video a lot of times that's why Abby Let's just try for a nice smooth grass Landing off to the left over here we've Got a slight breeze to our back so this Will be the best way to come in you Always want to take off and land with The nose into the wind and you guys see That we're slowing way down zero

Throttle there and pull up ah it's Perfect good job so there may be some Small confusion when you're flying you Click the left stick and there are beeps But that does nothing I kind of wish They would have um killed that beep There when you click the right stick Watch this let's get the light there in The shadow okay Ready red blinking means safe is off Blue blinking means safe is on uh that Lets you know when safe is on your bank Is limited it's very beginner friendly You can't get the plane upside down you Can't do those Wild Things I was doing Little Spirals and stuff when you turn Safe off it gives you the ability to Bank sharper pull up and down sharper a Little bit more aggressively and it's a Good uh skill to have to be able to fly In and out of safe it's it's always nice To to know how to do both and if you're Ever panicking you can if you're out of Safe you click that right stick and go Back into safe and it'll auto level you Know let's say you're diving down Instead hitting the ground like I did You can click the right stick and it'll Snap to auto level and save your plane So Nate's flying on a bigger battery Yeah and the really cool thing is these Are just held in the bottom of the Airplane it's already got some soft Velcro in there and then you just put a

Little bit of Velcro on this side this Is actually a spectrum battery it's a Higher C rating which just means it can Take more throttle punches and it also Has a bigger mamp size and I know I say This because there probably a lot of Beginners watching our video right now That just means you have a bigger fuel Tank so it flew really well on that Battery and I highly recommend it we'll Have it linked in the description box Below but it comes with a nice little USB charger and that's how I charged That battery I was flying on and it Comes with this 150 milliamp battery Nothing wrong with either of these but a Bigger battery means longer flying and Uh this one was a 25c and that was a 50c So we can throttle punch harder and Longer and it not sag the voltage of the Battery when you're flying so if you Want the upgraded batteries this will be The link below too now a lot of people Are going to be looking at this airplane As a great beginner a great first Airplane if you're on a budget and I Think that's a really solid choice I I Really do if you're looking for a park Flyer front yard backyard flyer there's Not a lot that are a whole lot better And forgiving than this the safe Technology the size of the airplane Visibility it just hits all those Beginner trainer Nails on the head it'd

Make a great gift for yourself if you're Wanting to learn to fly but it also make A great gift for someone under the tree Or just in general or if you're a pilot This is great to have around if someone Ever shows up to your Airfield wanting To fly it's awesome to have things like This handy to get other people into the Hobby we love having things like this Around that's a good tip so if you are Getting this as a gift for someone else Or for yourself and you're learning to Fly I recommend you fly with AMA for About the same price of this airplane You can Ure yourself flying airplanes For an entire year which I think is Amazing because if you're flying this at The park and you fly by and you be Really hard to hurt or damage anyone or Anything with this airplane but it could Happen and if you did that's where AMA Insurance will step in and help cover You in those incidents so a great pair With this airplane is that insurance Also if you never use it and we hope to Never use that insurance it does come With a nice Magazine subscription access To fly at airfields all over the country Entry to RC events to be able to fly at RC events there are a lot of perks that Come with it groups on Facebook a lot of Help you can pick up the phone and call People and ask if you are you know Flying the way you should if you ever

Have any questions they're there to help So I highly recommend the Academy of Model Aeronautics that'll be link below Near the link to this airplane it's Super important Guys these are probably The most important things things that we Can talk about in this video one we want To say thanks to God for blessing us With today we give him all the glory for Not only giving us the opportunity to Fly planes and share this experience With you guys but just blessing us with This beautiful fall day and everything That life brings our way we thank him Also very important to know that because This is linked in the description box Below when you buy it through that link You support our Channel and our family At no extra cost to you and you're doing Yourself a huge favor because you earn Points with those points you can cash Them in for things like new batteries For your airplanes for free if you have Enough points so we highly recommend you Click the link if you're going to buy This plane or any plane or RC anything On the website we'll get credit for it You're doing us a favor we're doing you A favor by hooking you up with points And getting you right where you need to Be last but certainly not least we want To say a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because of you guys we get to Jump in front of the camera as often as

We do you keep us motivated you keep Fuel in the tank you keep the camera Gear rolling so that we can make these Videos for the world to to enjoy for Absolutely free if you're in the market For Budget or just beginner planes I'd Actually like to make a recommendation For a plane that I think is the next Step up from this one it might not look Quite like this plane but the Functionality is insane and it's just About double the price we'll have a Video of that plane popping up right About now thanks for watching we'll see You there [Music] Bye [Music]

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