BRAND NEW!!! Tower Hobbies DHC-2 Beaver 1.5m with FLOATS RC Airplane!

Check out the DHC-2 Beaver 1.5m here:
This is a brand new RC airplane from tower hobbies. This is the DHC-2 Beaver 1.5m with floats RC plane. In this video we talk about this RC plane and take it out for its maiden flight. Let us know your thoughts about this RC airplane in the comments.
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Check out the DHC-2 Beaver 1.5m here:


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You are looking at the brand new Tower Hobbies yes I said that right 1.5 meter Beaver this is their newest plane in Their lineup a plug-and-play airplane With optional floats as landing gear if You want to fly off water in today's Video this will be a maiden flight more On that Later we might is there a water droplet Dripping off that okay this is a 3s Airplane Believe It or Not 1.5 m 3s Airplane d d not Included it does actually have flaps and I want to talk about the flap system we Have aerons elevator Rudder throttle and Lights on this airplane it's very cool That it's a Tower Hobbies plane now I Will tell you if you're not familiar to Assembling airplanes and you're only Used to doing something like eflight and They snap together in 30 minutes or less This took me I hate to say it but it Took me with the I did I did the floats First and I said I'll talk about more More of that later it took me close to 4 Hours to slap this together and I was Pretty devoted to putting it together I Mean I had I was watching a show so a Little distracted but just be aware it Doesn't assemble quite as quickly and as Easily as like an eflight plane there Are some unique things about this when Putting it together and I'll bring more Of that up later as

Well but here's one of the very unique Why is that wet one of the very unique Things in this air plane is the way the Flaps work and they are two push rods Sharing one Servo arm for the flap Functionality that will kick to the Right and they'll both go down that'll Kick to the right again they'll go down More together these are the wing tubes Which is a kind of a unique interesting Way that they did that this clicks on There's just a little bit more finesse Required when building this airplane the Battery tray is on the bottom it's got My receiver mounted here on the right Panel which is recommended and then we Have an EC3 battery plug because again this is 3s you would think with an airplane this Size maybe 4S but it's 3s so let's Actually ground M this airplane and I'll Talk about the water experience here in Just a Minute Character that's a water character I mean Nate how much did you have to pay For yours to come looking like That I had someone custom paint mine With Mud nice takes off very quickly very Awesome So just briefly just so you guys know I Got some water time on this but that's All I'm going to say Nate thought it was

A boat well it kind of is isn't it Anyways it's survived and it's still Flying yes it has a very unique um setup For the water pontoons and making the Rudder in the water steer but yeah I do Have just a little bit of stick time on This so this is a true Maiden it really Is with the wheels the water Maiden Coming soon coming very soon subscribe We hope we hope we hope we hope um yeah The lights look good on this it's 1.5 M It's it's a lightweight airplane So that 3s battery is Actually Punchy on it that's 3s you know This is really impressive for a 3s Airplane you that was some pretty good Vertical climbing There the loop looked great if you like A scale airplane this is really good and I don't actually know the price at time Of filming this it's just a couple days Before it actually releases so you guys Will have to check it out in the Description box we'll have a link there For you to see I just didn't get any Info on this thing other than what the Instructions had in there so I don't Know the price I know a lot of times People will say well Nate you know you Got to talk about the price I I would if I had it sometimes that happens with Early releases look at that we're knife Edging that's pretty awesome and I'm not Even holding full Rudder there's full

Rudder which really didn't make much of A difference so just about full Rudder To hold that knife edge but it did it Really Well a lot of guys are going to one Everybody loves a good skill airplane Well not everybody most people that fly Foam plug and plays like a nice scale Airplane and it's just nice to see Tower Hobbies uh with a couple new airplanes They had a glider which surprised Everybody now let's throttle up we're Just going to climb It wow I'm really surprised being 3s That it has that much climb rate I'm Really Surprised little CL sorry about that Well we'll definitely do an inverted Pass after This get it around on the runway I like To do inverted nose into the wind for The first time the roll rate's okay on This so what I'm going to do is roll Into inverted here we go in three two One just hold it upside down very little Elevator needed to keep that upside down Very little that's nice actually see if We can keep it for a whole circuit I'll Try he's off on the throttle some Getting a little Lower it does want to roll back over Being inverted you've got to kind of Play with that to keep that Wing level Because there's just a little dihedral

There the vshape of the wing but yeah Look at that on a maiden flight that's Not too bad we'll go outside Hey are you going to play your favorite Game snap will it snap let's see you Didn't have a lot of power try again Let's do it over here I'm going to say no Abby yeah just a roll basically and I Think that's Rudder Authority Limitations just the shape of the Airplane in general it's just a good old Scale plane and sometimes you don't get The wild side of things and then also Lack of speed speed a lot of times this Is Full Throttle pass let's just do it Just Full Throttle I'll get it Full Throttle over The runway so you guys get a better Sense of it cuz when it's far away on The camera sometimes it's hard to tell Here's Full Throttle right Here oh overhead well not quite over our Head one more time over my camera to Point up this is a 3s 2200 that's Full Throttle guys but watch The Climb rate see that so it's a it's Like not super fast but it's Surprisingly light which means The Climb Rate is good on it and I'm impressed by That because of the Lightweight of the airplane we can do Some really cool knife edges you got Enough Authority for that you can do a

Hammerhead let's try a cub 8 the roll rate's not amazing so I got To be a little careful and not wait too Long that's okay we can do it a little Lower on back Side but the wind is to my back so we're Just going to keep our plane in one Piece hopefully there we go let's do a Mid throttle full flap pass and see how Much the flaps affect it and we probably Won't fly too much longer there's full Flaps no Ballooning there's mid throttle nose Into the wind remember we don't have As3x or anything on this cuz I just have A Little old school receiver in here flaps Up throttle up there we Go and we'll do maybe one more pass over The Run right here consider a landing it Is kind of a pretty day to Fly it's a cool airplane it does look Really good I'll hand it to him I love The maroon and white look of the plane Let's see what we can do here maroon It's maroon don't you think I think it's Maroon more than red that's red I do Have Expo in here I know that looks a Little Twitchy but I've got Expo on that That is Red hey hey I got all right I'll give You not too Bad good Job I think the main thing to note here

Is when the airplane is Assembled and you know well done it Flies really well in my opinion it Really does does fly well I think when I Was putting this together I thought jeez 1.5 M 3s battery there's no way there's No way it'll just be underpowered and Feel like it needs more Power and I think the main thing to to Note is the Tower Hobby glider assembly Wasn't like a lot Required and if you're used to eflight Planes or UMX Planes this is a lot more assembly Required than that and I don't want the Wrong person to buy this it's a great Performing airplane it really is you saw It that was a that was an honest real Maiden with the landing gear and there Will be a waterf flight video of this Airplane hopefully on the channel very Soon kind of a funny little flight but Uh you know real experiences that's what We do on our Channel this was good Though I mean they did some unique Things like the single Servo with those Push rods for the flaps let me know in The comments what you guys think about That and just a couple other unique ways Of setting the airplane up but Tower Hobbies tends to come in again I don't Know the price I'm just making Assumptions here but they tend to come In more affordable than an e-flight

Plane and they would have to do Something to cut that cost to get that Price so you know they did a couple Unique things and you'll see that Especially in the uh water video when we Have that so if you don't mind setting Some time aside I think instructions did A fine job at getting this thing Assembled just follow them step by step And know that it's going to take longer Than an hour for most people to put Together and if uh if you like that the Idea of that maybe want just like a Little weekend project or something and Pick this up it's a Tower Hobbies plane And you can support our Channel and our Family if you click the link in the Description box and pull it up and buy It through that link that's a great way To support us now with maidens you guys Know this to our regular viewers but We're going to have some new viewers Because I'm guessing the Tower Hobbies Guys are coming out of the woodwork here Because we've got guys that used to only Fly Tower Hobbies planes so welcome to The channel now you probably know this If you're Tower Hobbies fan we like to Fly with AMA that's the Academy of model Aeronautics and someone recently Challenged me on why do you give Recognition to AMA you know they've seen Instances where they're helpful maybe They think they're not helpful but in my

Opinion if you sign up for AMA you're Generally a self-educated person for the Most part you're going to take the time To research what is safe flying and You'll at least read the bulleted list Of safe flying and it's a shame there's A lot of YouTubers and just people in General that promote flying of RC's that Are not safe now sure we all have Mishaps when we're flying RC's that's Not what I'm talking about I'm talking About intentionally dangerous and Seemingly stupid acts that are putting You at much higher risk than what you Should be in the Academy of model Aeronautics maybe they're not doing Everything you think they should be Doing like remote ID stuff or whatever They're still helping the hobby Significantly you know their their Powers are limited and I still applaud Them very much and encourage people Flying with AMA because you're better Off with them than without Just encourage us safe flying that's Really what I'm getting at so if you Want to sign up for the AMA which comes In and just a couple batteries the price Of a couple batteries you can be insured The whole year we'll have them Linked In The description box below for today it's Been a roller coaster of a day and the Rest of the story will make sense when You guys see the follow-up video in a

Very roller coaster kind of day I still Want to thank God you know we we have to Have sour moments to appreciate the Sweet ones and Abby and I have had a Handful of sour moments lately but but That just makes the rare Sweet Moments These days that much sweeter and I'm Grateful to God for that last but not Least I want to say a massive thanks to Our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your amazingly awesome Support if you're into water airplanes Or just good size airplanes we'll have a Handpick video popping up right about Now just for you thanks for watching We'll see you there Bye

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