CHEAP & BRUSHLESS 4wd RC Monster Truck – HBX Haiboxing 2996A

Check out the RC monster truck here:
Save 15% here: BGcbd87b ENDS: July 31, 2023
This is the HBX Haiboxing 2996A a cheap rc monster truck with a brushless motor and 4wd. In this video we ramp and speed test this rc car. Let us know what you think of this rc in the comments.
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Check out the RC monster truck here:
Save 15% here: BGcbd87b ENDS: July 31, 2023


The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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I love when we get an awesome Budget Truck and I'm guessing I have a coupon Code down in the description box for This one to make it even cheaper than The list price so make sure you go down There and check this one out with that Coupon code it should come in at a Really cheap price this is the high Boxing 2996a I will never remember that number Again This is a ready to run four-wheel drive Brushless setup with a ton of metal Parts throughout so it should be pretty Durable and did I mention the lights These things look awesome in fact the Box even says blazing the way at night But in today's video we're gonna speed Test this we're gonna bash this we're Gonna ramp this and we're gonna long Jump this for some awesome fun to see How this holds up let's go my turn bye You should have come up for the camera Ready Bye bye bye my turn bye bye my turn does Anyone get that all right pick crew Nate What kind of facts are you gonna spew at Us today I don't know about facts but There are two things that stand out to Me big time on this first of all are the Lights and you mentioned them I think They look really good I love that There's the light bar on top but this in Addition to the lights look at the

Bottom of the body I've never seen this Old telephone wire coil That's like two dad jokes in a row one Comes from you this is horrible now but I love that this is included it's one of These ideas that I'm thinking why hasn't Anyone else thought of that and I hope Everybody else starts to implement it Because usually you pull the body off And the wires come disconnected but with This method you know you can be pretty Careless with it and the wire won't come Disconnected so I think that's a really Good idea it also comes with two Batteries what kind of battery do we got This is a 2s but it's Deans and that's Always a good thing nice little radio And the on off button is on the side of The vehicle which is great you can turn It on and off with the body on We are powered on and zeroed out on the Speed meter let's see how fast it can go Okay once again what's your guess Nate Ah it's 2s and it's 10th scale so I'm Gonna say like 25 miles an hour I'll go With 22. it's high boxing oh that's Full Throttle okay Yeah I think you're gonna win Uh but I will say for high boxing Generally they are very very very budget And they're more along the lines of 16th Scale so for them to come out and do Like a budget 10th scale is really nice That's more off-road capabilities and

Just a lot of fun With a bigger more budget-friendly RC no Secret speed switch there's no secret Speed switch on that thing though Kenned off-road yes it can Okay Save some of that battery for the Rams You're gonna need it so our speed oh Abby you were right on the money Too slow for my taste I win A little on-road bashing never hurt Anyone [Music] Doesn't feel like the steering servo is Holding up well or is it loose Okay time to hit that ramp yes this is Our fresh Park ramp it's expensive but It's durable I love it and it's worth The price that'll be linked down in the Description box below check it out think Abby is going to get a couple practice Shots here we just did this very Recently on the Channel with a very Small and I'm not even sure if it was Cheaper I can't remember Budget Basher that was really good Abby That was a good ramp better than I Expected I don't think you'll beat the tiny one That went 46 miles an hour But this is still really good Oh And that's why we practice But you know what for this really tall

Grass Got boogies through grass pretty well Yeah that's good Abby good job Get the tape measure and what's your Guess on the distance She says 20 feet 22. if we keep this up I think we're Going to need a company to sponsor us as The tape measure official tape measure You know she says boom hey that was Pretty good all right I need Abby's Assistance I'm going to say about right Here we could be off sometimes we'll be Off a foot or so nothing super official It's as official as it'll ever get on Our Channel We have a tape measure that's Pretty official and right there Where are we at 20 . Is it my turn now okay Don't choke Oh don't run me over ow I what's up son I bet you he breaks it watch this he's Gonna break it Oh I definitely landed behind I should Probably stand out here can that be your Practice because I don't know where it Landed I don't think so I think you landed in Front but we'll have to do like super Slow motion I thought it looked like you Broke it so see I told you guys he break It he broke the light for sure Yeah you definitely landed there so I'm

Pretty sure you were behind me I think you lost again I think you were at like 19. Because I'm just that good You'll have to do super slow motion but To me it looks like you lost well let's See if you can beat your own again Actually break a light here hold on Where's it at did it fall down falling Behind so get back in there Can't even see it because the sun let's Turn around here Little dab of hot glue when that body is Off of there you can just put some hot Glue in there and it'll hold it right in Place there it is but right now we'll Just snug fit it right in there see that All right my turn again Guys could it be a matter of battery do You think Abby's getting this long Distance Just because Um she has more juice I mean I'm hitting It absolutely full throttle so how is She beating me Ah I think you were like a foot short Maybe my first hit I'm being too Generous Because I have to eyeball it So yeah I like a foot again just right There I don't think we're gonna beat it [Music] Any RC that can hold up to Abby's speed Tests and now our long jumps which are

Really fun I hope you guys are enjoying This too It's a really tough RC and this is high Boxing Don't hit your phone I saw that 180. Not as good as the street car but that's Pretty good Reverse 180 is like the only way to go Still don't try to prove me wrong oh Oh that's your phone [Music] Almost There you go I think she likes it I like it and price will tell how much I Like it so make sure you check out that Description box I'll let you know in my Little paragraph what I actually think Of this once I see what kind of discount Coupon code I can pick up for you guys Because hopefully it'll make it worth The price High boxing is great for 16th Scale now they got this bigger one Usually they hit the nail on the head of The price but paired with Abby's oh and By the way coupon codes Nate makes me Leave the plastic on and this comes with The transmitter a USB cable two Batteries and it has stickers to put on The front too so that we like to run it For you guys and then we'll peel it off And put stickers on after the fact so it Looks nice again Well this was a lot of fun

Um surprise nothing broke on that ramp Because usually when we bring out the Ramp Parts start breaking so Nate just Loosened my light a little bit but that Was all so that's pretty good I'm Impressed and uh for an awesome day for Fun RC car I want to thank God I also Want to say a huge thanks to our rcd Patron family members you guys are the Reason we can be so transparent and Always give our true opinions on how These things run so we appreciate you Guys so much if you want to be a part of Our patreon family and get some cool Stickers that'll be popping up here at The end of the video that orange icon Just click that and it'll take you right To our patreon page where you can sign Up well we mentioned that buggy we just Drove the other day I highly recommend You guys go check that out because it'll Be worth your time I really like that One so we'll see you over there

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