How FAST is the BRAND NEW Losi Baja Rey 2.0 Ford Raptor?

Check out the Losi Baja Rey 2.0 here:
How FAST is the BRAND NEW Losi Baja Rey 2.0 Ford Raptor? Hortizon Hobby and Losi Racing just announce this brand new rc car, meet the Losi Baja Rey 2.0. Boasting a way more durable frame, this Losi should be unstoppable. In this video we take this RC out for a stock speed test because EVERYONE always wants to know how fast they can go. Let us know your thoughts about this brand new RC in the comments.
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Check out the Losi Baja Rey 2.0 here:

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I almost made a fatal mistake with the Brand new Losi Ford Baja Ray 2 that Would have made this undrivable today And I'll tell you guys what that mistake Was that anyone could make but first Let's drool over the brand new Lucy Method Ford Raptor Baja Ray 2.0 They've redesigned this thing basically From the ground up increasing the Durability of this thing mainly so it Can hold up to the punishment that 3s Will throw at it everybody knows it was Very durable and held up fine on 2s Batteries the previous version but they Wanted to make sure this thing could Hold up to the 3s power and have Adjusted a lot of the things of the way This thing looks the scale looks of this Truck are jaw dropping and drool worthy A lot of people are going to notice These tires on the back of this truck Yes they are both usable functional Tires if you need to swap them out it's Got some really nice LEDs your eye is Definitely going to go to that as soon As you see this but it took Abby and Myself just a minute to check out the Hidden lights down underneath the hood Of this new vehicle and of course there Is a light bar on the back too so I'm Assuming that's going to be red we Haven't even powered this thing on yet And in today's video we're going to do a Speed run up and down this strip so we

Can see does it actually push over 50 Miles an hour like it claims and before You haters because there's like one or Two of you at least I know get mad about Running this on asphalt we know this is An off-road vehicle and we're gonna bash It and have a blast off-road at bash Mountain but we do all speed tests at The same location so there's never an Advantage or disadvantage now these Tires have been upgraded to be a little Harder and you can feel that so that it Can hold up to that 3s punishment but That also means it probably won't run Super great on asphalt we're going to Try this stuff today for you guys is it Just gonna peel out and drive in circles Are the tires too hard to even run on Asphalt so there's a few questions that I can't wait to be answered and I Promised you what was the Fatal mistake That I almost made that made this thing Undrivable you can find out after we win It okay [Music] Good [Music] All right I'm gonna let Nate drive this One he tends to love this style of Losi So I told him he can have it plus he's My jam welcome you're like ARMA I'm Lucy Do you like this desert truck I love it Kind of style so I will let you have This one but I am gonna speed test this

Too Nate can just start and break his Own trustworth usually this is where pit Crew Nate kicks in and I'm gonna point Out the fact that the fake candy box on The back there is the perfect mounting Spot what are you gonna start at Nate so We're gonna start on 50 like we always Do this has also been disproven that it Will not drain the battery that'll Affect the speed too much This truck has got it all we've got Telemetry active vehicle control which Is adjustable here we're just going to Start with how it's set up And it doesn't feel like it needs any Trimming this is great oh and there you Go so that's the you know with a desert Truck you want to take it slow on the Curbs I learned the hard way 50 speed Foreign Slow down before I hit that curve turns On a dime might just turn down my Steering rate and I think one speed Blast passed at 50 is enough we're just Going to see how fast that went and bump It right up to 75. keep watching this is Not Max Speed keep watching 32 miles an Hour 32 miles an hour so now we go up to 75 speed limit Good side effects and the reason you'd Want to have that on 50 ever is if you Like pass the controls off to a kid or Or a beginner driver especially if

You're on a track or something and you Just don't want to scratch the paint too Bad on on their first run here's Full Throttle right now Feels really good feels really really Good guys this is awesome I was Expecting that harder composite Tire to Slip and slide on the asphalt more and Again we know this is an off-road Vehicle but we have to standardize our Speed runs so that everything has a fair Shock I'm sorry but the lights look way Better in person you guys than what it's Filming so from 32 miles an hour up to 41 miles an hour already that's awesome Let's check this out too why bar up top And there you have the lights on the Hood yeah they're not filming good you Guys they look so bright during this They look amazing like right now the Rear lights don't look much at all on The camera but it looks really good 100 100 100 okay this is going to be max Speed I'm I'm excited it says on the box over 50 or 50 plus miles an hour right out of The box this is actually a uh let's see It's a 3s 5000 ml amp it's only a 50c Battery we could have gone up to 100 c There's Full Throttle that front tire is Lifting up when I hit Full Throttle that Thing lifted up so what I'm going to do Is actually go down a little farther and Try to hit Top Speed because I felt like

I could have probably gone a little Faster there so here we go When I hit Full Throttle when it Actually goes up to Full Throttle that Front left tire oh That's a walk of shame wait wait you Might be able to save it Come on come on Turtle mode This is what we call the Walk of Shame Hello little car how scratched up are You I think you need to do two more Passes before you show them Yes at least one more give me one more It's definitely not meant to run on Asphalt and I think when you hit these Curves On dirt is going to power slide around Like crazy but it's going to be fun Depth perception it's hard to see how Fast it's going down there you hit that Curve and it wants to roll so I cannot Wait to run this off-road It takes me a minute to get up to speed I can see it's rear lift as you can make Nice and easy on those curves I'll hit The brakes hard when I go up here to us So you can see that I'm not going full throttle And then here I'll hit the brakes watch That look at the rear end go up oh That's so cool I think that's why they Put two tires on the back Okay yeah we easily hit that oh my gosh

Oh wow 53 miles an hour so I think you Need to get it challenge accepted I will Beat you easy the steering is super Sensitive ease into it Yeah okay bash Queen Flash Queen And when you hit that curve you got to Be I need to probably reduce the Steering rate hold to the ground well I Wouldn't punch it too hard but yes I Eased into it Here it is oh That's quick isn't it right right when You feel the trigger go to actual full That front wheel because of the torque Just lifts up off the ground It helps Well she she likes it she's doing Another pass I'll do one more okay Look how far it's I mean we want we want To do that just so we don't have to do That jog of Shame again Oh thunderstorms coming in There it is she's she's picked it up Abby Crazy it's really good The gearbox has been upgraded I mean There's so many upgrades it's not just The external you need to be 53 miles an Hour sure yeah come on little guy You are at 53. So fast Telemetry tells us that we have Used one-fourth or so of our battery at

Full Throttle going 50 something miles An hour five or six passes here this is Amazing I don't think you guys realize How big this space is so it's really Awesome it says 50 plus miles out of the Box miles an hour out of the box and we Hit that easily very easily with very Minimal effort and just remember we're Super aware this is an off-road vehicle We can't wait to bash this and drive it And do all kinds of content for you guys Off-roading but we always like to start With a clean speed run because that's Just our standardization that we have Set for our Channel brand new out of the Box before anything breaks or gets Wobbly or anything like that potentially We want to see how fast something is Plus we have an unboxing over on the RC Sailors extras so go check that out too This is just a beast out of the box what Was your fatal mistake oh I forgot The final mistake is a very very very Easy one you want to run 3s on this most Guys are going to want to run 3s on this I'm guessing and so when you go out with A letter see I've done this before I Always forget You get here and there's this divider Inside the battery tray And it only allows a 2s battery to fit Perfectly snug in there and if you want A 3X battery to fit perfectly snug in Your little door you have to take out

This one bolt with an allen wrench and I Just I should leave one in the car maybe I have one in the car I don't think I Did though luckily someone up here had One uh and it saved us a lot of time on The road so uh don't forget your allen Wrench on your first run like me you Come out and you try to record this Stuff and you remember things like the Camera the battery all this stuff we Have to have and I just forgot about That so That's the Fatal mistake anybody could Do that Abby we got it we got it it ran It's fast and it's fun this thing's a Beast I'm super happy with it I cannot Wait to take it off-roading I'm glad we Got to get out here and do this Speed Run for you guys very quickly before This thunderstorm rolls in I'm hearing Thunder out there which is surprising at Only 15 chance of rain that's okay Though because we got to share this Experience with you guys and for that I Thank God I also want to say I'm asking Our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do Without your insanely awesome support And if you want to see more content on This well absolutely as long as one of The videos is ready have one of those Videos that we've done popping up right About now thanks for watching we'll see You there


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