Losi Promoto-MX Overview

Check out the Losi Promoto MX here:

This is the brand new Losi Pro Moto MX The world's best and newest RC dirt bike Has three different driving modes the First is on-road The cool thing about this mode is it's Super easy to drive anyone can pick this Up and drive it it is very beginner Friendly even when you punch the Throttle the wheelie Gets forced back down so it keeps the Beginner on the road that was kind of Goofy but that's what it's there for it Keeps that front wheel down So you can hit high speeds 42 miles an Hour and the second mode is off-road Mode this mode gives you a little more Freedom while driving on rough Terrain Mode 3 is wheelie mode and I think it's My wife's favorite mode definitely mine Too you ready So fun and so easy because of all the Technology packed into this Motorcycle Plus my wife is amazing at wheelie ramps You gotta see this

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