NEW “UMX” E-Flite Micro Draco RC Airplane EVERYONE has Been TALKING ABOUT!

Check out the micro Draco here:
This is the new E-Flite Micro Draco that everyone is talking about. Everyone is speculating this is where UMX airplanes are heading; however, this is not a UMX branded airplane. This is a Micro E-Flite. In this video we talk about the hype, rumors, and questions we have seen everyone posting about on forums while we maiden this new beautiful RC plane. Let us know your thoughts in the comments about this RC aircraft.
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Check out the micro Draco here:
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Watch this we're going to go full flaps And see how short we can get it oh my Gosh that was cool I'm holding the Extremely controversial UMX Draco and Byx I mean not UMX this is a micro eflight Draco Officially uh but in my opinion the only Thing that's not UMX about this plane is The price it actually comes all together Except you just put one bolt in the main Wing and plug one wire in UMX it has Micro servos UMX it has a lot ofx features like plug In the battery and bind it with your Bind button UMX one outstanding feature About this plane is actually the option Of running a 4S battery and that's what We're going to do in today's video we're Going to Maiden this on a 4S battery It's very windy it is very poor weather Coming in so we're going to do this very Quickly this is so Rush because of a Weird release and stuff that I had to Charge the battery on the way up here Because we have like less than 12 hours To actually get this done why are you Charging on your Venom because it's a Jst plug and I have To in my opinion the fact that this is a 4S airplane I think it should have a ic2 Plug that probably could handle higher Currents and it's just a superior plug So they went with jst it is more Universalized suppose but why have the

Ic2 if you're not going to use it Interestingly enough I've had a little Bit of time to hear people's opinions of This plane because it it was announced a Little while ago uh so I've had time to See what people really do think of this And we'll talk a little bit about that While we fly it in this insane wind but Beggars can't be choosers so let's put It in the air and see how it Does oh my goodness let's put it in bind Mode Awesome there it is is that low voltage Yes we have flaps we have safe but in This crazy wind uh no flaps we'll keep Keep it in safe for a second Though hey there we go now I'm going to Be honest I will forever call this the UMX Draco that's what it is but it's not It's not though it's an eflight micro Draco yeah so it was very interesting And look at it it's beautiful right the Lights look amazing the attention to Detail the scale looks of it very Awesome the story behind Mike py very Very cool and I think this airplane Was designed because they killed it on The Draco the big one everybody wanted One awesome airplane but unfortunately Not everybody could afford that price so This comes in at a third of that price And it's a good sized airplane it's Actually a great sized airplane because We can fly in a big space like this or

We can go fly it in a small Park it's a Nice well-rounded size the only thing People really are complaining about is The price from what I can tell because Although officially it's not UMX they Just didn't put UMX on the box it is a UMX now yes it has higher attention to Detail yes it does have 4S capabilities Probably those reasons alone would or Could be enough to justify The increased Price point then you've also got Mike And in there as well so you know there's Going to be an increase of price I don't Think what people were saying is you Know next up they're going to put ret Tracks on the UMX and they're going to Charge 250 for it hey they could but I Don't think that's going to happen I Think the nextx we see release will be Under $200 but that's just what people Are saying and I've had time to look so That makes it interesting now this wind Is probably killing the audio but look At that guys look at the lights on the Bottom of the wing which look amazing Amazing and we are just kiting this Thing even without flaps I love those Lights wow those look really good oh There's a lot yes I don't know how good It's coming across on camera right now The lights look amazing Let's Go full Flaps and zero throttle and just try to Try to get those lights for everybody Can you see them they look amazing they

Look amazing this would be a great night Flyer okay kill the flaps kill safe and Let's go open it up wasn't ready for That sorry 4S 4S we uh first time 4S UMX Plane ever remember it's not but it is It's Not you know it looks like the big Draco But it flies a little better the roll Rate out of the box is much better I can Actually have some fun on this one the Uh the roll rate on the big version was Pretty nasty and we are getting hammered With rain now guys so I don't know how Long this video is going to be but the Longer the day goes on the higher the Chances of rain an hour from now I was Calling for 100% chance so we really had As soon as this this was delivered to us An hour ago I put it together and Plugged in the battery and I I can't do A roll cuz the wind is so nasty I don't Know how much I'll be able to show this Airplane off but this is how this thing Released kind of crazy kind of different Didn't you tell me people were Speculating that there were problems With it and that's why yeah the YouTubers didn't get it everybody what I Could see and I had people commenting on Our Channel like why don't you have thex Draco my response was I don't have a Response because I'm not allowed to have A response it's a very interesting Situation this is just how they released

It it's yeah so it's very different but There was a lot of speculation because YouTubers didn't have it that there were Problems with it and I can understand Why because there we go there's our low Voltage alarm that's interesting because This has been a pretty short flight Although that is a 300 mamp battery and We're blasting 4S so I mean I haven't Even been Full Throttle hardly at all But here you go Full Throttle into the Wind We'll do a full throttle pass it's not That cold today either it's about 50° F Okay Full Throttle With the Wind let's Try to snap because it does have a Pretty decent roll rate so let's get Into it before we and rain has stopped So we can keep it in the Air and little bit of a snap hard to Tell With the Wind I'd like to fly this On a calm day but I had like 12 hours Which you know nighttime is 11 of it to Get this video out to you so I it was This or nothing and this is what we do As YouTubers we try to get out and you Know this is the date the time that we Were allowed to release something so I Think it's pretty bad weather across the Country I've talked to a couple other Guys they do YouTube videos and they're Calling for bad weather too so I'm Guessing it'll be a fairly similar Situation but I will say this the uh

Quote unquote UMX Draco does look Amazing and it flies well even in Horrible horrible weather where most People would not fly it and uh you know It's got over oversized landing gear and Wheels so we should be a nice capable Grass flyer as well I love that it has Safe so it's going to be very appealing To beginners even though it's marked Intermediate I think the only reason They did that is because of the scale Detail and uh I don't know why they Would say this is an intermediate Airplane I think it's very very beginner Friendly maybe the price that was a Really short takeoff mate oh well this Is the beauty of this airplane know that I was just really impressed by that you Want to see let's let's go really really Short here okay okay we have almost no Wind which is crazy okay so watch this We're going to go full flaps and see how Short we can get it oh my Gosh that was cool pretty good takeoff Let's see how short of a landing you can Do okay no flaps no flaps no flaps that Pretty good right here's full flaps Takeoff that take off's wild wow kill Flaps I should have had the flaps on There okay full flaps coming off the Full Throttle CU this is a stall Airplane Hey we're okay you know it's I think it Flies better than the big one I really

Do and uh yeah I think I'm done cuz I Get the low voltage alarm and get Hammered with rain so awesome little Plane I mean just there's a lot of Floating opinions out there which I find Interesting it's been an interesting Release I'm happy to have it uh I I kind Of think they can justify the price Point I really do now that I've had it In my hands it's covered in lights look At this I think for me the most Impressive thing here are lights I mean They are they are just on the wing I Just realized there's oh there's one up Front okay they got one one under the Nose right in the cow there it's got a Slow pulse to it that's kind of oh neat That's cool okay let's see the wings so The wing is where they really shine no Pun intended we have a ton of lights on There the most Lights I've ever Seen yeah I am any elevator or R nothing No no no tail light I'm surprised by That there's a fake one there's a little Silver dot up there uh but yeah look at All those lights one two and then the Wing lights look great you even got the Tip covered our nav lights the lights Look great on that Wing come here Everybody's going to want to know this Issues with the shocks on the big the Last one these are functional semi Functional watch this look at the space We have in there see they move but it's

Because of this little spring here so You know they're mostly for looks but They're semi functional you're hearing The micro servos that UMX uses To keep the plane stable with as3x but The attention to details are awesome They did a good job it's a weird release And of course now it's nice and calm but Uh there you have it the notx UMX Draco By E flight it'll be linked in the Description box below if you use our Link it does help to support our Channel And our family at no extra costs to you And i' be holding this but Listen we'll have the 4S battery that we Flew on linked down there as well as the Transmitter I flew on and today I think It's important to throw out the charger And that power source that we were using Because I charged it for 20 minutes at Home while we packed and got ready and Then I had to charge it on the drive Here and I used that power source to do That it has come in handy so many times I want to say a massive thanks to God For blessing us with a very small window Of opportunity to get this video out to You because I don't think it could have Happened without him being strongly Forecasted for bad weather right now as I feel raindrops happening also huge Thanks to our patreon supporters because We couldn't do what we do as often as we Do it without your amazing support if

You love budget easy toly airplanes We'll have a handpicked video popping up Right about now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there Bye

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