PERFECT RC Plane Under $100 for BEGINNERS!

Check out the RC plane here:
Save with code: BGbe1351
This is a really cool, realistic, and scale looking RC plane. Coming in at under $100, this RC airplane is perfect for the beginners because it can teach basic controls without breaking the bank. Let us know what you think of this RC airplane in the comments.
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Check out the RC plane here:
Save with code: BGbe1351


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We all love our little eing warbirds Those ready to fly planes that are super Easy to fly because of the flight Stabilization now this is not an eing Bird but if I had to put it in a Category I'd say it's right there with Those eing War Birds because it comes Completely assembled in a box and it Looks great it's ready to fly with the Same size battery as those eeen warbirds And it comes with a nice radio it's just A cool looking little trainer small Plane so if you've been intimidating and You thought I can't fly that fast Warbird around this might be the perfect Solution I'm hopeful that it is because It's right around the same price too It'll be linked in the description box Below and wouldn't you know it we have a Coupon code just for our viewers so I'm Not saying go buy it yet saves $20 right Now that's go from 95 to 75 wow okay Good job Abby I like that it has little Wing struts you know it's all just Assembled you did have to pop in the Landing gear but that's it battery Charger everything's there the only Thing that's missing is whether or not We know if it flies great or not so Let's fly and see how it does I've got a Feeling it's going to be very popular Little plane if it flies well so let's See of course we have uh what's up a lot Of torque on that that's why it pulled

Left I didn't give any right Rudder I Just throttled up there we go good uh my Expectations were lower than this to be Honest with you because it's not the Ehen brand I just didn't know what to Expect thank you somebody for making a Non warber small airplane now uh some People at first glance are going to Think this is like a copy of the Little oh my goodness let me think there Was a yellow plane that Hobby Zone Hobbyone Champ okay it's not the champ It's definitely Um oh I don't know I think smaller than The champ something is very different About this than the champ and then we Have the e flight it's the blue and White one what's that one called uh oh Oops H you just crashed your prop your Prop came up names are hard for Nathan okay but then that it might look Like the Sport Cub S2 especially in the blue and white Version this does come in but this one Looks like the carbon Cub I agree yeah Obviously I was getting at oh I got There Faster your brain is better than mine Okay so this is good news and it's kind Of cool that I can show you these props Are designed to not break but snap on And off and then as I said the landing Gear comes off of it I think it'll look Cool like it has ret tracks without that

So let's try hand launch see how that Does like it I kind of thought I'd like This more and I do I definitely do but The big the big wheels are nice too if You want to do ground takeoffs and Tall Grass Landings this is great basically Just a slower more trainer friendly Version of those warbirds so if you have The war birds and you like them you're Probably going to want to pick one of These up it's very cool I think we have Dual rates maybe a stunt button no we we Can turn flight stabiliz mode off so Let's see if this does any better than The warb birds getting just a little bit Higher here going to turn it off now And no Whoa oh my God what just happened I Didn't hit the switch fast you didn't Hit the Swit where I think you made it sound More grindy sounds like a real plane Woman I don't know about that like Putting your uh baseball card in the Spokes of your bike something like That made it sound Awesome okay don't take it out of flight Stabilized mode that's why we do our Videos so you guys know what you're Getting Into think your props going to fly off No and it comes with a spare prop so Boogers on you they were already today We have children you're very boogery

Today which means a week from now I Might sound like this doing our videos Probably it's coming could could you Know I like it right it's just so casual And fun and kind of Carefree looks cool now it sounds [Applause] Cool what's not to love I I'm I'm a fan You just got to know what you're getting Into does it fly good out of flight Stabilize mode nope but if you're flying In small spaces um this is a great Little airplane to uh just putts around In you're going to get great flight Times batteries are just a few bucks and It comes with everything you need to fly And you don't even have to assemble Anything you just charge the thing and Throw it and and you're flying it's Really really uh an awesome setup I mean This is the same price as where you Going ohing I See same price as uh just a couple of Your like 3s batteries or something you Know I mean it's really cool I wanted to Show you the battery little 1s pack with A Molex connector this is the cheapest Battery they've been Fury B f36 and Stuff I mean they've been flying on These for years and they're very aable You can usually get like a five or a 10 Pack for $10 maybe $15 now and the added Bonus you guys get a durability testing To the max on the RC Sailors of course I

Do that on purpose but I do it for the Viewer you definitely did that on Pur Every time every time it touches the Ground do it for You it is durable and that's it's nice That that prop just pops off rather than Snapping the prop but it does come with An extra so that's nice too look this Will be linked in the description box Below for under 100 box if you wanted to Learn how to fly an airplane this will Definitely teach you orientation and Just kind of you know what what the Controls feel like for a budget um you Can you can buy a flight simulator or You can buy a couple of these and or you Can go flight simulator and then buy Something like this because in my Opinion a flight simulator's purpose is To teach you things like orientation so That when you're flying toward you and You push right which way does the Airplane go well it goes left um Orientation because you're pushing right It's going to the airplane's right Simulators are good for that this is Good for that for me I like the real World hands-on experience more Simulators are fun but I view those more As like a video game other people would Feel very differently but I think Real World experience is significantly better Than the simulator experience and so I Would strongly recommend you buy

Something like this if you don't like a Trainer looking plane buy one of the Warb birds this is good though it's good For under $100 and guess what we got $20 Off coupon code so if you're watching Around the the time this video released You're going to save $20 just cuz you're A subscriber does it cost anything to be A subscriber on our Channel nope it's Free and I love being able to bring you Guys these videos for absolutely free Now if you are flying in the real world As opposed to a simulator I'm going to Recommend you fly with AMA it's the Economy of model Aeronautics it's an Insurance program so that if I go fly Into someone's car that's parked over There this is not going to do any damage To it but if you're stepping up into Bigger faster airplanes you might do Damage to someone's car are very very Unlikely but it could happen that's why I have insurance so we'll have the Academy of model Aeronautics Linked In The description box below I do highly Recommend it beautiful day beautiful day No wind and who is there to thank for That none other but the big man upstairs Himself God and I want to say massive Thanks to God for blessing us with this Opportunity to share this experience With you guys for for also blessing us With you guys because if it wasn't for You watching no company would be

Interested in saying hey RC Sailors do You want to do a coupon code for your Viewers only because your viewers are The best viewers and so I I really want To say a big thanks to you guys watching And to God for just bringing it all Together so that we can do this and it's Really cool I also want to say a massive Thanks to our patreon supporters for Literally putting fuel in the tank and Uh helping us to be able to provide Camera equipment and just the time to Bring these videos to you guys it is 100% because of our direct support and Our patreon family we thank you from the Bottom of our hearts we'll have one of The eeen or another brand of warbirds if You want to check one of those out Abby And I will handpick one and have that Video popping up right about now thanks For watching we'll see you there Bye

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