“Will it be enough?” Repairing my Destroyed $600 RC Jet

Check out the F16 Thunderbirds here:
“Will it be enough?” Repairing my Destroyed $600 RC Jet. I love my F16 Thunderbirds, so lets see if I can repair the damage and get another successful flight!
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Check out the F16 Thunderbirds here:
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I recently had my most expensive RC jet Crash in the world and it really had me Beat up because I don't think it was my Fault I did a pre-flight and everything The control surfaces were working the Way they were supposed to that the thing Still came down luckily I was able to Fix it and I didn't have to spend a Penny so you had hot glue the cost of Hot glue I did have to remove my Retractable landing gear doors so those Are not there they're naked I've got a Little extra grass and mud but it's Still in one piece and everything's Functioning now if you look closely at That crash before I take off the control Surfaces are sitting a little bit catty Wampus I don't know why because I've Successfully flown this before and I've Changed nothing since the last flight And this flight I wasn't safe on takeoff Maybe it didn't calibrate right I'm not Sure but I pieced it back together and I Zeroed all of my control surfaces in my Bo no that's from transer That's from Transportation everything should be nice And level and perfect or near perfect so I'm hopeful that today we'll have a much More successful remen of my repaired Crash remember this was not clicked Right now or is it uh it's near perfect Okay I think we'll do okay right there I Think we'll do okay fingers crossed that

My repair Job will hold up remember Abby this was In two separate pieces entirely I Remember I told you I'd fly again I Think so let's go we'll put the bad Battery in first crashed battery semi Crashed still t is good and everything I Can't believe I didn't strip any servos I'm doing this out of safe I was in safe On that crash and I just don't I can't I Can't say exactly what happened to it But it was it was out of my control That's that's what happened so now we Should be more in my own control this is Going to be interesting yes it Will gear going up go Oh yeah yeah cuz it got stuck in the Right Bank last time don't go toward the Hanger today I might need to trim it up A little bit but I feel like I've Definitely got better control over the Jet and it'll probably be a short flight Because I just want to make sure Everything is working the way it Should she flies again Abby and it looks Really good and sounds amazing it's Awesome it's one of the biggest uh f16s I have it's not the Biggest it be pretty cool cool if your Hot glue job just gave out that' be kind Of fun to see apart mid a no it Shouldn't and I'll tell you why I use Good name no I didn't use toothpicks you Didn't really no I never did some guys

Will swear by it it's a good idea on on Paper but you don't need to okay if if You use good brand hot glue that's the Difference a lot of guys think all hot Glue is the same I'm going to laugh if If it disintegrates in the air then my 10 years of using this will be for Nothing okay but if you use the good Stuff that we'll have Linked In the Description box and not the stuff you Get at the hobby Store it makes the difference big time It holds up to hot summer days it Doesn't melt it doesn't have those bad Tendencies and if you don't trust me and You don't want to use the stuff I've got Linked I'll tell you what you need to do Don't use the stuff that gets foggy it's Dry terrible that's how you know you've Got bad hot glue if it fogs up and gets White then it's no good okay we're going To drop the landing gear and hope for Hope for a landing now here we go if if Anything's going to fail it will be it Will be on Landing cuz it's going to Be more impactful that was a good Landing good Landing I'll put another Battery in and we'll fly again hopefully A little bit longer on this flight but That held up really well it flew I think In my opinion better than this thing has Ever flown is out of safe and I'm really Happy with that I was worried that with The landing gear up I would feel a lot

Of drag since I don't have those doors Over the gear but I did not at least it Didn't feel like it it might have slowed Me down if I had a GPS meter in there it Might have actually slowed me down 10 15 M an hour so I'm sure I'm not getting The same performance exactly out of it But I also took those Wing um rails off You notice they're not on there so that Helped reduce some of the drag that I Was getting from them so maybe it kind Of like counterbalanced out but let me Show you the ret tracks your pilot Didn't eject either so that's Good that's the way it's supposed to go The one just kind of flopped [Laughter] In that's nice Ready Ready so that flight put us at 3.8 volts Per cell which is storage charge and I Could have flown for maybe at least 30 More seconds without having problems but It was a 30C discharge battery uh this Jet would greatly benefit from a 50c or 100c discharge uh that's just what I Have so that's what we're flying on and It was very hot so I wouldn't push that Much further than a 3-minute flight at Least on 30C Discharge and that's what we'll shoot For on this flight T say the landing Gear go up nice and slow super scale It's generally like a two or three

Stage landing gear jeez didn't realize How close you Were oh yeah nice and pretty flight I Love that shadow on the hillside Snap it up here Abby and then I'm going to come off of This with a lot of speed and do that Again and snap it going In to this way snap it a little Lower sorry I think I was standing on Your Feet is your a Throttle I was afraid we were going to Run out of juice so I kicked up the Juice it's an awesome jet and I It's so weird to say this but I think I Like it way more Now after my crash than I have at all I've been so nervous to fly it oh I Don't want to crash it I don't want to Break It it's always more fun to buy or to fly Already crashed stuff in my opinion yeah It is the the new car worry is gone Right yes I got behind this I'm sorry Yeah right yeah I'm fine kick in little Wind hit me and I didn't uh I didn't Have the right orientation so we're Good Good I don't know it was I think it's Just the wind I had no wind and then That was like the wind the wall of wind Hit me so oh all good you know my roll Rate feels a little slow on this but

It's just a big heavy EDF it's got the look it's got the sound And when I watch large real turbine jets Fly RC they almost have that sluggish Look to them and I feel like that's Where this One almost is just has that almost Sluggish look but uh that's kind of a Weird word to describe a jet I Think up let's see where our St is oh no We're saw it we're going to roll it over And bring it around [Applause] Well definitely not getting rid of this Jet you're at like 3 minutes yeah I'm Going to kick the landing gear down and Hopefully bring it in with a Nice nice wind to help slow me down so That that's good let's see if you can Top the last One pretty good considering the wing Tipped up pretty good yeah I know the Wind was not bad landing think your First one was better it was but never Mind the first one looked like you Landed on an aircraft carrier if you had To latch onto that whatever that thing's Called that they latch on to the Rope I Think you would have been successful Luckily I don't think Thunderbirds do That I don't know if well aren those Thunderbirds paint Scheme might not but The F-16 sure does yeah I guarantee the Thunderbirds could pull that off those

Pilots are amazing yeah I know oh it's a Ice jet I'm so sad that it crashed but I Think I like it more I think the moral of this story is don't Get discouraged I just taught a couple Local people how to fly an RC plane Three guys actually recently just to try To you know build an interest and all Three of them said the same thing I let Them fly that little ready to fly zero That was on the channel they all were so Worried I'm going to crash it I'm going To crash it well you might but who cares It'll probably withstand the crack and Guess what it did one guy crashed a Couple times no big deal the guy that Crashed a couple times is hooked he got An AOS Scout good for him crashing is Okay and there's a horrible stigma in The world of RC that well if you're a Real RC pilot you don't crash news flash Those guys are lying they crash they Hide it they throw theirs in the trash When they do crash and buy another so You never think it happened they never Upload the video or whatever I think It's totally fine to crash at your own Fault crash at maybe the fault of the RC Servos fail flight stabilizers can fail It's not the end of the world a stick And a half of hot glue put me back in The air and now I like this jet more Than I ever have there's nothing wrong With crashing repairs are easy guys ask

Me make make a repair video listen I Took chunk of foam glue chunk of foam Put it on there and I waited 2 minutes For it to set up enough that I could set It down If you want to watch glue dry that's my Video there's no technique to it it's Just get GL it on there get the good hot Glue that's the technique and I'll see Guys on Facebook groups hey what do you Guys recommend to repair this vertical Stabilizer that fell out and there's all These epoxies and well be careful don't Do it this way or your foam it'll melt Your foam don't do that is true there Are glues that one melt F that's right So just use the good hot glue it's very Very very simple we've got Link in the Description box below and I I could do a Repair video but seriously this uh this Was broken in two pieces guess what I Did about a nickel worth of hot glue and Then put this on there and waited for it To dry and this held on with magnets That's it repair don't get discouraged You will crash I crash it's okay and Because we all crash the only advice I Will give you is to fly with AMA the Academy of model Aeronautics the crash Is guaranteed to happen eventually you Will crash even if you get in a nice rut And that's okay of just flying in Circles repeatedly one day the sun's Going to be in a slightly different spot

And you're going to blind yourself a Half second you're going to get Disoriented you're going to crash but if You're like me you continue to push Yourself or you try different airplanes Crashes are inevitable and uh you just Hope that when it goes down it goes down In a field so it only hurts your foam But if it would have gone down over There instead of over there that might Have hit someone's car Academy of model Aeronautics is going to step in and be That insurance for if that day ever Happens it's very unlikely but it could And it's just nice to have that security Blanket so I fly with AMA for that that Is the main reason there's other Benefits too but we'll have them Linked In the description box below near the Link to this jet this Jet's not for Everybody I know that but uh Hey it sure Is more fun to fly after you've crashed It and repaired it it takes a lot of That worry off I guess one of my most Expensive RC jets crashed easily Repaired and back in the air flying Better than ever so I'm really happy With that all the links are there if you Want to click them and check it out Maybe you buy the jet maybe you buy Something else like the Aeros Scout While you're there that helps to support Our Channel and our family at no extra Cost to you when you click that link and

You earn points when you do that so it's A it's a winwin Win I want to say massive thanks to God For blessing us with this absolute Abolutely beautiful day to get out here And remade this after that crash for Giving me the encouragement to continue And put it back together and get it in The air and just life in general I'm Very grateful so massive thanks to God And a huge thanks to our patreon Supporters too because we couldn't do What we do as often as we do it without Your insanely awesome support if you Missed the crash it really wasn't Anything wild but it's worth watching Just so you can see these things happen It's a nice short video we'll have it Popping up just for you right about now Thanks for watching we'll see you there Bye

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