WORLD’S EASIEST to Build RC Plane! – Flite Test REVIEW

Check out the Nature Pack RC plane set here:
If you’re looking for something FUN, affordable and extremely rewarding to do this Spring and Summer with your kids I found something awesome! These are animal airplane kits that take a little under an hour to make, and when you’re done you’ve got a very cool RC Plane that’s Easy To Fly!! After you have the controller that you only need to buy once, these come out to be under $30 each!! This is by far the easiest to build RC plane kit we have ever seen and had our hands on! Let us know your thoughts about this RC airplane STEM set in the comments!
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Check out the Nature Pack RC plane set here:

Controller and power pack:
^Buy this controller 1 Time and use it on all of them, or buy more than one if you want to fly together! The controller comes with the motors, batteries and everything needed to make them RC:

Power Pack without controller:
^If you Just want the “power pack” without the controller, you can buy it separately to save money!

EZ Jet Kit:

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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[Music] And now Full Throttle oh looped it did I saw it I Recently had one of the greatest RC Experiences of my hobby Lifetime and it Just so happens to be one of the Cheapest this airplane that looks like a Cool little eagle with RC sailor Stickers was a flat piece of foam just a Couple days ago and it only took me Under an hour really taking my time to Put it together that's with the Electronics and everything that's very Cool but I also made a flying squirrel For Abby hopefully you like that little Tail there Abby in the googly Eyes aby's got the flying Squirrel and There She Goes we have a Flying squirrel with googly eyes I can't Believe how good you're doing with this By the way thanks it took me a minute That's thought I was pretty quiet I just Had to really first of all it's been a While since I've had a plane in the air And so it took me a minute to get Everything and talking about shared Experiences my daughter did the Butterfly so that's really awesome and Here's the cherry on top these little Guys are under $30 that's with the Electronics and everything you might Need to buy your own markers but it was Really cool to put these together and I'm excited to fly them here's an added

Bonus they're made in America so if That's cool to you as it is to me we'll Have it linked in the description box Below all three of these airplanes Together come in a three pack for 25 Bucks and then there's some Electronics You can pick up to buy two I'll talk About that but I really want to get These in the air before the wind picks Up so let's put them in the air and see How they do Abby if we had a camera Person you'd be flying with me cuz I got Two radios here but we're just going to Go with one and then I think I'm going To go with the eagle and I'll let you Fly whatever you choose after that Squirrel okay battery in One okay it [Music] Works Okay now these are simple two channel Airplanes so they're really good for Beginners and this is a true Maiden I Built this thing I was really worried it Might not fly very good but it's flying Really good at just about half throttle Or so it also has flight stabilization Built in so if you're worried about them Not flying good I mean you might have to Make some trim adjustments but guys That's hand free right there look at [Music] That you should have colored like a Thunderbirds Eagle on the bottom I

Really thought about it but I wanted to Leave one almost white so people could See that this is the material it's made Out of it feels very robust and very Durable too so we're just going to fly Our Eagle around which actually looks Pretty cool when you see the silhouette It looks a lot like an eagle and if for Some reason which I would get it you're Not a huge fan of this nature pack it's Called you don't love the animals you Want something that definitely looks Like an airplane they have a jet pack Too we'll have that Linked In the Description box so you guys can check Out different varieties and here's the Beauty of this whole setup okay not just These animals these birds and flying Squirrels let's go like zero throttle Here and bring it down some a little More Throttle you uh you can buy this Transmitter the radio that I'm using It's kind of like a universal Transmitter okay I buy it one time it's Like I think 40 bucks somewhere around there 35 40 bucks and then it comes with one Set of electronics to get one whole Airplane in the air that's Motors the Flight controller battery charger it's All with that $ $40 purchase then you Can buy the eagle pack then you can buy The jetp pack and use those Electronics

In this transmitter the one transmitter On all of these little guys and I think That is really cool because you can save Money after you buy the radio once to Get one of these in the air is only like $28 so I think that's amazing it's Flying good I'm excited to see the Flying squirrel or the butterfly get in The air next I do want to see if I can Do a loop though before I land so let's Cuz I'm flying at like half throttle Just so you guys know here's Full Throttle and we're going to zero Throttle and now Full Throttle oh looped it Saw It okay so we're going to bring it down At almost zero throttle when you Actually go zero throttle it'll Basically fall out of the sky so we just Want to fly at about 10% throttle for it To come down it has high rates and low Rates let's see land it right on the Runway Abby you pick what goes in the Air next aby's got the flying Squirrel and there she Goes now the I am worried about the tail That it might cause it to fly really Crazy so just good luck Abby good luck But it is in the Air E's off on the juice and you won't Climb as Much there you go we have a flying Squirrel with googly

Eyes eyes are pretty funny good job on That thank you I didn't think to that Now just oh there's a bird attacking the Flying Squirrel that's Hilarious okay just so you guys know it Doesn't come Brown like this I spray Painted that so when it was still in Foam board mode I took it outside and I Spray painted it and thing is so funny To see a flying squirrel we've never had Anything like this on the channel that's So Cool look at that Abby you're doing good It's remember everybody it is a simple Two-channel airplane so this will really Teach you the basics of orientation what It's like to fly in and fight wind and You can see Abby has a slight breeze That she is fighting right now I don't Know maybe it's it's more like 5 m an Hour or something they do fly in some Wind but if you want the best experience You should fly in basically no wind so That means early morning late evening or Just a calm day if you're lucky to have That oh also these are designed to fly Indoors too so these would be the Perfect indoor Flyers we have some Friends up in Canada Abby that have Access to indoor stadiums there's like Clubs that just fly indoors all the time And I'm so jealous of of them I mean not Of their cold but the fact that they get To fly indoors together is really cool

So I love these because it gives us an Opportunity to get our kids involved for A fraction of the cost of most RC planes That's and I love doing crafts with my Daughter and one day my son he's still a Little tiny and so this was really cool To involve Science and Technology and Engineering you know the whole stem Thing with Amelia she really enjoyed it And she colored her butterfly up one pro Tip don't let your kids these with Washable markers that's right um which Is what we did so she could just take Her time and have a lot of unsupervised Time unfortunately the washable marker Is smeared so you're going to want them To use some type of permanent marker on Them the permanent marker is learning Experience that's right we didn't know But um I can't tell you how excited she Was to fly this and I I do want to take Some time off camera and did you see That should we test the butterfly and See how it flies so then ailia can have A good flying airplane we might as well I installed the motors and everything I Can't believe how good you're doing with This by the way thanks it took me a Minute that's why I was pretty quiet I Just had to really REM first of all it's Been a while since I've had a plane in The air and so it took me a minute to Get Everything butterfly for

Ailia and she's Off yeah this is just cool you would Think that something being made in America would cost more and generally it Should but the savings is the atoms Board the foam that these are made out Of and you'd probably be surprised to Know that the atams board is also made In America so that's a beautiful thing The electronics on these are not but This is by far the most made in America Thing you can buy and it's very very Affordable Abby and I will try to make It very easy for you guys in our Description box you can buy one Controller and that comes with the Electronics the motors everything Literally everything except for 3aa that You need to get it in the air we'll have The nature pack so that comes with all Three of these the butterfly the eagle And the squirrel which I think I think My favorite is the flying squirrel I Thought it would be the eagle but I like The squirrel It's pretty funny there's also other Things too like Jets and space ships we Will have those linked down there for You and remember I have three airplanes With three sets of motors and batteries So if you want to be like us and have Multiple things in the air but one Transmitter you can buy the electronics That's the motors the flight controller

The battery everything you need to get Another one in the air that's only $20 To do that so we'll have that little Power pack linked down there too which Is so funny because remember our oh we Had power Patch stickers power Patch uh so you can really buy them However you want all you need is one set Of the foam and one transmitter because It comes with enough stuff to get it in The air so oh they also have lights for These so if I can find the lights we'll Link those down there too AB me this is Flying maybe better than the eagle Surprisingly I I thought the butterfly Would be harder to control I think You're just getting used to it again Maybe look at this we'll do a nice low Pass it's been a while since we've flown Something like this no it's not we it Hasn't for me it has we just had a Warbird on the Channel I didn't fly that Did I it was $50 and that was a bang Good deal so these are even cheaper than That and those are like two channels as Well pretty sure they were two channels Almost positive okay let's land the Butterfly got to take care of it so mil You can fly it oh zero thrt perfect Right on the line look at this really Cool lineup of RC's it took me the first One that I built I used their video to Assemble and you know stopped start and Had the kids around and stuff and I

Didn't do I won't count my collaring Time actually with colloring time on the Eagle cuz that's the first one I built It was about I don't know 45 minutes or So and by the time I did the what was The last one I did I can't remember the Third one buil the butterfly with a Millia that's right the last one was the Butterfly I think that took me like 25 Minutes to put it together and then she Took it off and colored it and you Know didn't she color it no she colored It first she colored it first yeah That's right and that's how we learned That um those washable markers smear and Smudge and fade off I'm trying to hold It like this so I don't ruin her little Butterfly you could probably just take a Wet wipe and wipe it off and let her Start again start again yes or I've Heard people uh will spray a clear coat Of spray paint over their jobs and that All yeah also here's a pro tip I did not Know that this guy would have a movable Tail I spray painted this and then when I created that movable tail it cracked My spray paint and that's why it looks The way it does so maybe I think kind of Looks cool I do too but some might not Like that so it turned out good though I Like spray painting that uh and just Doing a little bit of collar I don't Know I'm proud of these right I'm more Proud of these than other things that

I've built it was a really fun Experience very Zen to put together and Then very fun to see them come to life So I think these are these are a lot of Fun and they're super cheap and uh Pretty good performance too but the Experience was awesome and you know me I Love sharing experiences speaking of Positive experiences I want to say a Massive thanks to God for this Experience and for being able to share It with you uh this is just really cool To have something like this on the Channel it's a little bit different Variety and some people have been asking For this kind of stuff for a very long Time so here you go let us know in the Comments what you guys think about these What's your favorite of all the animals Also a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do this As often as we do it without your Amazing support we thank you from the Bottom of our hearts if you want to see More budget friendly RC fun videos we'll Have a handpicked video popping up right About now just for you thanks for Watching we see you there bye [Music]

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