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99% of RC DRIVERS are IMPACTED by THIS…PRICE! Arrma is trying to do something about that witht his new Arrma Typhon GROM mega RC car. Let us know your thoughts about this RC car in the comments.
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Check out this RC car here:

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Oh jeez I'm glad I was behind the tree There is currently a huge problem in the World of RC that actually affects 99% of Us that enjoy the Hobby and Arma with This new tyen Grom is doing everything They can to address that problem and in This video we are going to put the new Little buggy through its paces and this Is a great spot here I think we're Calling it now toxic Pines Because the last time we were here we Were actually driving a 16th scale Little buggy and it did not end Well oh you almost H the Trey I think We're safe here if we get this much air I deserve to be hit cuz there's no way You ready Y oh Man now at first glance I actually Thought this was just another standard 16th scale buggy but Arma is doing their Innovative awesomeness and even just Pull pull it out of the box and getting The battery ready for today I noticed Some of that Innovation that's very Drool worthy and I'm going to show you Guys starting with the way the body Mounts on and off of this thing how cool Is that no body Clips they've got this Clip on the back don't just bash Blast it actually I think works better Than like the Traxxas Clips cuz you just Put the hook in the back and snap it on If they could do that on their big stuff

That would be really cool because it's Very like ASMR kind of thing when you Mess with that clip and it snaps into Place I think it's going to hold up well Cool oh there's another spot nice that Looks good now here's what I'm excited About with this vehicle Arma can make Big Stuff hold up to some crazy air and Hits oh she's she's Full Throttle baby Oh my gosh no Way oh Abby Abby Abby here it Is oh yeah look at look at the air oh My wow she's doing it Again it's that bump on the back End look at that look at that look at That look at that look at that yeah it's Up there all the marbles all the Marbles so if they can pull that off With like a 50 lb RC you would think This would be bull proof and lucky for Us today we have the bash Queen here to See if she can actually break this or Not and we'll talk about that thing that Does affect 99% of us so let's go before I drive what do you guys think of Arma Getting into the 16th scale World let us Know in the comments should they stick To 10th scale and up or are you happy That they're going into the smaller Scale Vehicles let us know all right Let's go Abby I'm excited to see what Arma can do In the small scale

World 16 scale if they're using the same Materials on their big stuff this will Hold up really well that's what I'm Hoping For I think it's probably time to get Some air what do you think already uh Yeah let's go now we've got two killer Ramps [Applause] Nice that's a little air aby's got to Get everything lined Up okay tough tough tough it's still Running this has a lot more pine needles Down today because of all the wind and That will affect traction Some nice Abby oh jeez I'm glad I was behind the Tree Wow the one tree Hey don't cut this one down [Applause] Wow aby's famous bonuts well Donuts not Bonuts this isn't a Boat you get like three more jumps and It's my Turn that's pretty good ramp number two This one's a little Steeper that's pretty good there That's pretty good air Abby you tend to Put me to shame though so where your Mouth is Huh and you [Music] Missed wow you got way more air than I

Did and I'm terrible at filming It there ni Yeah well how are you so much better at Ramping than me it's not Fair it's just Throttle all right let's get you Into death by trees we'll call It death by ramping into the trees see If it can still walk away I mean I hit It dead on and it's yeah you were smack Center any damage any cracks I don't think so it twisted this little Bit of the body a little let's get that Twisted back over there Maybe so this is four-wheel drive if you Didn't know and it is equipped with a Brushed motor what I'm wondering that Was nice will Arma offer possibly some Upgrade options for this to get Brushless even on 2s brushless that Would be pretty sweet H that's the tree That killed the other one so notice it Has the tag of death on It it's actually almost completely dead Except the tippy tippy top all right Let's hit this a couple more times let's Go Full Throttle Okay these pine needles are Crazy got no traction okay we'll get Full Throttle right there here we go Full speed full speed yeah [Laughter] All right guys this

Buggy is proving to be what I expected I Think which is very durable and Introductory level into the hobby I Remember the good old dram days and That's honestly what this reminds me of Those helped us get our feet wet with The hobby they're not around anymore but Arma is because Arma is a superior Company and brand now they've got their Big expensive crazy Bashers when you get A taste of that it's hard to go back From it but we appreciate all aspects of The hobby especially RC's that get People into it and at this price point It's a really good introductory price With very high-end durable materials and Just the brand itself backing it which Is always good for part availability Everybody knows and loves Arma at this Point so to see them come in with Something like this is exciting because Hopefully this buggy will help our hobby Grow I don't think this is necessarily For the guy that's out there driving an 8s kraton but to the family that walks Into the hobby shop or is watching our Videos looking for a way to get into the Hobby not just something shipped from Overseas or from Walmart and you really Want to get a good name brand high-end Hobby grade RC ground vehicle this is a Good option and everybody loves either 16th scale Bashers 10th scale Bashers And then you go up a little bit from

There eighth scale and Fifth Scale of Course gets really really expensive I Love that it comes with smart batteries I wanted to show you guys a couple Things that come with the buggy of Course it even comes with the Double A's Which is really nice I know that's not a Big deal but it's nice that it's fully Ready to run this is a cool might as Well open it Multi-tool we've got the wrench here for Our wheel nuts and then we have an allen Or hex on this end I don't know what That's supposed to look like but it's Metal and it's really cool they went With the SL2 the Spectrum L2 on this It's basic but it works the battery Everybody's going to want to know what's This running on it's a 2s lucky for us Hard pack Spectrum smart battery 30C Discharge but I love the ic2 plug and They give you a nice smart USB charger To go with that and I love the Innovation that they're doing here with The body clip system Arma if you're Watching I'd love to see this Implementation on a lot of other RC's it Held up well it seems to be buried Behind enough stuff that I don't think That'll break it seems to be very Durable and that's what we know and love When it comes to the Arma name and brand So it just slips in this lip back here Goes into that yeah and then it lines up

Perfectly let me See it doesn't go up anymore because of Just because it just clicks right on the Side so lines in the side there whoops Almost dropped it basically doing it I Did Yeah so there's so there's nothing Really in the front well that's where The clip is in the front that's all of The all the magic is happening right Here oh okay okay so You this is the one standoff okay where A body clip would normally go okay but They've got this clip and I've never I've never seen that implementation or Anything like that so that is really Cool and the reason we have no pine Needles and stuff in here no look that Looks like Factory clean brand new That's because of the seal it slides Right in the B yes it's probably not Watertight but that is a really good Seal that no dirt or anything is going To get thrown in there and I really like That they really put some thought into It so good on them for the Implementation of actually designing Something fresh I like it a lot and to Be very clear the thing that affects 99% Of all of us unless you're just somehow Have unlimited money 1% well you're the One% uh budget does matter to all of us In this hobby things not not just in the RC world are getting more and more

Expensive we could go over the list of Everything but it's nice to see Something more cost effective that maybe If you fell out of the hobby because you Couldn't quite afford to buy some RC's Now you can with this option that's well Under $200 if you are interested we'll Have it linked in the description box Below this comes in a couple different Colors actually so we'll link both of Those options and know that using that Link does help to support our Channel And our family at no extra costs to you Want to say a massive thanks to God for Blessing us with this day this Opportunity to share this experience With you guys and also a massive thanks To our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your insanely awesome support If you love budget friendly awesome Little Bashers we'll have a handpicked Video popping up right about now just For you thanks for watching we'll see You there Bye

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