A NEW BAR HAS BEEN SET in RC Airplane Industry – BEST NEW Warbird P-51 Beginner RC plane

Check out this RC warbird plane here:
Save with code: BG46b071
A new bar has been set in the Rc industry. This is the XK a280 Rc warbird p-51 plane. Can other companies keep up? Let us know your thoughts about this rc plane p-51 warbird in the comments.
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Check out this RC warbird plane here:
Save with code: BG46b071


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Everyone in the world of RC planes Especially companies that make them Should be paying attention to this video And this airplane because this has every Possible chance to be a game changer it Has in my opinion so far and I haven't Flown it yet set the bar very high on What we should expect out of an RC plane We all know and love the E Sheen mini Warb Birds P39 era Cobra this amazing aming beautiful Little Corsair I love this paint Scheme it's One of my favorites on the P-51 this is bigger with more details And the lights on this thing are Beautiful and really bright and in spots That I've never seen companies put Lights before it's also a brushless Ready to fly airplane with flight Stabilization and it even has a Steerable tail wheel which sometimes Airplanes that are about this size that Cost about $200 do not have which is Crazy oh did I mention the price Normally $99 which is mindblowing but because You're watching the RC Sailors on YouTube which makes you awesome by Default we have a coupon code in the Description box below to save you about $15 more so mindblowing price point in My opinion now none of this matters There's no reason to be excited at all

If it can't fly so before we get too Excited let's put it in the air and see How it [Music] Does the attention to detail on this Plane is really wild I'm I'm absolutely In love with this P-51 and I'm very Hopeful it flies good on this very windy Day fingers are crossed oh look at that Smooth takeoff my God And by the way the sky is beautiful Today it is blue with just little puffs Of clouds here and there feel like I Haven't seen a sky like this since I've Been a kid just looking up and trying to Decide what does that look like so fully Charged battery it comes with a charger And everything it's very very windy and It is flying so good I was worried this Would fly squirly like the little uh wo That we did it was a bipe but that is Not the case is flying super smooth and This is with flight stabilization on There's let's get out of that wind and I Want to show you guys a handsfree pass But I love the bright red tail and the Little red spinner on the front of the Prop the nose cone I'll be sorry for That wide turn but we are in the lowest Rats it's very easy to see orientation On this now let's hit our dual rate Button and we should be able to turn oh Yeah much sharper wow that's Significantly sharper look at that so I

Would say that cut the turn radius in Half this is a very awesome airplane With A every company should be afraid of this Because it's just a little bigger than The e warbirds but we're still at that $100 or underprice point and the lights On this are insane hopefully I can bring This back in one piece and show you guys A picture of the lights um just like Inside cuz right now it's very bright Out super super bright day you can see Them but it just doesn't do it justice Like when you're inside so still a wide Turn because we have flight Stabilization on that wind just takes it A little bit it goes fast when you're With the wind I mean the lights are so Cool on this you could nightfly with This no problem performance Co budget Night Flyers don't really exist they Don't really not good ones they had Those like radian style knockoffs years Ago XK made them with really nice lights But that was it and it makes me wonder If they can do this if XK which is an Established good brand that's who this Is made by if they can do this for 99 Bucks and with our coupon code even Cheaper then why can't big big big Brands put really really nice lights on Every single one of their airplanes I LEDs are cheap and to to install them in Fun innovative ways are not that hard

I'd like to see more lights on planes That's just my opinion doesn't have to Be all planes but yeah very impressive Okay so we have a 6G sensor button and We have a 6G 3D button so I'm going to Fly a little higher press them I assume One is an auto stunt button the other Should to turn auto flight uh level Flight stabilization off so let's press This one and see what happens so with That press I have manual control over The airplane and I just did a real roll I am flying this out of stabilized mode Abby this is completely out of Stabilized mode which I didn't expect to Be able to do look at that I'm doing an Actual roll with it I cannot do that on The E War Birds this is the first budget Ready to fly warb bird that I've ever Been able to do a real maneuver on oh my Gosh that should we play a game Will it snap I doubt it because it's a Very tame fly got to try it will it snap Climb speed okay are you ready for it Full Throttle go in into it and I don't Want to wreck it no will not snap but we Play the game okay so we're going to go Back into stabilized flight mode with That same button press so now we're on Auto level which is very easy to fly and The reason I'm still flying high is Because I want to press the other button That says 6G and see I have to

Assume I have to assume that's an auto Stunt button but I just yeah it's doing It was doing like a it's very strange When I pressed that it was like out of Stabilized mode but not fully that's Very weird okay let's let's get our Plane back Here and maybe that only works out of Stabilized mode so let's go out of Stabilized mode now press that button Again I'm really not sure what the oh I Know what that's like an as3x Equivalency so the other top button 6G If I turn that off it's just full Control over the airplane absolute full Control so that's pretty cool that you Can do that but I like the as3x Equivalency on because that helps you Smooth your flight out on a windy day Let's do some low passes here over the Runway oh let's pick up pick up pick up Watch out watch [Laughter] You're okay you didn't really need to Watch out Abby duck you said watch out Like 10 times it is uh considering how Much wind we have I'm impressed how well It's fighting that wind now I really Want to show you guys the lights and Stuff too on this but I'm the wind is Shifting directions too like crazy so There's low there's High rates let's Bring it in nice and low here and then We'll try to do a touch and go it's

Going to be very challenging to land This airplane on this asphalt with so Much wind but I think we can do it It's it just flies so good Abby it's Flying really good it's one of the best Flying little minis we've ever had let's See if we can land it well oh not bad Not bad that was really good Landing oh Then we no there we go okay watch that Takeoff again let's do that one more Time it was really smooth super smooth Oh no we jinx it that wind just picked Up again well we got like 8 to 10 mph Winds today so it's doing really good That's what they call for at at the House when we get up here up here it's Always higher but I was giving the Benefit of the doubt it's sitting level There is it there it is yeah so that's What we're dealing with Landing again There second let's see if we can do it See if we can do It very awesome airplane very awesome Airplane oh my gosh that's that is the New Bar wanted to show you guys it can Actually steer too I'm steering it taxi Back it's very very rough asol up here But look at that and then you can take The landing gear off and one very oh no The very very easily too bumpy ground oh Very bumpy ground the landing gear just Pinches right off of here it's uh Snapped in place just like that so if

You wanted to do hand launches and belly Landings you can you can also take off The fuel tanks they're just held on with Screws the tail wheel comes off some Airplanes you buy them and the tail Wheel can't come off but it comes off Just as easily as these front wheels too Uh but look at those lights down the Side of that I know you can see the Green a little bit it seems to be really Bright they have all these green lights Down the side green lights up here here And on the wing tip other side and There's our red let's see if I can get It in my shadow at night I promise you Very very bright and check this out on The bottom of the plane too we have a Bright white tail light so it is awesome Awesome for night flying I love the Lights on this I I did not expect this And then we even have nice level of Attention to detail in the cockpit here We have an actual pilot in there and Then the Dashboard we even have some gauges and Even a little joystick so I love the Attention to detail this has been Mo Mostly painted on these are not stickers If they were they were the water decals And so they're on there really good uh It's a highlevel build quality and I'm Not joking at all when I say the bar has Been raised and this should be the new Standard if XK is watching this video

And they see this be a success then I Sincerely hope now we'll see a Corsair And a bomber and jets and everything Else made at this level of quality Because now I want to see my fleet grow From those mini ehen warbirds to this This is worth getting excited about if You've never flown before I promise this Is very very easy to fly it has auto Level stabilization this has got to be One of the best warbirds best p51s I've Ever flown especially the way it looks With all those lights and everything and The performance is there too and I'm Really blown away at the price I told Abby when we were driving up here can You remind me what the price is and I Was fully expecting it to be somewhere In the like $60 to $200 range that Honestly seems fair and she told me it Was $99 plus the coupon code mind blown So I'm very happy with this I'm very Impressed with it hopefully you guys are Too but let me know in the comments what Are your thoughts now guys when you fly Planes like this especially if you're Newer to Flying I'm going to strongly Recommend that you also sign up for AMA That's The Academy of model Aeronautics They'll be linked in the description box Below near this plane and it comes in a Little cheaper than this plane to be Insured for the whole year a lot of People don't realize that the AMA Works

Daily with the FAA and others to clear Any unnecessary burdens on the hobby Because as the airspace gets more active We see things like commercial drones in The air and the AMA is trying their best To fight the good fight for model flying And if you're interested and flying at An AMA event or field you can find that Through the link in the description box Where we have Ama linked I highly Encourage you fly with AMA I would not Consider flying anything so much as a Paper airplane without being insured it Just makes me feel a lot better what do You guys think about this thing the Details are drool worthy am I right I Mean if we saw a major name brand Company release this we would be Thrilled so this needs to be shared with Your friends get people in the air if Nothing else buy one of these for Yourself and buy a second one so you Have an airplane ready for a friend to Fly it's that easy to fly let me know What you think after your maen in the Comments too so please you guys do me a Favor and give me a followup I love when People do that it just makes me smile Even if there's problems I love to hear The good and the bad so always do that You guys now this will be linked in the Description box below I have mentioned That and the reason for that is because There's a lot of p-51s out there and it

Would be a struggle to find the correct One even on wrong websites like wish or Something people buy stuff and they Think well that looks like a cool plane It shows up and it's not the same plane At all it might be a P-51 but that's it So there's a big difference in the Things out there but also when you use That link it helps to support our Channel and our family at no extra cost To you so basically just less money goes To the big company and a dollar or so Goes to us and our family look how windi It is it's actually pushing that prop That is insane what a beautiful day Though despite flying in some wind that We've been blessed with by God and I Want to say a massive thanks to him for Life in general but also this Opportunity to share this experience With you guys finally I want to say a Massive thanks to our patreon supporters For encouraging us to get in front of The camera as often as we do we couldn't Do what we do without your amazing Support so we thank you guys from the Bottom of our hearts if you're into Budget flying airplanes we'll have Another one handpick popping up for you But it's probably not going to come Close to compete with this one so you Got to just watch this video again or You know what we'll put an expensive got Video popping up right about now thanks

For watching we'll see you there bye

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