Draco Airplane

This is one of the most legendary Stories behind a real plane and a real Pilot now brought into a smaller size RC Plane this is the new eflight micro Draco they say it's not a UMX but it Kind of is everything about this plane Points in thex Direction except for the Price point let me know what you think About that in the comments I love the Fact that it comes completely assembled Except for one bolt that you have to put In on the main Wing so it's very easy to Get in the air and if you guys know Anything about Mike py then you'll know About the Epic story behind this actual Airplane modeled after a real plane the Thing looks and flies amazingly well Despite the high price point and I love Too that it flies on a 4S battery they Nailed it on the attention the details And the looks of this and I think Beginners could fly it too are you Afraid of something like this do you Think you would be afraid to buy and fly Something like this or are you on board

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