I’m Afraid to Crash This One

This is the best looking plane that I Own this is the new eflight decathlon RJ Gritter paint Scheme capable of flying On 3s or 4S and the assembly was about 20 minutes for me it's got a ton of room Under the canopy for those of you that Are like me and have just big enough Hands that you want to have that extra Room or maybe bigger batteries for Longer flight time it is a five channel Airplane so they keep it pretty simple Here we have extra bells and whistles Like lights but they're worked into the System where you really only need four Channels to fly and your fifth channel For that safe function which keeps the Airplane nice and stable and level even In Crazy wind which is how we're flying Today this is fairly beginner friendly But because it's a stunt plane it should Probably be a third or maybe fourth Airplane I'd like to hear from you guys In the comments because sometimes I feel Alone when I say I want to see more Planes like this this really truly is my

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