MOST IMPRESSIVE RC Mini Crawler We Own! – Furitek FX118 Fury Wagon

Check out this RC car here:
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This is the most impressive RC mini crawler we own. This is the Furitek FX118 Fury Wagon. This RC car is 1/18th scale with a BRUSHLESS motor. In this video we take it on our friend’s new RC crawler course. Let us know your thoughts about this RC car in the comments.
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Check out this RC car here:
Save with code end 3/31/2024: BG8e97aa

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I truly cannot believe what I'm holding In my hands now this has been out for Just a couple months or so but they Claim this is the world's first ready to Run 18 scale brushless mini crawler Little surprised at the price point to Be honest with you I I know that it's Brushless and that's super cool and it Does have some really nice aluminum Sighting on the chassis there I don't Think they took any shortcuts on parts Or anything like that it looks awesome But this is right about 200 Now I'd like to hear from you guys in The comments do you think that's worth The price maybe it is because it's a Very high-end RC Crawler now we did just Drive an $80 crawler through our mini Course that we have here well that a Friend is letting us use and it did Really well so I'd like to see is a $200 Crawler going to absolutely stomp an $80 Crawler is actually $77 so I'll have this Linked In the Description box below if you want to Check it out for yourself but let's Power it on and see how it does on this Course And it's brushless let's show everyone The goods you know that's a nice little OutRunner motor look at That sounds so much different than most Little crawlers doesn't It okay sounds like a atth the dentist

Oh boy so the wheelbase sits longer than The little red one that we drove that's Because this is 18th scale and that last One was actually a 24th scale but when You set them side by side they're They're very Close I like the way it sounds I really Do and down the Hill yeah yeah it's nice it's doing a Good Job can't get over the sound of it it Sounds a lot Different Kind of crazy Really right other way other way you Just dominated the course first try so I Got to give it credit for that I mean it Really did a good job now let's see if It can go in reverse and then I got to Give it a shot going around the Course I mean I both struggled with the Other little crawler we both failed a Few times this one did not Fail now this is supposed to be the Hardest part it take the turn sharp Enough it's okay she's actually staying In the lines oh oh so you yeah bottom Out you have a longer wheelbase here oh Man so you either got to hit it with Speed and scrape it oh that was terrible It's okay haven't Rolled there I would say that counts That Counts she's taking this one seriously

Now Guys how close to the edge I was very But you made It I love mulch Mountain over here it Does [Laughter] This is what I'm talking about with Small scale crawlers if we had a good Space we would make something like this And it would just be a permanent fixture Abby you made it oh don't want to jinx It you made it around both ways without Fail you did not roll I kind of failed You had to back up let's see if I could Get it twice you had to back up the Ed There okay I would say that was a huge Success you made it around both ways Without even having to reverse the brid He's going to have to make more Challenging spot for this one but the Other little crawler oh no spoke too Soon well you made it though you made it Though yeah you're on a stick now it's My turn pressure's on Nathaniel yeah This may be not my name this may be one Of the few times you really uh really Show me up here maybe Lately so you guys got to forgive Abby She's going to stand through this whole Thing because she is old and Dying is killing her Okay looks good too so this one has a Couple different body designs I saw it Black with flames and I think was it

Blue with flames yes very cool cool kind Of like sparkly green I will say I just Made it around the course that was very Fast wow well rather than I mean if we Were timed I think he just demolished my Time this is performing really well this Is all the different types this is good I can see why the price point is so high That was Awesome you're going to have to let him Try this on the Course watch out one day we'll have to Get to come out here and drive with us I Think he just did that in under 30 Seconds my gosh okay I want to play in The Rocks I meant to do that the last Video Abby said I've not had enough of This Thing you can always tell when I really Enjoy something I give that back she Wants the controller yeah yeah we have Have not hit this section yet at all Obviously we got a tunnel down here yeah Super cool now the pine needles are Going to be a little challenging cuz They're big pine needles got it keep Your speed up and you got It okay let's talk about this it's Really I think sticker shock for us Because we just drove an $80 crawler Basically the same size but if you look At Main name brand crawlers they're About 130 or so 120 So to have a completely upgraded

Brushless system and to be ready to run At $200 I guess isn't too unreasonable Now that I've seen it actually perform Around the track it stomped the thing we Just Drove so yeah and it's brushless I Wonder what that means for you know Longevity of this in a crawler will a Brushless motor Outlast a brushed we See everything go brushless nowadays Except for 10th scale crawlers a lot of Times pretty much all crawlers come Brushed and they do that for a reason I'll bet gearing out a brushless motor Is just a little bit harder to do in a Crawler than it is a Basher I am Surprised now I was surprised to see the Price of this but I'm also pleasantly Surprised to see the performance of this Little brushless 18th scale crawler if It wasn't brushless I'm wondering if it Would uh been a significant enough Difference or not but hey this is what They've done to stand out and be Different and I suppose they had to Charge appropriately for that it'll be Linked in the description box below if You guys want to check it out or even Buy one for yourself and know that if You use that link to buy this or Anything else on the website it does Help to support our Channel and our Family at no extra cost to you I want to Say a massive thanks to our friend for

Letting us get out here and use the Course today it's very nice of him Especially as quickly as he whipped this Thing together is very cool so thank you Also a massive thanks to the big guy Upstairs God for blessing us with this Beautiful day the sun is shining Although we're here in the shade of the Pine trees which still this crawler Course may need a name you guys so let's Hear from you in the comments what name You might have for it but a big thanks To God for letting us share this Experience and this opportunity with you Guys finally a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't Do what we do without your amazing Support if you love little crawlers or Maybe you just want to check out that $80 crawler that we're referring to many Times this video we'll have a handpicked Video popping up right about now just For you thanks for watching we'll see You there Bye

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