OH NO!!! NOOB Pilot Mistake… – P-51 Mustang RC Warbird Plane

Check out the Mini RC P-51 here:
We all have them…NOOB pilot mistakes, we just don’t all film them! LoL! In this video, Nate flies the kfplan kf602 P-51 Mustang mini RC warbird plane. Let us know your thoughts about this warbird rc plane in the comments.
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Check out the Mini RC P-51 here:

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There we go water park water park slides Very cool the nice thing is it's durable So if you're going to hit something like That tree oh gosh it's stuck why did you Just do That I lost my stick you lost your Stick totally missed are no is it stuck Too recently on the channel we featured A very very budget friendly I think it Was a BF 109 warbird and this is its Counterpart the P-51 Mustang and I love The paint Scheme on this the good news About this plane and the BF 109 is the Price that's why it was on the channel That's why you guys love it and that's Why we're looking at this one because The other one surprisingly performed Pretty well there's a couple tricks to This airplane and I want to talk about Those tricks in this video but I also Thought it was really cool that we are Able to do this video with the water Park in the background that's a first For us and we've been doing videos for Over 10 years on YouTube so without Further Ado let's put this in the air Talk about some of those tricks that This thing can do and uh let's have some Fun Okay what an awesome way to take off our P-51 here we Go oh and Abby on this one our propeller Is actually working so that's cool oh Nice all right let's get the plane over

Here let's get a little closer flying a Little squirly because we're fighting Some winds fighting some winds I knew This would be a bit of a challenge to Bring this airplane where we are on our Trip but that's pretty cool that the Front prop is working and that's one of Those tricks that I was going to talk About with you guys oh gosh I think we're getting some prop wash From that giant military helicopter that Just flew by yeah something is causing Me to fight that wind a little bit okay Let's get it in a little closer to us we Are flying under some old live oak trees Which is really cool I like seeing that Front prop spin let's go little guy Let's go oh nasty crash let's go recover It landing gear coming off cuz I think That was affecting the flight let's try Again Now This this airplane has an elevator That's what I was trying to say and Seeing that front prop spin is really Cool because one of those tricks that This plane does is that front propeller Is fake that is not giving any for SP Isn't that cool it looks good it Actually has two hidden Little Motors Right on the front of the wing on each Side and with differential thrust those Those Motors are able to help this Airplane turn now this plane does have

An elevator in the back uh which is Really nice because there's an actual Servo back there doing the work to make The plane go up and down a lot of times Little planes like this in this price Point don't have that you just have Faster motors and slower Motors and That's what brings it up and down now if You don't know what you're doing or it's Not flying really well that elevator can Make it Fly more squirrly but because we Took this landing gear off it actually Seems to be flying a lot better and uh The elevator control surface is really Nice so no don't hit the tree don't hit The tree and we hit the tree didn't even See that Happen so uh Nate's now three for three For this Week oh my Goodness it Flies I wasn't worried Should be able to go through quite a bit For it not to be able to fly again Because those Motors are pretty Protected I know you got to maintain Some air speed to get lift and with the Wind this airplane just can't maintain That speed but look at that there's a Water park behind us right now which is Oh so awesome let's get back in the air There we go water park water park slides Very cool unfortunately it's closed on Our trip and we're not going to be able

To enjoy It weekday trip to save money cut Corners where you can in this economy Prem Memorial Day when this is being Recorded uh trip for us definitely saved Some money that's right Abby we uh we Are Walmart shoes and budget airplanes On our trip I wanted to put a nice big Hobby grade airplane in the car but it Wouldn't fit cuz we have children with Uh pack and plays and stuff like I got a Three pack of sunglasses for this trip For $15 for three that is pretty awesome Turn back around let's come back little Airplane Here we go nice it's flying and it's Handling some wind which you know the BF 109 I think that's the other one that we Had it didn't have to fight any wind so Oh poor P-51 it's like the same spot you went Down a minute ago what in the world the Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle see That differential thrust means one's Going to go and the other's not when You're trying to turn and you can still Have throttle and steering this prop is Just like a spinner like a kids toy so That's a really cool trick but it also Has listen to This flight stabilization on that Elevator and it works okay let's try

Again oh my God okay that's the Box this Is likely the last this is likely the Last video you guys are going to see Hurts himself before I hurt myself um Just because we didn't pack a whole lot With us I had to pack small things and Maybe next time we do a trip I'll just Bring one big nice RC or something I Told Abby I'd really like to fly the Kendo on the beach how cool would that Be that'd be so much fun and the place That we're at it does have enough space To probably pull that off so uh yeah I've had a lot of fun packing these Smaller RCS and this thing does fly it Looks good in the air it fights a little Bit of wind and the nice thing is it's Durable so if you're going to hit Something like that tree oh gosh it's Why did you just do That you did that on purpose didn't you No you flew right into It what is what is Happening I can't even see where it's in There This is Ridiculous lost Your it's in there there you see it now Right There oh my Gosh Ready you know I'm the Baton twirler I Feel like I'm better at this than you Would be

Okay can I try no one More okay yeah you should Try you broke the stick did I yeah I'll Make it easier to throw okay go she Talks a lot of smack she better get this On the first Try oh my Gosh that was pretty fancy though Oh good try don't get a Splinter totally missed and there go our No is it stuck too oh Gosh okay my turn Again okay Here I got stuck too Actual baton I could have got that oh Je oh you did It Goly put that Back does it still fly you Ready oh my gosh what a trip what a Trip oh man this has been a wild trip For RC stuff can it turn next time I'm Bringing a good RC you'll lose it in the ocean trying to Fly it on the beach no it was my fault It got stuck in the tree this airplane Comes with three batteries too which is Really cool it's super fun obviously Durable can handle sticks and rocks Being thrown at it thank you better land This while you're ahead oh we're going To land it while I have some breath Let's go here we go oh okay good Landing Great landing definitely a good one yep

You know for as much smack as you talk While I'm flying and trying to have a Good time you do lose the airplane on Camera a couple times I have no idea What you're talking about water park I Wish it was open so I could go jump in I Wish the sun was on this side of the sky That we just show everybody see we try We try to make it look better that's What it looks like if the water park's Back there I mean I could fix it but Yeah so after all that a rock hitting it Like from the top down uh aby's baton Which we're going to get before we leave Don't worry um it looks really good just A couple scuffs on the bottom of the Plane this thing is tough as nails and That is awesome because when you pay a Small dollar amount for something at Least you want it to it might not Perform as good as a Kendo like I was Talking about but it's tough It's Durable you're going to have some fun With it it it honestly reminds me of Like air Hog's days you know those cheap Affordable Air Hogs planes uh now if I Had this as a kid I'd be I'd be on cloud 9 so that's just where the Hobby's at Now and it's really really cheap so good On them I am not telling you that this Thing is like better Than I don't know people take people Take my the tone from my videos so wrong Generally speaking you have to

Understand the context the fact that Money is a very relative term if they Were charging $300 for this I'd be Really nailing thing but because of the Price point we have to have an open Relative mindset to that price so Hopefully you guys understand that it's Not like I'm sitting here saying this Thing is better than uh the eflight P-51 I am cooking on this asphalt but I'm Very grateful for today I'm grateful That I'm bringing one RC home in one Flyable pce barely barely and for that I'm thankful to God also thankful to Everybody watching and especially our Patreon supporters if you're interested In this airplane it'll be Linked In the Description box below and I think Abby Will probably have a coupon code to save A couple more dollars so it's absolutely Worth checking out clicking the link Support our Channel and our family and Then we'll say thank you back with a Coupon code we've had a lot of goofy fun On this trip and if you guys missed the Most insane helicopter crash that I've Ever done you got to watch it that video Is popping up right about now thanks for Watching see you there bye

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