PERFECT RC Pool Boat!!! – TUGBOAT has FEATURE we have NEVER seen!!!

Check out this RC tugboat here:
This is the perfect summer RC boat for pools. This is the Sg pinecone forest sg686 RC Tugboat. It has a feature we have never seen on an RC dual motor boat before. Let us know your thoughts about this RC boat in the comments.
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Check out this RC tugboat here:

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I think we're overdue for another boat Week on the channel and we're going to Kick it off with a budget boat that I Think looks pretty cool this has lights It has two Motors it's completely ready To run and it's about $30 and you can't Complain when something is $30 you can't Even get a cheeseburger for 30 bucks Hardly these days the cheeseburgers are You eating they're pretty fancy cheese Goldplated cheeseburgers okay so it says Kit on the listing if you guys check it Out we have a Linked In the description Box below it's not really a kit just These decorative detail pieces are kind Of the kit and I took a picture uh to Show you it comes on a little plastic Tree you take the pieces off and you put Them on I think they do that so if you Wanted to you could probably paint those A different color before you install Them it was kind of fun it only took a Few minutes it reminded me back of my Model car days when I was a kid and now We get to drive this and have some fun So let's put it in the water and see how It does [Music] Now can you see inside there there's two Little blue lights and at night that Would give a really nice cool blue glow I like that some lights are better than None of Course okay now this isn't going to set

Any speed records or anything this is More along the lines of I think the Perfect uh pool boat because those Propellers are covered and protected and I will show you guys it's kind of Rocking around like it's little top Heavy thing isn't it look at that it's Cute it is a cute boat that's cool this Is a great pool boat or small pond or Even like we're doing today at the lake There's Full Throttle just cruising around in these Areas where there are no waves but I'll Bet this could drive well out in the Main part of the lake too it seems Powerful enough and it can turn really Sharp check this out there's full turn Look at that not a lot of boats we drive Can turn in such a small space that's Pretty cool nice little Tugboat this Would be fun if you were in the pool and You tied some toys to that rail on the Back and you could kind of pull toys Around in the pool and stuff trust me we Have some really cool big powerful RC Boats coming to the channel and some Good Budget Boats too before I mention Any of those I think Abby should drive The tugboat what do you think Abby all Right does it have reverse yes Okay nice it's pretty responsive it's Actually really good reverse yeah look At that first time ever reverse Bona Look at that that might be the best

Reverse control we've ever had over a Boat that's actually really Good I thought this little rocky Cove Area looked pretty cool to drive this This Boat so it comes with a rechargeable Battery and a USB charge cable there you Go look like the Titanic without the sinking it also Comes with the controller and as I said It took me realistically about 5 minutes Of just enjoying the process of putting All 10 little decorative pieces on off Of the plastic tree so uh that's kind of What this boat is all all about just a Cool scale or scalish Tugboat and as Abby said it's very cute and it runs Kind of quiet Too does it kind of remind you of the Tugbo from that Mickey Mouse cartoon Like the original Mickey Mouse I think That was before my time old man well They played at the beginning of like Every Disney thing now remember yeah cuz Ailia she says even though he has shorts On when she was younger she said can we Say it Mickey's NY we'll say that not Okay to say probably not on YouTube this Video will probably get banned for Saying That all right well try to go wild with It so we can do an official water test This is wild that's what I thought yeah Just jam on reverse and go Full Throttle

Rock no we don't need to we don't need Not getting stuck let's not actually Sink It okay good job all right let's do Water test bring it into the dock and We'll do the official RC sailor water Test the kiddos are going to like this a Lot yeah this is a sa we we are saving This one for the kids for sure but yeah Let me I want to show everybody how Protected those props are so let's take A Look it almost steers like it has a Rudder it does it steers way better than I thought it would oh look at this hold On I need To see that We have an actual Servo steering the Rudder in the back and it has nothing to Do with differential thrust it's just Two Motors on or off in variable speeds But we have actual steering Rudders back Here that's so cool yes and that's the First time we've ever had a budget boat Like this that isn't just one motor Spins faster than the other to make it Turn so they've done this one right from The ground up Well I had just filmed the end of this Video and it just uh turns out we Accidentally recorded the top secret new That I can't even really say when it's Coming out but it's coming out soon and It's sitting over there and you can't

See it yet and we accidentally recorded It at the end of this video so let's try To uh and this doesn't make any sense to You guys but hard for me there no water Inside the boat yeah so did the water Test there's no water in there and I Think I think this is a fan fantastic Boat I don't know how much of this I Showed you guys but that steering is Really cool and so for a boat that's Under $50 and ready to run I think this Is an extremely high level of quality Again it's not competing with a $700 Mis Skyo boat or even higher hobby grade Boats after that but it is worth getting Excited over Relatively for $ 30ish right so we'll Have it linked in the description box Below if you want to check it out for Yourself know that using that link does Help to support our Channel and our Family no extra cost to you and I think We'll have a special coupon code maybe To save a couple more dollars for you Guys just for being awesome watching our Videos that'll be down there next to the Link where you can pick this boat up now I did mention we have a top secret well I can't even say it might be a plane It's sitting over there right top secret New thing sitting over there that'll be Coming out to the channel very soon and I'm excited to share that with you so be Sure to subscribe to check that out

Before you go I want to say a massive Thanks to God for blessing us with this Beautiful day this nice calm day to Drive this little Tugboat at the lake Here very awesome also a huge thanks to Our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your insanely awesome support If you love budget friendly RC boats We'll have a handpicked video popping up Right about now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye [Music]

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