Sailing into History: Discover the Exquisite OcCre® #12500 Albatross Ship Kit!


When it comes to model shipbuilding, OCCRE Ship Models is a name that stands out. With a wide range of high-quality ship model kits and accessories, OCCRE Ship Models has been a favorite among hobbyists and enthusiasts for many years. In this article, we will explore the world of OCCRE Ship Models, delve into their product offerings, discuss their unique features, and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, let’s set sail and embark on this exciting journey!

The Legacy of OCCRE Ship Models

OCCRE Ship Models has a rich history that spans over several decades. Established in 1999, this company quickly gained recognition for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their ship model kits are designed with utmost precision, capturing the essence and beauty of historic vessels. With each new release, OCCRE Ship Models pushes the boundaries of excellence, setting new standards in the industry.

Unraveling the Product Range

At OCCRE Ship Models, you can find an extensive collection of ship model kits to cater to the diverse interests of model builders. Whether you are fascinated by classic sailboats, historic warships, or modern vessels, OCCRE Ship Models has something for everyone.

1. Sailboats: OCCRE Ship Models offers an array of sailboat kits that recreate the elegance and grace of these majestic vessels. From the speedy Albatros to the iconic HMS Beagle, each kit comes with pre-cut wooden parts, fittings, and detailed instructions to ensure a seamless building experience.

2. Warships: History buffs will appreciate the selection of warship kits available at OCCRE Ship Models. You can embark on an adventure to build replicas of renowned warships like the Terror, HMS Bounty, or the Santísima Trinidad. The kits are meticulously crafted, allowing you to recreate every intricate detail of these legendary vessels.

3. Modern Ships: For those who prefer contemporary vessels, OCCRE Ship Models offers a range of modern ship kits. From the sleek Mediterranean boat to the imposing San Francisco cable car, these kits provide a glimpse into the cutting-edge world of maritime transportation.

The OCCRE Ship Models Difference

OCCRE Ship Models stands out in the market not only for its diverse product range but also for the exceptional quality of their kits. Here are some key features that set OCCRE Ship Models apart:

1. Materials: OCCRE Ship Models uses premium-quality materials in their kits, ensuring durability and authenticity. The pre-cut wooden parts and fittings are made of top-grade woods, such as walnut, birch, or beech, providing a solid foundation for your model.

2. Attention to Detail: Each OCCRE Ship Models kit is designed with the utmost attention to detail. From intricate rigging and deck fittings to precisely scaled-down sails, the kits offer an authentic and immersive building experience.

3. Comprehensive Instructions: OCCRE Ship Models understands the importance of clear and detailed instructions. Their kits come with step-by-step guides, accompanied by illustrations and photographs, making the building process accessible to both beginners and experienced model builders.

4. Accessories and Add-ons: To enhance your model-building journey, OCCRE Ship Models also provides a wide range of accessories and add-ons. These include decorative elements, such as figureheads and cannons, as well as tools and paints to add the finishing touches to your masterpiece.

The Excitement of Model Shipbuilding

Building a ship model from an OCCRE Ship Models kit is not just a hobby; it’s an exhilarating experience that allows you to immerse yourself in history and craftsmanship. The attention to detail required and the sense of achievement upon completing a model is truly unmatched. Whether you are a seasoned model builder or a beginner looking to explore this fascinating hobby, OCCRE Ship Models offers the perfect starting point.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tools do I need to build an OCCRE Ship Models kit?

To build an OCCRE Ship Models kit, you will need basic modeling tools such as a hobby knife, sandpaper, tweezers, and glue. Additionally, depending on the model, you may require paints and brushes to add color and finish to your masterpiece.

2. Are OCCRE Ship Models kits suitable for beginners?

Yes, OCCRE Ship Models offers kits suitable for both beginners and experienced model builders. Their comprehensive instructions, coupled with the high-quality materials provided, make the building process accessible and enjoyable for individuals at all skill levels.

3. Can I customize my OCCRE Ship Models kit?

Absolutely! OCCRE Ship Models encourages builders to add their personal touch to each kit. You can customize your model by using different paint schemes, adding unique details or embellishments, and even modifying certain aspects to reflect your creativity and individuality.

4. Do OCCRE Ship Models kits come with display stands?

Yes, most OCCRE Ship Models kits come with display stands specifically designed to showcase your completed model. These stands are not only functional but also add an elegant touch, allowing you to proudly exhibit your craftsmanship.

5. Where can I purchase OCCRE Ship Models kits?

OCCRE Ship Models kits can be purchased through their official website or through authorized retailers and distributors. Their website provides a comprehensive list of retailers, ensuring that you can easily find and acquire the kit of your choice.


In the world of model shipbuilding, OCCRE Ship Models truly stands out as a beacon of excellence. Their diverse range of ship model kits, attention to detail, and commitment to providing an exceptional building experience make them a preferred choice for enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a maritime aficionado, or simply someone looking for a rewarding hobby, OCCRE Ship Models has something extraordinary to offer. So, set sail on your model-building journey with OCCRE Ship Models and create a masterpiece that reflects the beauty and grandeur of the sea.

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