This ain’t your Tyco toy from the 90s

Check out the Losi Promoto MX here:


The world can't get enough of this Amazing brand new groundbreaking RC Motorcycle and everybody's asking about The flex the shocks the suspension so Here you go the front end has two points Of flex the one is the shocks here and Look how much that actually can move These are oil filled shocks on both Sides Amazing right here when it comes off the Ramp and hits the ground boom if you Pause the video you can see how much Flex it actually has the second point is If you hit rocks or curbs and things It's going to save the whole front end Of your bike it's preventing the forks From bending so that is really nice I Continually rammed it into this curb Getting air and it held up perfectly and The last point is the rear shock which Is also very realistic very cool tons of Movement I think this is a great example Of that when we come off of this ramp on The rear wheel you can actually see some Of that Flex right there it's definitely Not your Walmart Taiko RC motorcycle toy

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