Very Powerful RC Plane #aviation #flight #flying #rcplane #rc #rcairplane

Not that this isn't Scale I like the 4S power it has to Offer and right now we have a little Less wind but still some wind compared To that Maiden flight that we had this Thing is just wild Abby it is fun and We've got to get you on the sticks for Sure so hopefully we can bring it back In one piece today so you can fly it the Snap on it is insane absolutely insane Flies inverted almost better than it Flies upright I just really like how it Flies upside down you almost need no Elevator input at all let's see if we Can do I haven't done this in a long Time if I can do this it'll make me feel Really good about the inverted flight uh And okay nervous but we'll put it upside Down and then what we do is roll it and Keep going yeah Inverted that was a little bit high up But that's Okay that's what we do when we're trying Something we're not super comfortable

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