WORLD’S MOST Extreme RC CAR Bashing! – FAST Arrma Kraton 8s EXB WON’T BREAK!

Check out the Arrma Kraton EXB rtr here:
The 1/5 Arrma Kraton 8s BLX EXB doesn’t just come as a roller anymore! You can now get the extreme basher as READY TO RUN! In this video we take on bash mountains ike we never have before. You guys, this RC car is unlike other. We literally couldn’t get it to break! Let us know your thoughts about the Arrma Kraton 8s EXB RC car in the comments!
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Check out the Arrma Kraton EXB rtr here:

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Oh she's she's Full Throttle baby oh my Gosh no way the doctor said I couldn't Lift anything more than 10 lb so I bring You the arm of Kraton oh Jeez oh Abby Abby Abby here it Is W this thing is a beast this is Version two actually it's the first First ready to run version of the EXP The extreme Basher version and so There's no other place I would take it Than the infamous bash Mountain oh yeah look at look at the air Oh My wow she's doing it Again it's that bump on the back End look at that look at that look at That look at that look at that yeah it's Up there all the marbles oh the Marbles oh lifting the front end up Already in the loose Gravel oh I am very impressed did the Original Craton Aid us do that no I Don't think I didn't think it did either You're not doing the hill already The Bash oh okay oh we got to lead up to Something I did bring the ramp I don't Know if it's enough we might need two Ramp this thing is like the biggest Beastly ramp we have and it looks so Pathetic compared to the kraton 8S does it even line up I don't think so Oh I didn't think about that at all yeah

Barely wow should we skim it across the Little tiny pond did you forget what Happened last time I did that we lost it But this one's just going to be one Quick little hop and it'll be across We'll see we'll see how the battery's Holding up I'm Afraid this is gonna hit it crooked Probably we'll see we'll see oh Wow that was Amazing ah see oh Oh oh Jeez what was that half throttle not Full throttle That Wow oh amazing Abby oh air control Oh Wow what a beast yeah that was Close Happy you know what for a zero throttle Like pathetic ramp that was still really Epic someone's look at this someone's Got Mountain Dew can up on the okay I Will give you permission to take out Trying to grow Mountain Dew that's what They're doing I do think they are yeah That's how you grow Mountain Dew that's Hilarious Mountain Dew in the wild I Never thought I'd see the Day Woo Man this thing can tear a mountain up Wow oh there goes the Mountain Dew oh Wow Abby that went really high wow yes

It Did oh oh it's cuz you got CH yeah the Chunk wow okay all right Arma all Right oh she's she's Full Throttle baby Oh my gosh no way We never done this side of bash Mountain believe I thought it would go Straight up you guys I don't know if you Can tell but it goes up and then it Comes back out it's curved at the top That's why that's insane it is curved Back and this is 2 and 1/2 stories high I mean that's nuts by the way these are Just someone was clearly target range is It on it's we all know that's awesome I Don't have to go up there no I see yeah Yeah cron Aid us okay video's done That's it we're done well I was GNA lead Up to bash Mountain but I got a little Distracted that's that's insane amazing I want to flip it over here oh yeah it's A little eroded now this is where the Outcast usually shines Abby first of all Before we get over there after that Insanity let's just look let's look if We see anything obviously missing or Busted off or in addition To I mean this thing is Nuts I can't believe I just did that I'm Surprised and very minimal effort too I Mean you did that on what like your Second or third try yeah I mean I'm only One flashing seriously wow yeah you want To try it in a minute I want to do I

Want to watch you do the flips I mean This is your newest Beast I do want to Try yeah usually do the flips right here Yes no see all those holes see all those Holes seriously see all those holes Right there you know what those are Those are those are bees so are you sure Off seon we can do this yeah I'm sure Yeah I'm sure off season we can do it But I don't know if we should right now Out and I just hit it oh hold let's See I don't know what kidding you're Funny wow Abby no way I'm going to count It we can count it we can count that Wow is it still in one piece three out Yeah you did do you want to try it right Here yeah it's fun okay all right I Don't want to break It but it is super fun and we've never Had a vehicle able to do this did I even Speed test this yeah you speed tests It Break don't break it though okay I think I see a good Spot oh yeah look at that look at the Air oh my go oh I'm sorry okay that was Amazing that was like a skate park off Way back down it went off my camera now If you could like that was the most yeah That was Terrifying okay try again I filmed that Terribly try that again yeah it's scary Cuz it's com back Now look at that look at that look at

That look at that look at that yeah it's Up there it's upside it's upside down The camera Auto went so bad oh you have To go up there have fun with that walk I Am in recovery so I'm not doing the walk You know what I'm going to stay up there I want you to launch it once here so People can see the height okay here we Go I'm telling you it's such a steep Climb to get up Here look if you don't believe us here's The Truck my Shadow there's Abby this is Bash Mountain and this is Bash Mountain 2.0 Look at this I don't want to go out much Farther but look see the curvature of That and then straight down is actually Over there's the Mountain Dew box this Is all for reference guys it is crazy up Here and we're getting so much air with This Abby you Ready wow that's awesome hopefully I Don't get Hammered it's very scary okay this is Probably not a great Idea this is going to going to be Crazy here it Is W oh does it Live that's what I was afraid of is it Bad yeah looked epic up here though that Was like a back Flip oh that was just a

Bad bad bump down there all the marbles All the Marbles one it's Wheels Take a Bow that was amazing that was amazing Wow I think it's Okay it's fine hey I'm coming Down oh that's amazing happy I am kind Of dumbfounded right now because there's Literally no need for us to go back over There to regular spot bash Mountain Level one two and three to test this out Because this is like level Infinity uh We've never had anything on the channel Remotely even make it to the top let Alone clear the top and land on it then Let alone go like how high was that Going like w like 12T in the air P yeah It definitely cleared oh yeah I mean I Am so wait till you see the footage it's Amazing Arma just like blew my mind but I have one battery level one oh no to do Exactly what I came here to Do think aby's got a new favorite RC oh Abby Abby Abby oh that was Amazing good now did it even get wet a Little bit but not really Wow it didn't even stir up the mud like At All wow Wow that's amazing she's doing it Again oh it's that bump on the back end Crazy all right one more time girl one More time oh monster truck

Wheelies she's in love with this thing Obviously Wow wow Wow that's insane she's going she wants To break something what what that was Awesome I still would have been so mess Up the end that was a stopy Abby that Was amazing fa at the end that's so fun This will be linked down in the Description box below along with the Batteries we're running the Chargers we Use at our entire setup so if you're Interested in that clicking that link Helps support us in our family our Channel and it costs no extra to you but We get a little Kickback if you go on The website and purchase anything not Just this vehicle anything on that Website we'll get credit for it and that Just means the world to us that you Would choose to support us like that This thing is crazy I love it so much I've said for years that the kraton is My favorite Basher and when I said that In my mind I'm always picturing the Kraton's success um I've always liked The crate a s but the Behemoth of it I don't know kind of has always made it Not as fun as the success but something About this exp version I just love today Was like the most fun I've had with Bashing in a long time and so I'm just So happy we got out here to do this this Is just great so for that I want to say

A massive thanks to God for all the fun That we had today I also want to say a Huge thanks to our Patron family members You guys are the back to our Channel and We just appreciate you so much we will Have the speed test of this Arma Katon Ads exp popping up right about now Because the speed this thing can hit is Impressive we'll see you over there Bye

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