100MPH FAST RC Fighter Jet!! – FMS F-16C 70mm

Check out the FMS F-16 here:
Check it out on Fair RC here for international:
This is my FMS F-16C fighter jet 70mm, and my reflex tech was just not working. In this video we fly the RC EDF jet with all the ordinances on it. Let us know your thoughts about the RC EDF jet in the comments.
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Check out the FMS F-16 here:
Check it out on Fair RC here for international:

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Just recently made the FMS 70 mm F16 and It was a blast but we did it Bare Bones And as basic as it gets today I'd like To add the included missiles the Ordinances and see how much that affects The flight if the cool Factor goes up And the flight performance doesn't go Down we're going to keep them on baby And we want to try a 4,000 milliamp 50c Battery to see how much that affects the Performance too it is funny these things Pop up when you don't have the battery In there that's like one thing I don't Like about [Music] It now people that have never flown These Jets before might think these Missiles either have to be glued on or I Don't know they don't they're very easy To pop in place they have a rail system That just slides in place just as easy To remove so you can change the way your Jet Looks and flies every single battery if You want to and if you don't like the Way the missiles look it actually comes With a pack of decals uh stickers that Can go on the missiles and change the Way they look but guys will spray paint These and do all sorts of things too There I think the rail system is the Best way to go for those because Everybody uses it now cuz it's great Let's see how this does

And if you missed it the flight Stabilizer gave me all sorts of [Music] Problems so we yanked it and we're just Flying Bare Bones Now It's a nice lightweight high performance EDF and the fact that we're pushing 50c In here now and uh what are we at 4,000 Milliamps I'm pretty excited to see how It performs stay off the middle of the Runway cuz the other day we sunk into a Crack and let's see if we can just take Off quickly and get that landing gear Up last time I did that we had an issue Where the front wheel didn't come up Only time I've had that issue on this Although this is my third total flight You guys are Witnessing saw Buzzard off in the Corner I'm worried the landing gears up Just fine we'll climb this thing and Let's see if we can actually do like a Little bit of a Hammerhead nice that was cool roll it Down Yeah so we should be able to get Probably close to a 4 minute or so Flight and that's I'd say where we're Going to stick to today the downside is I forgot my volmeter my volt Checker we're not going to know exactly At least until I get home I will check It when I get home and I can probably

Have it pop up on screen after this Flight oh it's awesome Abby we're here In still February the sun is shining the Wind isn't too Bad we get to do this oh W sorry it was Not ready snap it up Here and we'll bring it down oh man that Was wild yeah it's flying a little Different than it was the other day yeah Big time but it looks better this thing Back here it does look better with the Missiles on I shouldn't have rolled out That high and I'm at a funny angle but We're going to do the Cuban 8 there we go I don't do Cuban 8 with Edfs that often I do like the missiles I I think I like the way it looks a lot More and I don't think it's affecting The flight at least not that I can Really tell but it's a windy day Too I think they look great especially The wing tip ones that's my favorite it Really it makes the jet look a little More appropriate I Think zero Throttle throttle up Some it really looks the part the only Thing this jet is missing is lights in My opinion it would be great to have Some bright LEDs on here but having the Lights not on here is keeping the cost Down and way more Competitive Daytime flyer it just doesn't get much

More beautiful than that it is very good Looking F16 and in my opinion a nice High performance one at That just about looks real doesn't it Mhm oh my gosh I really like flying this It's one I'm happy to have in the Collection it'll be a nice summertime Flyer for me what time were you wanting To land forgot about 4 minutes I know We're getting close not exactly sure What time time he took off it's okay Well when you hit 4 and a half on your Timer it's probably really close mate Sometimes makes that my job and Sometimes I fail and then he runs out of Juice and crashes we have done that Before well my timer is at 3:30 since I Started recording but I don't know how Long I think that 4,000 mil that was With you taxiing out I believe so you're Probably at like we're going to climb it Full thr climb boom Climb Bring it down and around I like those Vertical climbs in front of the camera And I could have pulled back on the Elevator Harder but I thought that was a pretty Good spot to do it in a good angle that Again we'll do it again that's fine you Fly most of your jets at Full Throttle All the time no about 75 80% here's Full Throttle here's Full Throttle and pull Up looks so

Good now a lot of guys do though uh you Don't really need to but can it just Shortens your flight time cool Factor Goes up of course flying faster we'll Give it a full throttle rip down the Runway and then probably land and then Land it yeah and I'm going to have to Bring it around Actually that was Full Throttle but nose Into the wind this pass is going to be Lower throttle we're going to drop the Landing gear and I got to land left to Right cuz the wind has changed Directions it's actually a horrible Crosswind right Now I see three and I came down over the Runway like that just in case I dropped Power cuz we are getting probably Pushing it With this angle oh my gosh I'm not Looking forward to this Landing with That wind but we got it we got This we got this we got this just focus Just Focus don't tip over that's what I was Trying to avoid that wind the crosswind Wanted to pick that Wing up oh I had to Fight it with my ailerons and Rudder That was not an easy Landing cuz I Thought we were going to scrape it up Really bad oh it looks good though Doesn't it oh yeah it just looks awesome The articulation on that landing gear Makes me so happy to see the little

Little bumps it smoothens it out look at It bouncing see but the front wheel Stays down it does a great job I think This would be a really good grass field Oh see just like that just like that now How did I do that just on a taxi but I Didn't on that high spe land there goes That perfect paint job you know what the Missiles saved it so the scratch went to The missiles fair enough uh hopefully Right around here I'll have the voltage Pop up on screen because I don't have it With me but I will check when I get home It feels just warm enough to warm up my Cold fingers but not hot so I don't Think I cook that battery at all you Delicate little thing well yeah if you Can afford the uh the 50c battery I Think it's worth it because the jet was Not as hard on that and it cost a little More but it's okay I know that that Would be great with the uh flight Stabilizer in there which is included And you do pay for that but in my case I Just wanted to fly it I could have Reached out to FMS trust me I'm sure They would have sent me another Stabilizer as probably anybody if they Got that and had that issue but you know What I just put in an old Ar636 receiver it's six channels I could Put to limit I could put um as3x and Safe in here if I wanted to but I I'm at A point now where I don't really need to

Do that but if it has it in a bind and Fly happy to show it off and it's nice To have some bind andly planes with safe Or safe flight stabilizers uh so Abby Can fly cuz you have flown the eflight F16 didn't you you've flown a couple of The Jets youve flown the Viper I've Flown the Viper and I've flown an A10 Yeah the and I've flown a tiny little Cheap F15 I feel like that's all my Jets Though I don't know if I've flown an F1 One of these needs to be in your future Cuz um the orientation is very easy to Not this one that's not this one this One I'll just keep this one but one of The E flights I'm sure you know so this Was a blast oh my gosh we just broke oh I'm just kidding missiles didn't seem to Affect it too bad 4,000 mamp performed Really well if you want to do things Like harriers you're going to want a 3200 in here and push way back uh but if You just want sporty kind of casual Flying like we did today then your Battery placement can go almost snug up You could snug it all the way up to the Front if you really wanted to uh but It's pretty happy you know about an inch Or so from the front foam just so long As you can still get your lip in here so That can close and there's no space Issues on this jet that's a 4,000 you Could probably get away with a 5,000 but

Then you're going to maybe run into some Weight issues so 4,000 is great this is An awesome jet we'll have a link to the Description box below and know that Using that link helps support our Channel and our family no extra cost to You free RC content here on YouTube we Don't really ask much of our viewers but If you do pick something up please Consider using that link it really does Help us out every little bit adds up big Time and we thank you so much I want to Say massive thanks to God too for Blessing us with today to get out here In front of the camera and share this Experience with you but also just life In general isn't it good even the bad Days there's still a lot of good to be Had and I hope you guys are searching For that good in your life too uh warm Weather's around the corner and it has Me excited because I'm hoping for more Days like today but with shorts and T-shirts and that'll be nice also want To say massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do this Content as often as we do without your Insanely awesome support so thank you Guys from the bottom of our hearts if You Love good size fast Jets Abby and I have A handpicked video probably one of my Favorites popping up right about now Thanks for watching we'll see you there


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