100MPH FAST RC Jet – FMS Yak-130 v2 6S POWERFUL Jet

Check out the FMS Yak-130 V2 here:
This is the FMS Yak-130 v2 RC EDF jet. This 70mm jet can hit speeds of 100mph and os incredibly powerful. It looks amazing and in this video we take this RC EDF jet out for its second flight for you. Let us know your thoughts about this RC edf jet in the comments.
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Check out the FMS Yak-130 V2 here:
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We recently had a great Maiden flight of My new FMS Yak this is the V2 version And if you miss that maiden or whether You saw and you're just back for more This is a great kind of budget friendly Option for a 6S EDF this is flying on a 3200 milliamp battery and it had very Very high performance even on a 30C Discharge I'm in love with this thing For 340 bucks because it's got flaps and Retracts with really robust landing gear We had just a very high performance made In flight and it left me wanting more so We're back to put this in the air again We'll maybe hopefully throw a couple More snaps and crazy Maneuvers at it but Really we're just here to enjoy a great Flight have a great Jet and have a good Time together so let's put this thing in The air and have some Fun I'm that a a great looking jet Abby you know I thought when this thing Landed and actually even on the takeoff I could see the shocks going to work uh I was kind of paying attention because On this jet they almost look like they Stick down kind of you know a centimeter Or so too far they just kind of stand Out and when it's in the air and those Retracts are up it's a whole different Story but anyway you can kind of see the Bounce Right this works well what a great jet I Mean we had an awesome awesome super fun

Maiden it's fast it's eye-catching I Love the bright red and White it just looks like a fast jet and Look at that snap up there wild Absolutely Wild crazy fun crazy fun to Fly Yeah but it doesn't have to be Completely fast we can hit our full Flaps we don't get any bad ballooning Tendencies or anything on That get a nice pretty slow pass there Too so although it is fast it's got Pretty good slow flying Tendencies this Is only the second flight I have on this Jet but it just feels like I've flown it 20 or 30 Times we'll go up bring it back around And let's keep it inverted Okay inverted feels good on this we Might be able to do that a little lower Let's no Down kick it upside down here and hold It for a Second listening to our radio and that Is definitely not here so we're good Always giving way to full Scale just looks the part doesn't it Abby mhm very very good sporty 6s flyer That's the best way to describe this I Think don't think we're going to get a Lot of 3D kind of things out of it Unless you like that snap a lot which I Do let's just throw it at it again right

Here a little lower what a crazy Snap it holds it that altitude for such A long time like it's crazy it's got That momentum and then you're right it Just holds it right there with all those All those flips and Maneuvers and I know It's holding it because I'm not having To move the camera here you Go let's do it again right in front of Us you Ready hold it right there look at that That's cool I like the snap on this it's Really I think a lot of credit goes to The CG placement where the battery is on This jet it's just a different shaped Jet kind of got that fat belly to It now we don't have any safe or as3x or Any kind of stabilization ation in this We're just flying we are on Spectrum but I didn't set any of that up I have Expo My aerons are set at 25% elevator's at 25% and my Rudder is at 20% ab and I are listening full scale Because we know we've got a full scale Coming in you're at 3 minutes yeah we're Going to put this in there about one More minute and that'll be the end of it I'd say too much I gave too much Rudder On that I was trying to pull into a Knife edge and my R actually took Over flying way too high right Now I think I still need a little bit of Up trim on this Tooing down just a hair now we did

Notice one issue with my landing gear so I'm going to fly by and check my gear And make sure it all comes Down looks like they're down to me on The ground when we were getting a couple Shots that just didn't want to pop down All the way now let's do a right to left Landing if we can with half flaps that Felt really good the last time comes in Hot but we just bleed and flare right at The last yeah okay oh we had a little Skip there had a little skip there but Really might have just been a bump in The pavement it might have been and Right as some wind is coming in so we I Think I landed at a great time because We've got a right to left uh cross Crosswind right now uh was kind of Affecting me there it just kind of Popped up out of nowhere but you know What that's pretty smooth Landing I've Had two takeoffs and two Landings on This Jet and you guys have seen them Both and I really really do like how This thing Handles in the air and I set It in the last video it handles on the Ground really well too it's got that Front steerable nose wheel and it gives Us a nice tight steering radius so if You're wondering if you've got enough Space to uh drive this thing around you Know there's our right turn which I Think is a little wider for some reason And here's our left nice nice and very

Very tight turning radius and I'm always Happy about that so yeah the yak by FMS 6s awesome we'll make this kind of short And sweet here guys but I do want to Check the voltage to see what we're at Kind of always good to know although I'm Plugging this in right at the end of a Hot flight so the voltage is going to Take a second to get a good reading but It's looking like similar to the maiden Flight I think I might have cooked it Just a little bit more we're sitting Right at 3.8 volts per cell maybe Settling right into 3.7 volts per cell So I might have I think I was just a Little harder on the throttle on that 4 Minute flight you know four 4 and 1 half Minutes is going to be a really safe Number for this Jet and I'm I'm a huge Fan if you like the way it looks you're Going to like the way it flies a lot I Think the only Annoying Tendencies are Uh the battery if you're flying on a 3200 which is the biggest they recommend Actually 3300 it's a little tight in Here so you've really got to finagle Your wires just to get your canopy to Pop on but it does seem just stay on Well you saw those snaps I threw at it I Don't think that's going anywhere and We've got two nice straps in here plus Included Velcro on the bottom the Assembly I had one little just tiny tiny Small nuisance with that bolt here

There's two bolts holding the rear Horizontal stabilizer on but that bolt Just gave me a little trouble lining it Up uh I almost ready I was almost ready To throw in the towel on it but I didn't I was persistent we got it done uh it's A good jet this a great jet actually one That I'm happy to have in my collection And it doesn't even take up a lot of Space so I'm thrilled with that because I'm running low on airplane space right Now you're not running low on you're Negative airplane space I'm out I'm Having to pass a few planes on so uh Anyway this will be linked in the Description box below I've had a great Time with it so far I've let you guys Know the couple little negative Tendencies that I've uh noticed with it You see how small those aerons are right I think that's why the roll rate is as As slow as it is I mean we can increase The rat some but that's it's got to be Affecting it I would think uh that's a Pretty big flap control surface but half Flaps on Landing feels really good with This thing as I said it'll be linked in The description box using that link does Help to support our Channel and our Family at no extra cost to you whether You're buying this or something else on The website we greatly appreciate that Help from the bottom of our hearts and a Massive thanks to God for giving us this

Opportunity to share this experience With you guys super grateful also thanks To our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your amazing support guys We'll have another jet video handpicked Just for you popping up right about now Thanks for watching we'll see you there [Music] Bye

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