1100mm Warbird ONLY $230 w/ RETRACTS, FLAPS, & LIGHTS!! – Arrows Corsair

Check out the Arrows Corsair here:
This is the 1100mm Arrows Corsair RC warbird. In this video we maiden this RC airplane. Let us know what you think of this warbird in the comments.
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Check out the Arrows Corsair here:


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It's going to be challenging with the Coair landing gear Down that tail is still up and we're up That was great that was like perfect now I have seen a lot of corsairs but I've Never seen one that looks like This let us know what you guys think About that nose art in the comments both Abby and I kind of think it looks like a Poo snake really I said it looks like He's trying to throw up it kind of that Tongue looks like it's vomiting that is Like the ugliest and it's a sticker it's A poorly attached sticker but let's move On past the nose art because other than The nose art this is a Corsair that is Right in that size that everybody wants One to be at and it comes in at about 30% cheaper than the competition this is Like a $220 maybe $230 airplane and if You're watching the video right when It's coming out it's possibly on sale it Might be 10 20 bucks off but it's still 1020 bucks off and it'll be linked in The description box below I love the Lights on this that's why I I've already Got it turned on for this intro because I've never had this great of looking Lights on a Corsair and it's backed by a Brand that we know and love to be great As a matter of fact Abby I put this Airplane together in like 15 minutes Four bolts on the main Wing three wires Come up and we do have flaps aerons and

Ret tracks on this beautiful course There I had to glue the horizontal Stabilizer on connect the two servos uh To the elevator and everything else was Already done for me if you don't love The fuel tanks they slide on and off With rails and I love the fact that the Re tracks have those flaps on the doors And they twist like the real Corsair Should the only thing I don't love about This airplane other than the poop snake Is the fact that the flaps are not split Like they really should be on a Corsair We have these really short stubby flaps This should function too in my opinion But because this is a $200 doar airplane Just about with flaps and ret tracks and Lights I really can't complain until we Fly it so let's put it in the air and See how it does did I mentioned this Flies on a 3s 2200 and uh I'm ready for Takeoff now a lot of people tell me These Arrow planes are good on a uh 4S Battery but the instructions say 3s so On a maiden flight I'm going to put the 3s battery in that did have a lot of Pull by the way I mean I pushed some Right Rudder but could have eased off on The throttle some and there's landing Gear up and we've already got a great Looking airplane now guys if there is a Pilot that has that exact nose art from Like World War II or something on their Real plane I mean absolutely no

Disrespect when we call it a uh poop Snake it's just you know this is a model Airplane and I think they probably could Have chose a different nosar but if if This does resemble something from The Real World then hey that's great but I've just never this ugliest I've seen Seen I've never seen that yeah so now I'm flying at about half throttle just Cruising around getting her trimmed up Cuz this is a maiden wanted to fly good And on a 3s battery knowing that I can Cruise a Corsair and not have any uh Bank stalls or anything uh half throttle Is very nice to know it has a good G all Wing shape and let's throttle up and do Some Rolls oh yeah nice and scale see about a Loop back Here and I actually like the fuel tanks On this of course I'd like to fly with Those off and see how it performs but I Like the way it looks with the fuel Tanks on we'll try to keep it fairly Scale I love the lights on This the fact that we've got an airplane At this price point uh with that bride Of Lights now we have the forward white Lights and then we also have our red and Green nav lights too so that's really Nice she's flying good I don't have any Expo in here either I forgot to put it In so for no Expo and just flying on a Good old dumb receiver with no as3x I

Mean it has it but I just don't have it On at all or safe this is really nice It's a it's a pure flight reminds me of Back when I had like my Tower Hobbies P-51 but this is quite a bit nicer than That so very Cool yeah really nice warbird uh so you Know it's $120 $130 cheaper than Probably its main competitor and this Thing is not like a Dynam you know back Back in the day if you wanted to buy Something that was more budget you were Buying a Dynam before arrows existed and You would suffer the the choice you'd Suffer the I want to save hundred bucks I'm going to suffer I'm going to have to You know Jerry rig this thing and and Use some rubber bands duct tape and a Lot of glue to hold it together but in In this case that is not true uh you're Still getting a very nice high Performance high quality airplane but You're saving over $100 that means a lot To me now this is 3s capable where you Know it's it's uh probably again main Competition is 4S right out of the box But I'm sure people in the comments That's flaps on will tell that this can Fly on 4S I just didn't want to Maiden It on 4S and I think it's just a situation Where you fly on 4S and what you can do Is punch out of things but it's not Necessarily you'd want to keep it Full

Throttle the whole time cuz then you're Going to have problems now let's see What we can do it's not quite as scale Here zero throttle now we'll kick into Full Throttle snap it See if we can get into a spin here I got To Climb build up some speed and get it to Climb Up see that spin oh yeah that's nice That's a nice spin just got to recover Out of it that was good though I like That kind of fast and fluty but it still Looked pretty good inverted flight's Okay let's see if we can hold It Busy day air traffic the the the skies Are clear and air traffic is traveling Far far far today but that's a good Inverted flight I like that that's Nice yeah this has really good really Good flight Tendencies I'm liking this a Lot see if we can do maybe a touch and Go this will be fun I will do a half Flaps Here just slow us down come over the Runway drop the landing gear it's going To be challenging with the course air Landing gear Down that tail is still up and we're up That was great that was like perfect Real happy with that Ling gear Up that was cool the tail never touched

Perfect little touch and Go this is February and we've got this Beautiful weather so before before I Forget I want to just say thanks to God For blessing us with this beautiful Day let's do a nice Show Pass right to Left and then that was a 5 minute timer So on a 2200 mamp battery we probably Don't want to push it too much Longer that Rudder Authority is just not There we can get a little show pass but Just not a Lot cool okay let's bring it in we're Not getting a lot of wind either Direction so we'll just do that left to Right again that was kind of Nice we hit those half Flaps that just felt really good we can Come in under a little bit of throttle And I'll drop the landing gear right Over the runway again because that's Just fun on warbirds I like that landing Gear Down oh little skip Ah that's okay That's Okay not bad for just right over $200 this is an awesome um airplane Things are just getting more and more And more expensive so I really don't Know how they're doing it at that price Because all the electronics are there it Took me less look at the yellow stripe On the prop too that looks really good All the electronics are installed it

Took me 20 minutes or less to build this Thing uh I'm I'm a huge fan now although I don't love the nose art I did like the Fact that this whole cowl up here was White or is white and it made it very Easy to see for orientation in the sky Because usually all my Corsair or are All blue with maybe a little bit of nose Art up there so I love this for visual Aid probably one of the easiest to Orient airplanes I've ever flown and I Tend to have more confidence when the Price point of my airplane is lower so Some people that might sound crazy you Might think well you know you spend more You have a higher quality of product and That tends to be true but my wallet Still Remains the Same Size and so I Like to fly and push my limits when it's A more affordable airplane because if it Crashes and they all will eventually I Won't be quite as heartbroken maybe I Can buy another or the parts to replace Whatever would break so yeah I'm I'm a Massive fan if you like a coair and uh Price point means something to you which I'd say is 99% of you then this is a Really great one to buy I think the only Reason I haven't picked one up for so Long is because I've just been been out Of stock for a long time and now they're Back in stock arrows has Reprioritized um manufacturing and Having available their popular airplanes

Like the treer and now this so I'm Really happy to have it in the Collection to feature it on the channel Another thing that I did notice is the Uh some of the blue stickers on here Like the wire cover on the wing it was Peeling up a little bit uh so you know I'm not expecting like the highest level Of quality on those sticker decals and That sort of thing but great airplane Great price Linked In the description Box below using that link does help to Support our Channel and our family I Said it while we're flying I'll say it Again because it means the world to us But I want to say a massive thanks to God for blessing us with this beautiful Day and this opportunity to get in front Of the camera share this experience with You guys and I want to encourage you Guys to fly with AMA that's the Academy Of model Aeronautics it's a big giant Safety net just I maidened an airplane And although this went in my opinion Almost perfectly well you just never Know and so I always fly with AMA I have Been for I think a decade now and I Encourage you do the same there's a lot Of people out there promoting our Hobby In a very bad way on YouTube which I Think is the most idiotic thing a person Could do it's one thing to do it it's Another thing to film yourself doing it And brag about it on the internet stop

Doing that you're hurting our Hobby and If you're smart you'll at least fly by The recommended rules and guidelines From AMA even if you're not paying for It that's still public knowledge so I Encourage you to go check that out we'll Have a link in the description box below Now before we go on to say a big thanks To our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your amazing support and Finally if you're into warbirds Especially fairly priced ones we'll have A handpicked video Just For You popping Up right about now thanks for watching We'll see you there Bye

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