$112 4K Camera Drone

Check out the drone here:
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We've tested over 1100 drones on our Channel Through The Years and I've never Seen anything this good at this price This is the brand new drone by holystone And it'll be linked in our bio I think The best thing about this drone is that It comes in under 250 grams it is Completely ready to fly you know me I'm A sucker for a good case and the radio Is very cool and different for Holy Stone this drone and setup is perfect For the beginner because it's so easy to Fly these things just right out of the Box you bind up they have a solid GPS Lock they're not going to fly away they Return to home when the battery gets Lower you have any problems you just Press return to home and it comes right Back to you you can fly in the wind and Completely hands-free with our custom Coupon code you can pick this up for a Hundred and twelve dollars even though It retails for 200 you click our link You get the 40 off coupon and then with The exclusive RC sailor discount code 30 RC sailor you can get this for a hundred And twelve dollars that's why I've never Seen a drone this good come in at this Price

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