Check out the new Losi 1/18th Monster Trucks here:
This is the brand new Losi 1/18 LMT. This is a new lineup for Losi with them stepping into the “smaller” scale world with their popular Monster Trucks! The Grave Digger and Son-Uva some completely RTR (ready to run) with everything you need in the box to get this thing driving! Let us know your thoughts about this RC monster truck in the comments.
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Check out the new Losi 1/18th Monster Trucks here:

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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I definitely wasn't expecting this to Release this year I actually thought the LOI dirt bike that was released and then There was one other vehicle toward the End of the year was going to be it and Here we have the perfect little present Under the tree sitting right here for us It's a little bit early uh but yeah this Is the little son of a digger much Smaller than the larger lmts that were Released not long ago this is a ready to Run vehicle fully proportional very nice And hobby grade it looks the part that Is absolutely for sure today we're going To drive it around just kind of see how It runs as long as we're happy with how It's running we brought the overkill Ramp we may break something I wanted to Bring a smaller ramp but they were kind Of buried I got a lot of stuff going on Right now keeping me a little bit busy So this is pretty cool true to the Larger form it hinges back I love that They gave enough wire that when it opens It doesn't unplug the headlights some RC's are not thought that well out so Good for them simple but it's effective That's because we have headlights up Here those are probably going to glow Blue it's a ready to run fully ready to Run have I told you guys I wish there Was a difference between ready to run With a battery and ready to run without A battery I think they should have

Different names this is ready to run With a battery and a charger and it's a Spectrum smart 2s setup it's got that Little ic2 plug I do love these plugs They are some of the best elephant in The room well we'll let you guys comment About that I won't comment At all but here's the cool thing so with The con we get a pro and you twist that And it locks in place and you have those Here and here as well so I think that's Really cool we can just twist that and Then it Hinges right up I think that's pretty Innovative I I don't think I've ever Seen that before it's kind of like Something I'd see on an RC boat the Tires are soft and Squishy they're not Hard plastic stick uh so I think we're Going to get some pretty decent scale Driving out of this so without further Ado let's power it on and see how it Does it comes with the Spectrum Slt2 tail lights no just headlights okay I match oh are you I match look my shirt Matches all right she gets to run it Some good looking steering going on yeah It is Nice a she's right at it right out of The Gate how fast is it Abby give us like a Little speed pass here cuz I wasn't I Didn't think it'd be this Fast oh we've got this new chip and seal

Let's pull them Left so we're here today because there Were Hunters at our usual little Location so this is not the best spot we Wanted to go to bash Mountain off-roading capabilities are Pretty good I just sold this small Little dirt spot and I thought well that Looks like a decent little thing so we Can see the shocks and articulation Maybe kick up a little dirt well dust We're going to hit that ramp don't you Worry just wanted to drive it around Around for a minute before we launch it Into the Air it off-roads pretty well not really Made for that but Yeah Cool all right Abby let's get some air With this Thing oh yeah there's the wheelie this Is the moment we've all been waiting For not that Moment Hey not Bad it's fun Donuts are always fun fun To eat fun to drive Do this new Surface fun and not fun all at the same Time There Nathan to the rescue with the good Ramps we're here at a different surface Now with our mini Losi monster truck Because that was a very loud explosion

Unfortunately the chip and seal or just Loose gravel job that they did at that Track where we uh record some of our Smaller vehicles Is kind of semi- ruined right now we did A small fire truck there and it could Hardly drive on it so we're either going To have to wait for all that to erode Away back down to nothing which Shouldn't take long cuz it's just tiny Loose gravel or just continue coming to A different spot like this so we're Going to put this back on the ground I Have a freshly charged battery and see How it drives on Smoother pavement asphalt instead of Loose Gravel so we did learn that it's a bit On the topheavy side you can't just you Can't just drive something like this and Not manage your Throttle was hoping we could pop a Wheelie but I think this asphalt's a Little too slick so I think this is Probably in a perfect world maybe loose Well well packed dirt a little loose on Top or even a Carpeted track there there you go just Got to get the right traction to pop That up it does look really good it Drives really well considering the like Odd shape of it you're not buying a Kraton here for sheer performance you're Buying this for like scale looks so

Having said that let's see what it does On the Jump nice so it's driving well in tight Spaces with that tight radius but you Can turn your steering right down and I Just did that and I think that's going To help be able to uh hold a straight Line and hit that ramp definitely better So if you're driving at high speeds I Recommend turning the steering rate down So it's less sensitive we'll see if we Can hit this full speed Now Nope there we go nice pretty Good hey hey that was a good One Tall Grass though not so much right Super Tall Grass it Struggles not too bad got it if you get Your momentum up you can make it through Super super Tall Grass your turn Thanks there we go yeah nice RC Monster Trucks and Uh Airplanes nice Abby ramping monster Trucks with [Music] Airplanes nice Savy oh yeah there's those clean nice And Clean well I think it's a really cool RC I mean there's no denying they made this Thing look awesome and that's one thing That Losi does well at is knocking it

Out of the park on the way stuff look This is a really sweet thing for Loi to Do and it's got a big brother too we Love driving the big brother around Especially off of that ramp and through Mud and stuff this is just a mini Version that comes in cheaper than the Big version if you're interested in this New losy monster truck we'll have it Linked in the description box below we Using that link does help to support our Channel and our family at no extra cost To you I want to say a massive thanks to God for blessing us with today I I love That we have this opportunity and this Ability to share these experiences with You guys And just for like in general we've just It seems extra hard lately it does I Don't know why but I it just is and uh I Am still grateful that he's prevalent in Our lives and is a constant reminder to Us to have patience and understanding of Other people's situations that they're Going through uh and to really Just enjoy the good moments and not take Those for granted and and so hopefully You guys watching our videos have a Moment of enjoyment as well and are Grateful for those moments and to help Us create these awesome experiences to Share with everybody I want to say a Massive thanks to our patreon supporters Because we couldn't do what we do as

Often as we do it without your insanely Awesome support if you're a fan of small But high performance RC vehicles we'll Have a handpicked video popping up right About Al just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there Bye

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