MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL “Gullwing” 1/24 Tamiya Scale Model Car

what an amazing car if there's a time machine   it is this it's from 1957 and looks 
better than any car at all times yes this is a mercedes 300 sl   and here it is the tamiya mercedes 300 sl 
which released a few years ago to be honest i   didn't expect that this kit is just amazing i'm 
very pleased with the result and kids quality i'm starting with building the chassis frame   tamiya has missed a few details in the 
construction that makes up the chassis frame   i will show you them on next stage 
now i am keeping simple the build   i'm just following the instructions at this stage 
modeling basics cut clean and get parts together let's continue with the engine it's time to detail the engine of course 
i could also make them from scratch   but i remembered of my old friends who have been 
lying on the side of the closet for a long time   and i got help from them for this job yes they 
are blender software and any cubic 3d printer after a few hours i designed and printed 
some basic parts to help detailing the engine   let's continue to the build i am adding 3d print parts that's enough for now i can 
start to make fuel injection pipe it's necessary to be careful for a smooth bending   the realistic result is how neat they 
look when placed next to each other i'm putting these aside for now after the 
painting job is done i will mount them in place this part under the manifold is 
actually a completely separate part and   chrome plated to create that effect 
i drove the joints with a needle i also filed the ends to make 
it looks thin like a sheet i'm not done with the manifold 
need to add some details after adjusting the length of the 
holes and adding water connection   pipe as well i'm done with the manifold for 
now let's continue with the radiator hoses i'm adding the metal clamp details 
simply like this with self-adhesive foil it's a good idea to thin 
out the radiator fan blades the devil is in the details this mesh comes with the kit let's 
use part of it for a different task air intake filter detail i can start to the first phase of paint job now i can add the remaining details to the engine here it's what i mentioned before i'm covering the plate with piece of 
self-adhesive foil to get different metal shine i need this this and this jig to make ignition 
cable and cap from scratch drilling a piece   of lead wire is not an easy job but if you 
marked it with nail before that become easy missing radiator pipe detail i'm adding little bit weathering 
wash to highlight the details and the engine is complete except one thing   first i am removing the wiper 
transmission arm details from the firewall a few armed details are missing on the frame 
i'm going to add these details for them first yes this is one of the missing arms and i'm making the viper 
transmission arms from scratch the obvious detail the headlight relay is missing   i'm making it from scratch using some spare 
sprue parts and stretched support piece this 3d print bolt will be a 
proper cap of brake fluid reservoir yes as i expected one more missing detail the viper linkage cam and the distributor cable i can start to paint the interior parts now i can glue the engine in place i will use this elastic 
thing i don't know its name   grab from seawink box and 
different size of lead wire i'm painting the rubber hose 
details with rubber black paint   as you see the result is worth the effort i know the most of these details are 
not will be visible or not noticeable   but scale modeling is all about 
the journey not the destination tamiya has cleverly designed the windshield washer 
tank you can paint it from the inside like this   but some details are still missing 
holes and pipe details on it here it's the result so far and it's time to work on the car body   i must cut these support pieces without 
deforming the body otherwise i may experience   many problems in later stage because the 
windshield frame is very delicate as you see i'm applying a grey primer first 
to see what surprises await me and of course i am sanding this primer 
as like the other layers i will apply and then i'm applying a white 
primer and the main color after the first sending there 
were problems in some edges and   lightly painted areas just as i expected no 
problem i will apply two more paint layers after that now i am applying 
a heavy gloss varnish layer i sanded every layer before applying the next 
coat like that i will apply three more layers before the final sanding chop i'm 
painting the inside of the body in the last final sanding step i will also 
have cleaned any possible paint overflow i know there are tons of fancy stuff in the 
market but i like to use these compounds after hours of polishing stations i 
finally achieved the shine i wanted   ps be careful with the windshield 
frame at polishing stations now comes the most stressful part painting window 
frames with chrome without ruining the paint proper masking is the key i'm wiping the excess paint with 
water before it's completely dry no matter what you do the edges will not be 
smooth as you want to be here it's the solution the chrome plated parts 
are okay except these parts   i will not use them but i'm gonna 
show you how to fix them anyway after that i sand the old chrome 
plated parts to a bleach bed after about 10 minutes all chrome plates are gone i'm sanding the tires to break the toy effect   i know the original rims and hubs 
are not painted like that but   i saw this beautiful car and 
decide to paint like that i will add only a few minor 
details to the interior the suite case anchor frame is also missing 
i will add that detail with this way let's start to the final assembly white glue is always my 
first choice in risky areas oops no worries it cleans up with 
some water white glue is a life saver i'm painting the signal lights from the inside well thanks for watching this episode if 
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take care yourself and keep modelling bye

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