AWESOME A-10 BRRRT TWIN 70mm Thunderbolt II RC EDF Jet Warbird!!!

Check out the A-10 warbird here:
This is the biggest EDF we have ever had on our channel, and it’s a twin! This is the FMS A-10 Thunderbolt II 70mm twin edf RC jet. In this video we take this rc aircraft for you for its second flight and give our impressions about it. Let us know what you think of this RC EDF jet in the comments.
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Check out the A-10 warbird here:
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So my wife Abby tells me that my maiden Flight of this was kind of wimpy a Little bit not full throttle and snappy Enough so of course I've got to take That challenge and bring this back out For another flight in today's video We're going to try to wake it up a Little bit this is the amazingly huge A10 it's a twin 70 mm EDF and I told you Guys that I had a hunch we could fly on A 7,000 milliamp well that's what we Have Under The Canopy Today check it out a 7,000 6s fits in Here perfectly really and I've got my Receiver mounted on the side and then The flight stabilization is just mounted Right here I love everything about this And the Maiden flight and it just wasn't Long enough honestly that's really what It came down to so we're back out here Again today and you can see the Challenge of the day is the weather it's Very overcast and this is a blending in With overcast kind of jet but I think The white is going to be enough to make It pop and we have really nasty weather Blowing in so the longer I wait the Windier it gets so let's fly what an Awesome looking plane this thing does Taxi well too so let me just confirm Flight stabilization on versus off Really fast I haven't even used it yet Uh the maiden sometimes I trust myself More than flight stabilization sometimes

I trust the flight stabilization more This one also has an as3x similar kind Of compensation for gusts of wind and Stuff which is another reason it looked So smooth when it was flying on the Maiden flight and real time that was Actually just yesterday um YouTube time It might be a couple days before we let This video out but we'll see here we go 7,000 Mam nice and smooth we'll get that Landing gear up right Now yeah you know so for the expo at 25% It felt really good for Landings but in The air it just felt a little too soft Here we are at 20% happy wants a bit more of a Challenge so we'll give it to Her overcast dayss are harder to fly and Film too but for me uh my general Perspective it doesn't seem to be a Challenge to see it orientation is fine Probably really just because of the Shape of the airplane it's a very Uniquely shaped Airplane now Abby you were talking about Sounding like it just was never Full Throttle listen this is Full Throttle in This past here we go We'll do Full Throttle Down The Runway Too and it actually needs some trim I'll Have to trim it up after this Pass now the lights look great that's it She's just a quiet Whispering kind of

A10 it doesn't have the that we would All hope for Unfortunately if that's what we get with Electric it's a very very awesome EDF Now we had a three and a half or four Minute flight on the 5,000 mamp battery On this one we should be able to easily Hit five minutes so that's what we're Going to be shooting for today around Five minutes at least here we go to a Loop nice it is a gentle giant of an A1 It's a lot easier to fly than you might Think and I think that is A large part uh just because of the size The bigger they are generally generally The easier they are to Fly see if we can get a nice slow pass Over the runway kind of Slow we get some flaps on here too full Flaps which we have not done on any of These flights yet there's full Flaps Not bad flps her up climbing out of That so awesome 7,000 mamp battery this Is one of the few airplanes I have and I Think the only EDF I have uh that'll Hold that big of a Battery I still got a little nervous While flying this but rightfully so it's Just a just an impressive RC 3 minutes Okay thank you we're going to climb out Of here on this side we'll roll over and Pull back around the climb rate is Awesome as slow as it flies you would

Think it would just fall out of the sky On a vertical climb like that but it Just has a lot of thrust let's do it Again on this side we'll come out of That zero throttle so you guys can hear How cool that Sounds you Ready Listen and there's throttle that might Not have been bur but there still a very Cool Sound might hear Boom here in a minute Sir going off in the background yeah There is a Siren it's pretty hilarious with an A10 And there I don't know if you guys can Hear it but we'll be Qui here Listen we're going to half flaps and We're going to actually pull in for a Landing Abby Landing gear are coming down in three Two [Music] One little rough but I'll take it I was Focused on those sirens in the Background and I don't know that's very Distracting cuz we've been up here Hundreds of times and I've never heard Those Sirens going off so like a tornado Siren yeah but kind of freaking me out a Little bit with this just really dreary Day I'm sure it's just a test but I'm Sure who Knows we got storms blowing in

So okay look at the taxi light oh my Goodness the yellow tips of all the Missiles the nav lights that green one Stood out really well is my red even Working yes it is that green one was Just very bright while I was flying what A very awesome awesome awesome awesome EDF that I thought deserved a follow up Happy do you think I woke it up a little Bit more at least a little bit Okay hey short and sweet today we just Wanted to bring you guys a followup of This because it was so awesome honestly I just wanted to fly it again it's a Very cool EDF in my opinion there's no Real comparison between this and the Eflight version and I say that because My initial impression if I saw this Online and I was comparing the two I Would only see price you really don't Think 64 to 70 mm would be that much of A difference but my goodness it is They're very very different airplanes I Love them both for very different Reasons this one literally has a Millimeter to spare in the trunk in one Piece I can put it in the trunk of the Car and it all fits but some people it Might not fit and it would be a little Bit more annoying to have to take the Wing on and off uh I will say it's just Two bolts holding each wing on I think Two or three and uh my favorite thing About this is the FMS is using the plug

System so you don't have to fish wires Through and plug things in it just Clicks into place and then some bolts Hold that on so it's not too difficult To take the wing on and off but for me I Have very limited Windows of opportunity To fly so it's better for me to just be Able to throw something in the air again Nothing like the eflight version they're Very very very different even though It's just a 6 mm diameter difference in The edfs um just there's there's other Than the silhouette of the airplane to Me me Honestly like I've flown a large cub and A small cub and they're pretty similar These are not similar this is just a big Giant doile kind of A10 where I think That uh defl version is like smaller and Way more Snappy and stuff so that's just My initial Impressions and experience so Far I'm in love with this and as long as It is willing to stay in my collection And not fly away from me or crash or Anything I am so happy to have it in the Collection as well if you're interested We'll have Linked In the description box Below where you can find all the goodies I'm flying on the battery my radio what I use to hold my receivers in which is Better than any other method so far even My shoes cuz some guys ask about my Shoes that'll be linked down there too And just for the opportunity to jump out

Here in front of the camera and put this In the air before the storm hits today I Just want to say a massive thanks to God And a huge thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Amazing support if you're into This Plane we'll have a maiden flight of it My very first flight of this plane that We actually recorded on camera a true Maiden will be popping up right about Now thanks for watching see you there Bye

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