$80 RC Car Knock Off BETTER THAN $1,000 Branded RC Car???

Check out this cheap RC car here:
$80 RC Car Knock Off BETTER THAN $1,000 Branded RC Car??? This Funsky S910 clearly looks exactly like the Arrma Outcast 8s which is $1,000. Which do you think is more worth it?
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Check out this cheap RC car here:

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Wow that was good [Music] [Applause] Man this is a pretty blatant copy if you Ask Me right uh I think that looks like the Outcast and they also have a different Version that looks like the vortex I Love the arm Vortex these are not Arma Branded at all but I have heard great Things about this brand if you're Interested at any point in time in this Video to check it out it'll be linked in The description box below notice how There are no exposed body Clips so I Believe it looks like it's held on with Velcro but it also has tabs you see that Those tabs line up so that it's not Going to slide around too bad into those Holes by that velcro kind of a unique Way of putting that on and we'll see how Holds up I don't imagine that's not Going to work because it's a lighter Body it's not like a big 10 scale or Something then you see we have in here a Brushless motor our ESC receiver combo And here is our included battery on a Dean's plug which is very nice I like That it's encased it should keep a lot Of this small Sandy grally dirt out that We like to drive on here nice knobby Tires and yeah it's four-wheel drive Again it's knocking off one of my Favorite looking vehicles and especially

Vortex too uh but it's backed by a good Brand and it actually comes with two Batteries so we'll have this Linked In The description box below today we're Going to drive it bash it and see how it Does I think Abby and my wife is going To try to break a thing or two on our Big ramp we have back here and with any Luck Abby will have worked her coupon Code magic and we'll have an exclusive RC sailor coupon code down there too so If you like what you see you know where It's at let's drive kind of hard to see Cuz it's so bright but we've got LEDs up Front on that front bumper not in the Back but still got it on the front so That's always good let's Go see what you got Abby always for the feet always for the Feet so this one's brushless the last Little vehicle I think we had on the Channel was actually a brushed setup This one's got the power to go through Our recently destroyed we had a ramp Here we had a natural ramp and oh nice Hey yeah you sure did you know what this Is still kind of fun too Let's us do More legitimate bashing and some nice Big Loose dirt [Applause] Deer poor aby's got a little bit of a Sniffling cold so this time of year is Terrible for me so you're going to get

Less sniffles on the camera and more RC Action from Abby The Bash Queen see what She can Do What no lights on the Bottom he knows what I'm talking about That was such a cool RC now this definitely has some speed to It and I love the fact that it comes With two batteries too that was cool I Don't know if I recorded that well but That was very Cool low RC is struggling big off-road Terrain but the speed is helping power Through some stuff [Applause] Very cool you get a little air hop and Turn Around see if you can hit that ramp oh She's still having fun over here Okay you know guys you've been Wasing Bash watching bash Mountain for a while Now and so you get to see the Progression of of how it erodes and how Man tools affect it and uh well bers Can't be choosers you know we don't own Our own stomping grounds so we go where We Can I think that's how most of the world Is too Honestly and that's why we have the ramp That we have so we can actually get some Air wherever we Go we'll see if we can hit a straight

Line Today I don't know Abby that was a good try it's hard to Hold a straight line on loose gravel Anybody that bashes knows that the Heavier the vehicle usually the better Luck you have but even So it's hard so you know if you want big Air we got to take it to Asphalt if you Want some bashing we take it Here ab's destined to get that water Destined can't I go Full Throttle in a Straight line this way but not this we You want to move the ramp I know it's Crazy isn't it Let's try it let's just see let's see if There's something about uphill versus Downhill ramp Moved that's all right that's all Right you got this Hone the Line you know it's because there's a Ramp there it's just when there's a ramp It ain't going to happen I felt the same Way Though Oh there that's one way to do it here This will help now you've got a Target Oh my Gosh yeah there's a little air we'll Take It B B B [Applause] B all right let's trade off see if I can

Hit that Ramp I got Fired all right enjoy my heavy sick [Applause] Breathing for all of you guys who just Commented already female Drivers he can't do it Either okay maybe Can he was adjusting trim which I did Not I should Have all right he showed me up Bad it's usually how it goes on the Ramp [Applause] Whoa wow that was good man Well guys I think we've proven our New Dilemma to be just that it's a Little bit of a dilemma uh but you know We can take our ramp to other places and Keep exploring and see what we can come Up with uh still it gives a good example Of what this can do in a real world Scenario not everybody has access to a Skate park or a track or a a you know Race course or something and I think a Lot of people would drive in a spot like This just pull off the side of the road And see what you got so we can drive This on asphalt and hold straight lines And hit the ramp nice and clean and easy Or we can bash around like this and it Was a lot of fun uh the protective stuff Inside kept all the gravel out which is Really nice and it's punchy and powerful

And looks like a popular Outcast they Also have the vortex too I don't know Maybe they were it's not a Vortex though No this one looks like it they look like It they look like them uh and maybe this One was gone for the big rock or Something but I I think Outcast is where Where it was at so it's linked in the Description box below and Abby will Probably have a cool coupon code down There for you which is exclusive to our Channel and I think that's really cool That she's able to do that maybe we Should be thanking Daniel for that Because he wakes up through the night Abby talks to the people overseas and Gets those coupon codes so thanks Daniel I want to say massive thanks to God for Blessing us with today uh good and bad And ups and downs it's been a roller Coaster of emotions this year and Especially right now uh we're going Through a little bit and hopefully I can Follow up later down the road and let You guys know kind of what's going on And um just got a lot going on so even So through it all I want to say thank You to God for today for blessing us With this time together with you guys And just my family in General uh super grateful for it I Really am I want to say massive thanks To our patreon supporters too because Without you guys and your amazing direct

Support we couldn't do what we do as Often as we do it be as transparent as We are it just means the world to us so We thank you guys from the bottom of our Hearts if you're into cool small Bashers We have had some really good ones over The last few weeks or so we'll have a Handpicked video that you should Absolutely go check out popping up right About now thanks for watching we'll see You there [Music] Bye

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