BRAND NEW!!! FMS ZERO 1100mm RC Airplane & NEW BUDGET Transmitter!!!

Check out the FMS Zero 1100mm here:
Save with Code: TheRCSaylors
This is our brand new FMSD Zero 1100mm RC airplane plus our new RadioLink AT10II transmitter. In this video we maiden this rc plane and transmitter. Let us know your thoughts about our new rc aircraft and transmitter in the comments!
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Check out the FMS Zero 1100mm here:
Save with Code: TheRCSaylors
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The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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Retracts Up the bomb on the bottom looks good That's nice I like it this is great oh No I lost my canopy oh no right Eskimo Nate this is the FMS 1100 mm zero it's Not a huge plane but it is the biggest Zero that I've ever owned and I'm really Happy about that because I used to fly On video game simulators like combat Sim Back in the day like the P-51 and the Zero and it was just uh childhood Memories and you know of course it's Just a classic World War II airplane I Love the fact that this has split flaps On the back which is very cool they drop Down from below you almost can't even See them until they are actually opened And then the bomb on the bottom which is Really cool too you could paint that up And make it look really nice if you Wanted to and then of course the Keen ey Will have already seen we have retracts With flaps that open and close too now As I said that is the zero this is the Face of a person that is grateful to not Be sick and out here flying today now it Is super cold so we're going to cut Right to the Chase and put this in the Air and see how it does I also want to Let you guys know that I'll be testing a New transmitter today because um things Are just getting expensive when orange Juice is $7 a gallon not everybody has $400 to spend on a transmitter to get in

The air so you know you're buying planes Like this you might want to fly on a More budget friendly radio and my Favorite of all time has always been Tactic but they just don't sell it Anymore and mine is actually showing its Age and it's got some issues now sadly So I picked up a new radio I want to Test it out let you guys know how that Does too a maiden and a maiden it's and It's way windier than it was supposed to Be so this is I'm really scared right Now so let's [Music] Fly has like that unnecessary little Extra door for the Wheel that's pretty cool it looks good When it's close cuz it's flush yeah I Know I like it I would talk about the Radio before the flight but it's just so Cold that I want to make sure my fingers Aren't Frozen completely solid for the Flight so let's go boy I hope this goes Well nice oh pretty smooth yeah that was A great takeoff honestly considering all The wind this is a 3s airplane guys and I love the white wing tips with the big Red Circle for the zero makes it very easy To see especially on an overcast day oh Yeah this is flying through the wind Great this is really good silky smooth No Trimming retracts

Up the bomb on the bottom looks good That's nice I like it this is great oh No I lost my canopy oh no okay it's in The grass we're fine we're fine it's Fine forget where it is you probably Need to land yeah no it's not affecting Flight right but your battery it's Strapped In well the wires are tight I'm going to Land the wires are tight in there okay And that was pushing on the canopy and I Got it on video you struggling to get The canopy On you'll try that again oh that's all Right very windy I'm just going to let Hit the grass okay fineing do you know Where it is okay is it on the Ground really I thought you'd have to Climb the hill your lucky day I can't believe you didn't have to get It off the hill this is what we mean by Depth perception when I'm on this side Of the Runway you can see the hill isn't as Close as what it seems I tried to look Away and watch it flutter down and I Knew it landed just to the right of the Wind you did good thing so yeah see what Happened is my battery wire pushed on it Popped it up so I think you're going to Have to flip the way the batter is in There rotated or something I mean is it Is it really necessary for that to be Humped right there no I know that's I

Would cut that away but that's holding The pilot in that's how they help that's What they did for the pilot and he looks Good doesn't seem necessary to have it Sticking out that far so I think what I've done here is going to work I just Got my wire now this is the recommended Battery size too so it's a little little Annoying when airplanes are so tight but That means we get maximum flight time Right right so that's our new receiver These are my frozen fingers And I think that's going to be less I Don't think so pushy now looks Worse it's definitely worse it's all Your spaghetti wires of That there that's great that's that's Good let's go that was better than when You did your first take off yes I Agree nothing like a good take two it's Okay it's like more fun now we know get Those wires really tucked in on this Little right Rudder on takeoff but not Much that's just because it's a warbird Landing gear Up and I didn't mess with flaps because Of all this wind on the takeoff or the Landing I'll show you the split Flaps f is really good I mean just about Probably better than I was expecting cuz It's a Warbird oh that wi and I'll tell you What the one thing I didn't do with this Radio was mess with uh Expo and I wanted

To just because the layout is different And I I felt like I was only getting one End of Expo rather than upper end lower If that makes sense so um when you when You start learning a new radio it's Almost like learning a new language Sometimes now tactic I've always said is The most intuitive easy to use but still Advanced Enough to Really get the job more than done I've I've always loved tactic but I really Should stop talking about it because It's like like a dinosaur you just can't You just can't buy it anymore so doesn't Really do anyone any Good and then I think after that is Probably Spectrum on like ease of use And user interface and stuff way down at The bottom is something like tyrannis Just really hard to learn um and then This Falls somewhere between tyrannis And Spectrum I think so as far as user Interface goes they like the receiver And stuff this is great this is I should Tell you this this radio is a well I Think it's normally 150 and I picked it Up at 130 or 135 it was on sale and I Just thought this is time it's time to To also focus on a budget friendly radio So that's what I got that's what I'm Flying on the gimbals feel really good It feels very weighty and meaty and uh Not like a cheap toy or anything and for

That price you would expect it to feel Cheap it has a colored back lit Screen uh we'll talk about it more later The airplane is flying great that's a 3s Airplane but has a 40 amp um ESC in There and so I'm gu I guarantee Everybody's going to say Nate you could Have just flown 4S why don't you fly 4S Well I'm I'm doing what it recommends And maybe one day I'll throw a 4S in There cuz I think most people most People would probably start by flying on The recommended battery and I'll be Honest here's Full Throttle climbing It we'll go on forever and snap it Do I need fors I mean that was really Awesome Right it's flying great flies really Good one of the better flying warb birds I've ever had my hands on it's really Good and it comes with extra features Like split flaps and ret Tracks sounds good and well it's really Just a quiet little airplane and it Looks nice and scale probably the most Frustrating thing is like minimum canopy Room but without Expo she's flying Really smooth there's no flight Stabilizer in there there's no smart Nothing we're just flying on good old Dumb Stuff wonder how it does inverted and Then I probably should land cuz this is

Just a 3s 2200 in the cold yeah oh yeah outside Loop is nice let's see that inverted Pass Again just to see what it wants to do it Wants to come down some but look at that Outside Loop that Great yeah that's the characteristics And tendencies of this airplane are Awesome there's the ret tracks let's try This let's bring it down before it gets Too windy got a nice little Gap Here tracks Down Woo that was nice that was nice that was Nice I like that really smooth Landing The grass touch the grass you want sck Landing I'll take It see if I can show you guys these Split flaps okay Ready and look Good yep nice right yep you can do It okay yeah so the um the machine Guns and the wind speed instrument over There on the wing all optional it's got A Nice two-piece foam that pops off and Then you put the plastic piece in and Glue the foam cover back on so it's Really flush if you don't want that to Be on there and just a word to the wise I had to use my pocket knife too kind of Pry those two pieces apart when I was Putting these guns on took maybe 30

Minutes to assemble it really wasn't bad At all it's very easy assembly very easy I really like it the hardest part was Actually um the ret tracks are folded up When you get it and to install the wing To the fuselage you have to open your Ret tracks so that you can feed the Wires through which is easy so Servo Tester really helped they recommend Plugging in your receiver and doing all That I just used a Servo tester and Opened that and made that step very Simple um biggest downfall to this is Definitely the lack of canopy space Because if you have a big receiver like This one it really eats it all up and Then the wires you saw knocked my canopy Off I mean I got lucky that I got that Back got it kind of tucked in there now I see that I mean it's not ideal but and I'm sure I could feed that differently But it's just nice when you don't have To think about and worry about that when You're flying planes cuz that's probably The only thing that I didn't like about This the flying Tendencies were Absolutely awesome we'll have it linked In the description box and sometimes we Have coupon code that will knock like 10 15 bucks off it's not a lot but it's Something um and it kind of makes your Time watching this video a bit more Worth it so if you guys could check it Out and let us know cuz lot the way this

Has been working is newer releases with FMS hasn't been working but like some Older planes it has been so do us a Favor and just check it out and let us Know in the comments if it seems to be Working or not for you now this was a Double Maiden today right I did the Airplane and then I maidened my new Radio too and I'll talk about that in Just a second but because I'm double Maiding I think it's really good idea to Talk about the AMA which is the Academy Of model Aeronautics it's an insurance Program for those of us thatly RC's Drive RC's boats cars helicopters Airplanes drones everything if it's Remote control they'll ensure you the Pilot while you're flying I highly Recommend you fly with AMA because even If you're a good pilot or you just feel Confident in your inability you never Know when that gust of wind is going to Come along and knock your canopy off and Then you know affect how your airplane Flies and you go crash into your buddy's Car or something God forbid so that's Why I always recommend you fly with the Academy of model aeronautics we'll have Them Linked In the description box below Near the airplane and this radio let's Talk about this radio because it did Honestly feel really good it the what You're seeing is yes it feels about the Way it looks it doesn't feel lightweight

Or cheap it feels nice and high quality Look at all these switches this is the A10 the at10 and it's actually the Second version we'll have this Linked In The description box below too this is a $150 radio with 10 channels I mean when You compare to what's on the market and Competition It's I don't know how they can do this For 150 when others are like 350 $400 $11,000 $2,000 it really gets expensive So it's kind of nice that I was able to Pick this up and also focus on budget Flying too cuz a lot of times we'll link The airplane in the description box and Person will click it and they'll say Okay couple hundred bucks for plane That's not bad and then they'll look at The radios that we have linked and They're like man $400 for a radio I got To drop $1,000 before I can fly well not If you're flying on something like this So I'm going to continue flying with This and continue testing it but I Didn't have any range issues cutting out Brown outs you know that stayed Connected really well and the gimbals do Feel good they don't feel the best that I've ever flown on but they got to be Easily top five or so I mean it feels Like a really nice radio especially for The price before Abby and I freeze Completely solid I just want to say a Massive thanks to God for giving me a

Strong enough Health to get out here and Do this video with and for you guys it's Been a very rough couple of weeks it's Been a very rough month actually with a Milli scares we've had Abby got sick Probably picked something up from the Hospital and then we thought she was Good and passed it on to me so this last Week we've only had like two videos and That's why we've all just been sick Today's the first day we've had good Weather and I've had enough strength to Get out here and do a video so I'm very Thankful to God I'm also thankful to our Patreon supporters because if you guys Even though not doing videos you're Supporting us and that really means the World to us and we want to thank you Guys from the bottom of our hearts for Supporting our Channel and our family if You like warbirds Abby and I will have a Handpicked warbird video popping up Right about now thanks for watching We'll see you then Bye

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