AWESOME Color Changing LED RC Car for under $90!!!

Check out this RC car here:
Save with code: 10TRSL1213
This is the DeeRC 1213 and it is by far the best lights we have ever seen on an RC car! Let us know your thoughts about this RC car in the comments.
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Check out this RC car here:
Save with code: 10TRSL1213

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Very recently on the channel we featured An RC car of the same brand and we had a Very awesome coupon code and a lot of You guys took advantage of that and it's A very good RC and now we have a brand New release from DRC it'll be linked in The description box below and I'll cut Right to the chase we've got another Exclusive coupon code but because of the Amazon sales that are going on right now We actually can get this thing 40% off So just to celebrate the release of a New r car I know a lot of you guys said You missed that amazing deal that was Recently on the channel so we wanted to Bring this to You to all of you ground vehicle Specialists out there I don't own all The red cat vehicles but tell me if I'm Wrong doesn't this resemble one of those Red cats out there I don't think I ever Owned this one and Abby you go right Ahead you left the protective layer on I Know it's under there you're going to Have to screw that off to get it got to Take the top off to get that off of There but yeah this does come with a Protective player we like to leave that On usually for the first run so it's Almost like you get a brand new vehicle After that first run now we have some Kind of sad news today our usual jump Spot has been kind of destroyed I think The county or someone must have wanted

To deter people from trying to get up That hill so they cut that back and they Put the dirt at least some of it right There and it is very rough right now so We've moved the ramp we're going to try To have some fun today still I'm sure We'll still have fun but it's just a Little bit of a change now this is a Ready to run vehicle too I I think the Unique thing about this it says it right On the box it has seven different lights I think it's got seven light colors I Believe so we'll try to play around with That and I love that it comes with a Hard case lipo as a matter of fact with The special deal we have going on it Comes with two and you might think well That looks like a proprietary battery And if that were the case I'd say that's No good but it has a Dean's plug and a Balance plug it's just in a case so if You want to you could run just about any Dean's battery in this and that's a good Thing and headlights there well look at The headlights green yellow red purple Oh my gosh be in love white red dark Blue now there's a chassis light button Too but it's not doing anything Abby I think this has your name written All Over all right Abby's got some sniffles Going so I'm going to be cameraman while She Drives I like the longer chassis of this

Usually that means Stability and that was a swing in a Miss There Abby Wasn't I couldn't see past big head oh Man she being mean today so this is Four-wheel Drive and I love love the lights on this The fact that you can just change the Colar is really cool now that was a Swing in a Miss woo that was a swinging and almost Hit poor Abby has picked up some Sniffles Oh half on half off I love the shark Teeth on the body of this RC too it's Very good looking RC oh nice Abby nice job I got you oh Nice it does have Abby hit the chassis Light Button yeah okay that's amazing oh can You guys see that hold On okay Now green yellow Red okay that one's like a pulsing green That's so Cool a that's amazing pulsing Yellow that was Awesome if you wouldn't have flipped on That ramp I wouldn't have known that so It it has a light bar on Top always Huh tail light does it no no tail light Oh yeah up on top wow oh my Gosh the lights on this are amazing

That's like the best Lights I've never Seen underneath chassis lights like That smooth Abby perfectly Smooth she's trying to hit Me not waterproof we definitely cannot Take this one through the water Today uh-oh no no no Abby okay it just barely got wet Hopefully those lights are still Okay not on purpose she says not on Purpose is it my turn yes your turn Yes a swinging a Miss it always makes me feel better About myself when he messes Up am I the only one that feels that way That's two for Two oh yeah that was a good One Nice this thing's good at peeling Out with the teeth and the dust trail Behind it it does look pretty [Applause] Cool oh you landed it hey don't dust Me Nice you didn't get to see this you were Just looking at it from a distance check This out in your Shadow okay look at the Lights on the bottom yeah I love it look At that it's like pulsing yellow so when I was I think you can pulse every color I think I was wondering if there was a Rainbow function where it would like Cycle through it All look at that is't that cool

That's rainbow doing that oh man if it Was dark I mean that would be so cool I Love it it would like light up the Ground underneath it that that's really Cool I got to try to do that like at the House milia is going to love that look At that it's got the blue light on the Front you can change that color so it's Green now so I would assume nope that Just stays red that's okay though so we Have a red light on the back a white Light up top these changing lights in Front if just press a Button and then these amazing lights Underneath light show I love it this is The coolest Lights I've ever seen on our C Car let see if we can hit some just like Dirt and get a little bit of Air you know just bash it a little Bit oh yeah very Cool Oh Man [Music] Nice try hitting that with some Speed Oh but it's okay cuz the lights are Amazing I just thinking that this is Like the cool vehicle ever to flip Upside down like a Reward oh Abby yeah definitely like okay They might have done us a huge favor see If you can hit like right here get some

Air oh not Me I'm perfectly okay with flipping this RC car it's very Awesome yeah okay still pretty cool to Run up there and then swing back around Nice oh if you get stuck up There honestly because of those knobby Tires it's pretty Capable I like this spot it's like a Dirt skate park Oh That's oh like that is stopping Yeah oh this is actually pretty cool Okay so we might have lost our normal Jump but we got this little cool spot Now well I was kind of mad at whoever Did this but now I'm just like you know What it's not too Bad well she's having Fun by far the best lights in the world Again light bar up top light bar up top In the back back hope you can see that Light bar down on the front bumper that Can change colors with the Press of a Button and the crazy lights on the Bottom of the RC I'm telling you right Now if this company I don't know the Exact price of this what it's retailing For because it is brand new but I do Know we have that discount code okay so If this company can do this for this Price and then also through our Channel Offer 40% off it's somewhere around There for our early viewers okay I don't Understand why all companies can't do

Really cool Innovative things like this We pay hundreds and sometimes close to $1,000 for RC vehicles so why can't we See these amazing lights on RC always Turns heads so why can't we see this Cool of lights on those hundreds of Dollars of RC's listen this is not going To be able to completely like if we were Here with our new uh big rock okay it Could Dominate and just power through This no problem this can get through it But it's going to be more of a challenge So don't get me wrong we love R RC's That cost a lot they're very cool but in My opinion you can still enjoy the hobby A lot with RC's like this Too oh yeah that was a good one and Especially when you get it as cheap as This one is and sometimes people say Well spare part availability and that's Very true yes you need spare part Availability of course and they do offer It because this is new they're not list But if you need anything you can reach Out to them but here's my tip to you at This price at 40% off I would just buy Another one if you can and then you have A whole Extra Car of spare parts it does Come with some and remember it comes With two batteries and I am blown away By the lights on the bottom of the Chassis we've been doing this for years Like a decade and I don't think I've Ever seen lights like that and also they

Proved to be waterproof a little bit at Least and very durable too so good for Them this is linked in the description Box below and hopefully you guys take Advantage of that crazy deal deal I want To say a massive thank you to God for Giving us today and blessing us with This day an opportunity to get in front Of the camera and share this experience With you guys I also want to say uh if You are someone that praise please say a Prayer for Amilia and our family I won't Get into details as of yet but if this Video is released on the day that I am Hoping it will be released then I just Very seriously ask for some serious Prayer for Amelia's health and I thank You from the bottom of my heart and my Family does too finally I want to say a Massive thanks to our patreon supporters Because without you and your amazing Direct support we couldn't do what we do As often as we do it in front of the Camera and just jumping out and sharing These cool experiences with you guys Good and bad and everything in between If you're into a uh budget awesome Little Basher RC car Abby and I will Have a handpicked video popping up right About now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there [Music] Bye

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