Check out the UMX Waco here:
This is the world’s newest released RC biplane. This is the E-Flite UMX Waco. This park flyer comes fully assembled right out of the box. It can easily bind to any spektrum transmitter and be in the air in a matter of the time it takes to charge one battery! We are in love! Let us know your thoughts on the new UMX Waco RC plane in the comments.
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Check out the UMX Waco here:
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UMX has Released the Waco bip plane this is a Re-release actually I think it used to Be 2s capable now it's 2s or 3s capable And as you can see they've got two Different color schemes they have yellow And black white and red these are fully Assembled in the box when you pull them Out they're brushless little airplanes I Believe they retail right around the Average UMX airplane price something Like 150 160 and they'll be link in the Description box below let me know which One you think is your favorite which one Would you buy if you could only pick one I like the scarves that's honestly the Details that's my favorite feature of These airplanes I love it I do too That's a good idea now these are both Safe equipped there's nothing different Between them other than the colors and One of my favorite planes that UMX makes Is the pits and that's a bip plane so I'm really excited to see how this Performs in the air we're getting Windier and windier the longer I talk so Let's put it in the air and see how it Does how are you liking your new Transmitter yeah okay uh it's it's a Good radio the one thing I do like is The orange light that they have around The perimeter I know that's just a Visual thing but I really like that when It's charging it's a different color so

It's a bit of a status light I like it It's bright inside the other thing I Like is the way they've done this Housing around the switches anybody That's flown a RC radio Ever Knows these Little switches get loose and they Generally have a nut you can tighten Around them now there's casing around That so the nut is no longer exposed and My curiosity is that will that get loose In time and not be able to get tightened Or will it just stay snug and tightened Forever I hope it's the lad of the two One curiosity that I had was this lock I Was like what is that if you pull this Over this comes out and you can Reposition that to not be in the way of Your screen and it comes with a shorter Stick also for your lanyard that's for Your lanyard yep so different options With it it's it's just for that little Thing I kind of like it this way better Cuz it's not blocking my screen but I'm Going to put the shorter one on when I Get home cuz it's just blocking all my Buttons the way it Is this is a 3s 300 milliamp recommended Battery kind of seemed like in the Instructions they're almost pushing hard For using a 2s but we got some wind Today and I it recommends 3s also um This is really the only way to make it Happen if I flew on 2s I don't think we Could have much success so let's see how

It binds up the beauty of UMX the beauty of UMX is ease of use you Pull it out of the box assembled and you Bind it with the Press of one button I Truly Wish it's telling me I'm not charged so Right out of the box I'm going to have To update the firmware or something on This oh it's a beautiful plane and I Love that they reintroduced it into the World look at that oh that's just pretty Now that's our headwind right there and It's it's a solid 7 or 8 m hour so with Safe on for just a minute to get a feel For the plane see how she flies I'll Turn safe off and we'll see what roll Rates and stuff like that is see how Much faster we're going and that's Almost no throttle it's with the wind That's how much wind we're dealing with Today but Beggars can't be choosers we Have limited amounts of time uh once we Have the product and the in the Information to get a video recorded in Today's best case scenario so this is What we've got so I imagine they Probably sold a ton of these back when They originally had them nice you're Like kiing it and I'm sure they'll sell A ton of these now I like that they have Two collars I think that all companies With all planes should give us more Options yes we're totally King the Waco Isn't it spelled wo though wouldn't you

By the English pronunciation which is Totally messed up anyway uh wouldn't it Be wo I've always struggled with that It's it's Waco when I hear a person say Wo because that's what it is it always Just drives me crazy Wo but it's wait it's wac are you Sure 99 it's a beauti like fall day to fly This one too definitely just here here's Low throttle I'm like 30% throttle just Just having fun and safe and here's like Handsfree out of the box wow a little Bit you know I mean that's it's so Trimming that's just and that's in a lot Of wind so just to give you an idea of Where my confidence is on a little UMX Airplane and this is fun some people are Going to watch this and it's not even Moving what's going on no I actually Like flying in the wind I think it's a Fun challenge because it's a different Way to fly a lot of times because of Video sake and audio sake we try not to Fly in wind for you guys cuz it's not as Much fun to listen to but personally I Enjoy flying in wind it is a challenge It gives you more Um it's kind of like with with driving RC cars isn't it fun to ramp them yes it Is even you might break something it's More fun to ramp them I think that Adding that extra level of challenge With flying is fun I might crash it

Doing these silly low look at that you Know like that's higher risk but but It's fun okay so let's do some throttle Up passes and then we'll fly a little Higher and turn safe off and see what She can do little Rudder in that turn Full Throttle we'll do a full throttle into The wind and I want to turn safe off CU I don't know what my flight time will be On this there's Full Throttle now we're Going safe off right there it does like To CL that good wow that was a fun Little roll yeah roll rate's very nice On it very Nice yeah that's Cool check the link I feel like all this Is missing is a girl on the wing oh yeah Walker Aome that would be really cool how you Do that with such a small Plan like a little army guy size right Yeah M like a polypop Pock ET just hot Glow poly pocket on the Wing think I need a little down trim Seems To still wants to climb but climbing is Better than nosing G so I'll just fight It for this it's windy too so it's hard To tell if that's the plane or the Wind wow bur it's pretty Nice yeah this is a great little micro Flyer I mean this being my maiden It's pretty crazy it's definitely not

Loving being upside down but we're Keeping it There that's Cool into a knife edge will it snap well We'll try that after A knife edge is probably not going to Happen it's pretty windy it's pushing it It's not a lot of ruter authority so Let's uh let's get into snap as you said I want to put nose into the wind when we Do it a lot of Speed well it Throttle get into It oh Nice did a little Flutter I like it and this yellow looks Great on this overcast day Honestly that was Cool let's do one of our favorite Maneuvers Here the clim is nice okay here we Go yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Nice very cool love It oh this is a great little airplane Anybody tell I like it I love the UMX Pits so I'm excited that they have Another biplane me too I think the pits Probably is more aerobatic sure probably Flies a little better in the air for Like it can knife edge and stuff but This one just has something about it the Way it looks love the way it looks it's A more docile flyer but surprising Capable too yeah that's

Nice I mean we love our ready to fly Airplanes right can us some throttle cuz This one's to drop but with these Mx's that was a terrible [Laughter] Landing that was a walk of Shame with the UMX is if you buy a Spectrum transmitter in particular After that all you have to do is just Buy the plane and they bind up so easy It's so close to being ready to fly it's Insane nice about it cuz it's one radio Nobody wants to have 500 radios sitting Around and once you learn how to bind up One UMX plane you know how to bind them All and Nate does have a video on how to Bind one of our last UMX planes we had You really have to come in on throttle Yeah I did I showed you it was like a Glider I think they're all the same you Push the button it really is you just Push you Ser seriously just push the Button you have to come in under thrott At least when you're flying in some wind You're just going to stall and drop out Of the sky hey that was a little better But Still I love the takeoff on that it Looks so good I Agree that's my 5 minute countdown timer You guys are Hearing we'll just kind of cook it and See what happens we do have Telemetry T elry great wow you are

Booking it both r just cranking it Around now and while we're at a one M Long Runway this does not need much space at All Nate's playing it in a probably less Than a baseball field of room right Now as he goes above my Head W almost got It it's hard to do a loop in this in the Wind but there we go there's a nice Loop Wind died down long enough to pull it Off The rolls are nice on this the roll rate Is Solid really wish it could knife edge But I'll try again on a you know What nah just doesn't feel right okay I'm pulsing the motor's pulsing which is Weird because I have Telemetry on this So I'm wondering why isn't the Telemetry Kicking in why did it tell me I had low Voltage at the beginning of this and now It's not telling me I have low voltage That's odd but the motor's pulsing so It's time to land That's a Crossway the scarf is still securely Attached thank goodness that's the most Important feature of this airplane That's the most important feature now my Flight times on the UMX pits were Significantly longer than this I don't Know if it's just a lower efficiency Airplane or because we have colder

Weather like an 8 minute flight what are You talking about I I think the pits had Like a 12 minute flight I remember it Having really a good flight time it's a Great flight time I'm just comparing the Two because it's another UMX B plane That released was that two years ago did You see that he got Angry okay let's talk about this real Fast there's two micro servers on the Bottom servos not Servers there's two micro servos on the Bottom of the bottom wing and then there Are push rods that connect the Aeron on the top Wing so it's not four Servos it's two servos and that's okay It's a nice they're it's worked out Really well it had a really good roll Rate for the elevator it's got a Reinforced little metal bar there that Is coming into a Servo as well for the Ruder so they all have individually Controlled servos which is really nice Honestly I think it's $59 I think that's The price of this I think it's a great Airplane I really do if if you're a fan Ofx planes and you should be if you're Watching this video of course you are Then as long as you like the way this Looks you're going to love the way it Looks and flies and safe it's very easy And docile and trainer friendly tail Dragger Which it's easy especially on this

Airplane there were no challenges it Didn't pull hard one way you I'm sure You could hand launch this extremely Easily if you weren't me and it's a it's A good airplane and you got the scarf I Mean what more is there to ask for it's A really really nice airplane I think it Absolutely belongs in your collection These by the way these little uh Wing support cables they're they're they Just for looks that's they're pretty Loose so but that's still cool that they Included them because they didn't need To include them now even though I was Extremely confident on this flight Getting this in the air uh because it's UMX UMX probably has some of the most Extremely high confidence setting bar to Know that you can just pull this out Bind it up and go fly because it's so Easy to get ready and get in the air and Accessible to everybody and sometimes a Little bit misleading sometimes easy can Be misleading I would highly recommend That you fly with the Academy of model Aeronautics that's the AMA it's an Insurance program for those of us that Fly rcas and as long as you're flying And abiding by their rules and Guidelines most people um slow to learn This but are still learning it you do Not have to fly at an AMA sanctioned Location you can fly at a park or a Baseball field or whatever as long as

You have not been given permission to Fly there and are flying by ama's rules And guidelines not over people's heads As a great example uh you're okay you're AMA insured so a nice thing about this Is if you ever have questions you can Pick up the phone and call them and ask I just strongly encourage you to do this Because seems like daily now I see People doing absolutely idiotic things With their RC's flying over people's Houses posting that on YouTube you Shouldn't be doing this this is why There's more involvement with government Affairs in our country and other Countries because stupid people are Leading by poor examples you are allowed To fly for example at a full scale Airport and Runway with permission Following the right rules and guidelines Proper communication for the airplanes Etc and you would think this would be in Some people's eyes more dangerous than Just flying over people's houses but you Should not be flying over people's Houses because you never know what could Happen with your airplane and that could Just fall out of the sky and fly through A window or you just never know so I Highly encourage you guys fly with the Academy of model Aeronautics Linked In The description box below I think this Is a great airplane you guys it looks Amazing it flies amazing it's easy to

Bind up it's easy to pair to your radio Uh and it's not even all that expensive Really in the grand scheme of RC Airplanes now for a high quality Airplane and with any luck yours will Come not in a white box and it'll have Some pretty box art too so you can keep It in your box a nice display too which I really like doing well as we always Say in our videos we'll have this link In the description box below and using That link does help to support our Channel on our family at no extra cost To you so please if you're going to Consider buying this or anything else on The website click that link and pull it Up that way vitally important that I say Thank you to God for today because I Wasn't sure if we would get to get out In front of the camera today with this Unpredictable weather we've been having Lately so I want to say massive thanks To God for giving us the time and the Opportunity to share this experience With you guys and speaking of you guys I'd like to say a huge thanks to our Patreon supporters because without your Amazing direct support we couldn't do The videos and especially as often as we Do them so a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters if you love small Easy toly airplanes we'll have a Handpick video popping up right about Now just for you thanks for watching

We'll see you there [Music] Bye

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