Check out this rc plane here:
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NO WAY THIS WILL FLY!!! A few years ago, we had a very similar plane on the channel, so when we saw this XIAXIU Raptor H650 Sea Land Air RC airpane, we had to pick it up! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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Check out this rc plane here:
Save with code: BGde8013(only USA)or BG0950db(only Canada)


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I haven't been this excited for one of These like smaller airplanes especially A banggood thing on the channel a really Long time when this released and then Showed up I was over the moon because The larger version of this was a blast I Never ever should have sold it I hope Some of you guys remember some of you Will some of you may not there was a Larger version of this probably at least Twice the size and it used to I thought It was I thought it was a scam because The guy would take this thing they were Like slam it into the ground and then he Would pretend step on it and then he Would like Splash it in the water and Take it off Abby and I flew it the Bigger version here and we would take it Off from the ground and it was amazingly Successful with no wheels it was just Like this a big skid plate on the bottom Oh my gosh this is nuts I'm driving in On water I'm not flying it but I'm gonna Drive it I mean this is not it really is Slide around look at that and that's fun It's fun it does say See land and air on the sticker it does It's just wild maybe I should walk on it This is more fun to take off and land Than anything I've ever played And you know what's really crazy oh Oh then we decided you know what they Show it flying on water let's try it on Water and we did and it was very

Successful I am really honestly very Nervous but here we go Wow this stupid ad the only thing we Haven't done to this place And everything else seems to be accurate Then we flew it off of snow Push it and it's up oh so What the hell I thought three videos was enough now we Have this smaller version and it went Together pretty well you can easily see My sloppy hot glue seams but in all Fairness the foam wasn't perfectly cut Anyway I think the prop looks amazing I Love the prop setup because guys it's a Folding bladed prop I've never seen a Tri-blade folding prop on an airplane it Even comes with a spare in case you're Worried about busting the extremely Protected propeller there's no way you Could actually prop strike on this thing In case you're wondering that's Unacceptable well it's a functional Rudder functional elevator and Functional elevens so that's extremely Cool the one complaint I really have About this is the LEDs I love that it Came with LEDs when they left you this Little Groove here you put the LEDs in Then you put this little plate on over That uh size by glued mine in but then Guys that LED strip should have gone in This plastic tube but they already had It extremely taped on so I think it

Would have been a good idea to not have That tube taped on put your LED in the Tube and then provide the tape from the Company to hold all of that on that's Like the only complaint I have now keep In mind that older version was like a Plug and play right it wasn't ready to Fly what you're looking at now is ready To fly and I probably should have Started the video with that because That's exciting for some people that Don't like to bind up their own radios We have a jst plug so at least that's Universal and a massive battery space All the hard work with the electronics Is done for you and we have this really Soft bendable little funny nose on the Front of the airplane that's what's held On with tension so I'm crazy excited to Fly this I cannot wait to see how it Does it might be a big flop but I hope I Hope hope that this is half as much fun As the bigger version that we had on the Channel like a year ago so without Further Ado let's put it in the air and Have some fun Oh it is look good I do like the LEDs that's really cool Yeah I like the colors green purple Yellow blue green pink oh it's so cool I Love that that's a really good look for This thing oh let's see let's see very Interestingly the ready to run ready to Fly radio doesn't give me left and right

Function Locked in place but Rudder is mixed in With those elevons so right stick does It all but it does have Rudder on there So throttle up Throttle Down to bind it And now and now we're ready to go I Think we can do a ground takeoff are you Ready Abby we're heading this might be Wild I'm so excited for this okay oh Yeah Flying the Starship death Cruiser Whatever I think they're what do they Call them Star Destroyers oh no oh my God oh my goodness gotta maintain some Stuff oh it's a boy Okay all right I think I know what the Problem is what is it I'm going to land It I'm going to put that battery in the Front of this thing with some velcro Plus we might have a full scale coming In anyway so this is totally my fault The battery is loose in there it didn't Come with any velcro I thought it would Be okay but I really think we need to Put that battery no movements Just don't hit me please don't hit me All right there save the wife bounce the Plane let's get some velcro in see if That helps I don't know why I thought That would work so we're back it's a new Day and I've got velcro ready to go so Now we're gonna put it right up front Here And it shouldn't move around let's try

That again hopefully that fixes it yeah Now if this doesn't work it just ain't Gonna fly I love that we can do a ground Takeoff with this though and I can steer That with my Rudder just using aileron It is so cool don't you wish we still Had the old one it feels like it's Flying a little bit better I'm not going To do anything crazy there there's hands Free already check it out Same better Fix it I also topped off the battery you Guys just so the battery reset nice full Charge you know what I like to include Those moments on our channel for for me It just lets if I watch someone else do That it's like okay all right good I'm Not the only person that's capable of Making mistakes it just is nice to know You're not alone well I mean you knew You didn't have the velcro I know I know And we just crossed our fingers okay Let's see how this Flies what Stabilization that good we'll find out That's the first time I've ever had that Big of a battery and that large oven Compartment okay so it's cruising really Well I'm basically flying hands-free Try to get a little closer to the camera The lights look good on it I really wish I got them in those tubes like I showed You guys I'm really just playing with it Now we're just trying to lower the Throttle oh well that's all right that's

Why we got that it's a it's a very tough Bottom to the airport plastic yeah it's Got that skid plate so nice little Bounce Landing I was the throttle was Real low see I can still steer it that's So funny I love it control also controls Rudder oh is that is that a part of the Plane huddle Speed bump with the grass This asphalt asphalt All right try again here we go and threw Up and they take off so smooth on that Smooth yeah I could probably get it even Smoother I'm just kind of easing into it This is great it's just this Star Destroyer that really shouldn't be Flying and I think I called those Elevons try to stay above the hill above It you say yeah okay because it's black Yeah see on the camera that's fine I can Do that I just try to get it in low and Close for the camera too but uh that's Actually ailerons because you have an Elevator back there there's an actual Elevator too so they're not elevons Because for it to be an elevon I think You have to use ailerons mixed together To make them operate as ailerons and Elevators so There's their ailerons with a Rudder and An elevator now let's see I think one of These buttons Turns the lights off and I think that's All we have I think flight stabilization

On this has to stay on sale really their Lights off okay We can fly it stealthy if we want to Lights back on I know you guys so There's is there a stunt button I'm Gonna push the buttons Okay that's scary got beeped Sound like I revved up from it oh yeah That's a stun button I wasn't expecting That Goodness did you guys see that barely We're gonna do it again okay so Throttling up some Stunt button Gotta hold it there roll it oh my Goodness and I got this bird chasing me Too that's pretty cool it's like what Yes look at that bird chasing her okay Let's try to We'll do it nope it just wants to do the Rolls but that's okay that's still so Well I just couldn't recover from that Very well right now I think I could have If I committed with throttle it looks Like you're good to go aren't you I'm Definitely good to go So it has a stun button you guys it's Just like a cat it always lands on its Feet But it's this really durable what is That called guys is it Epp foam it's Very bendy and crazy where's the EPO Which one is it I don't know I know I think it's Epp I think Epp is like the

Uh the the someone ask us what those Letters stand for Uh electrolyte electrolytes No I have no idea hey Ferrell McGovern Where you at buddy or Google but feral Usually is better than Google apparela Is definitely better than Google So I cannot believe that has a stun Button too there's no rates or anything But we can turn the lights on and off And then we have that stun button to do A roll Very cool and it's just I wouldn't say It flies as good as those little mini Warbirds to those of you that have flown Those for like a beginner I think a Beginner can easily pick up the mini Warbirds and fly them without a problem This one if you don't leave it under Throttle and stuff it's just a little Bit wonky just honestly like a touch and Go okay let's do it absolutely you ready Yeah is it right over the runway here Yeah Let's try to do it this way Almost I guess it's not really a touch And go it's like a skidding go zero Throttle this thing doesn't what if you Could like 180 this thing I'll try to take off the other one That'd be fun Yeah it's not 180 in real well Tokyo Drifted try it I'm trying but it's just Not

I don't have that much control oh Full Throttle there we go whoa out of The grass and up don't hit the hill So I've been cruising to like half Throttle let's do a full throttle flyby You guys I can't believe the elevator Control on the radio feels a little Sensitive when I push down that's why You see it jerk down sometimes digital Throttle I I lost you I'm so sorry you Gotta stay above the hills stay No I like to see the whole place I like To be able to see the plane instead of The viewers Full Throttle He went below again Or down some and it's just really Sensitive when I push down just a little Bit you ready Full Throttle Oh there's something really far above The hill I really wish I could like it does it is Let me show you guys what it does it Floats you ready we're gonna kick zero Throttle right here from 50 to zero Just wants to float down like a leaf off Of a tree it really needs forward Movement and I'm sorry that you need me To keep it above but I what I find fun With this one is I want to fly it low And slow because that nose is just up Some so I want to like bring it in like This A perfect little touch of that right

That was a good one Good great I know the next thing Everyone's gonna say is we'll fly off of Water so I think we're gonna have to do That leave the comment if you want to See it if you don't leave the comment we Ain't doing it yeah So you got a comment And then if you guys like that if we get Some good snow we'll keep this around For some snow I'm so happy with this I'm So happy with it this is one of the Coolest little things I've I've flown in A while I loved the bigger version Now I really like this version because I Think it's more appealing to more people The first one you kind of have to know a Thing or two about getting it in the air You couldn't just it's not ready to fly The bigger one is not ready to fly this One is and it's just crazy that that's Such a weird thing for a company to be Like let's make this really weird thing And then we're probably not you know Sell out we'll be done with it because It's so weird and that's probably what They did but it sold so well especially After our videos people loved it they Loved it and I love it So we did three videos on it and I just Don't have unlimited space so we got rid Of it Well it's company I mean you can only Have so many giant paperweights Nathan

Well they're not paper lights I love Them Oh my God That's what keeps us playing in the air Forward movement you can't let it slow Down too bad Have to keep the forward motion up have To let's see if we can get a decently Smooth Landing in and if we do anything Else on this plane it might be a water Video it may be we keep it for a snow Video I don't know it's really cool Though depends on what the commenter Said I love this I personally like this Way more than most of the many warbirds I honestly do oh that wasn't smooth at All geez look at that should I try to Get a smoother one should I I think the People say yes yes Just a little bit of elevator and half To three-fourths throttle or so and You're in the air See if we can get it smooth it's really Fun I don't know maybe it's because I Like a little bit more Oddities yeah but Um I like this more than the many warbirds And then you know Sears on the ground Okay A little bit of throttle a little Bit of ailerons It's not great you can't do like tons of Ground control but I mean geez it's like A little it's like a swamp boat really You see a plane like this and you're

Like no no way right one of the odds That thing could actually fly but it Does and it's so simple too when you Really get down to it because I say it's Simple because they don't give you Rudder control on this this stick is Locked in place it's all just throttle On the left and then bank and yank on The right but they did mix in that Rudders so when you go right on the Ailerons that Rudder goes right also That's really awesome there's your There's your elevator I just I'm amazing I love Different things and this is just a head Turner it looks like a ship you know Like a boat that shouldn't be in the air And it is that skid plate is so cool I Mean that's what's keeping us able to Slip and slide around on the asphalt It's just amazing and then this look at This look at this it's funny it's just Full of air that shouldn't it shouldn't Even fly but it does so it's moments Like this when we put something crazy Weird in the air You don't even know if it should fly or Not especially for me when I'm maidening Something like this we're risking it Anyway they say it can fly it should fly Fingers crossed we're doing everything Like we're supposed to should have put That battery in there lesson learned but We fly with AMA for a reason that's the

Academy of model Aeronautics they're an Insurance program for those of us that Love RC and surprise surprise it's not Just to the world of RC planes it's also Not just to the world of AMA sanctioned Flying sites which a lot of people think Is true you do not have to fly at an AMA Sanctioned flying site to be covered by AMA fact that's not me just putting Something out there that's fact I think There's more people that actually don't Believe that then what do so it's cool That I get to you know let everybody Know but I encourage you guys to fly With AMA whether you're flying little Warbirds little experimental aircraft Looking things like this or get into the Bigger things you really should fly with AMA we'll have them Linked In the Description box below so cool it came With glue and I I mean I I love my hot Glue I have I've I have faith in my hot Glue I don't encourage others to use hot Glue but it works I've been doing it for 10 years it works really well uh as long As you're using the right stuff so I Mean I'll link it in the description box Below if you're curious but I recommend You use the glue that they included I Just didn't know how fast it would sit I Wanted to get out that evening and fly It so hot glues are out I went maybe I Was a little tail heavy I think you guys Probably could look at that and realize

It's a slightly tail heavy plane it felt That way especially at low throttle so I Think you could easily double or maybe Even triple the size of battery in there Because it just feels like and it looks Like there's room for maybe you could Add weights oh yeah you're right Abby Maybe the battery you know what oh did I Just discover something I think so the White shows up I didn't Even know I was there but check that out Oh my goodness you didn't even need the Velcro there's our nose weight right There oh my gosh And now I'll fly better too I don't know I just couldn't see it Sometimes Nate gets in a hurry we all Know we all know we've watched you for 10 years we know you're getting a hurry Well you know I think we I think we're All guilty of that though Play uh so yeah this is really cool it's Linked in the description box below you Guys know the Spiel but I want to say in Case there's one new viewer if you click That link it pulls it up it pulls up the Exact thing we're showing you and we do Make a small Commission on that it Supports our Channel and our family so If you had some laughs with us maybe you Learned a thing or two maybe you Discovered this airplane because of us Please consider at least clicking the Link if you do happen to buy it

Um it just helps we're grateful it helps To support our Channel our family we're So so grateful so we thank you guys on The subject of things I want to say a Massive thanks to God for giving me the Patience to make this two rounds to to Have some success but I think it needed To happen that had to happen Maybe maybe don't need the velcro but Giving me the patience He keeps me humbled that's for sure Seven days a week I get a very nice Awesome humbling experience and I'm okay To share those with you guys because uh You're not alone You're not alone so thanks to God and Giving us a nice beautiful calm day to Get out here and follow up and fly this For you guys and with you guys for that I I'm grateful a master thanks to our Patreon supporters too because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do Without your amazing support and uh guys There's nothing like this really but I Will have another very cool airplane Video popping up right about now thanks For watching we'll see you there bye Update worth doing because I am right And I wanted to go down in history Abby The little hole there for The Buttery is For the foam tab insertion Also so you can still put nose weight in There it really was saying and I just Off camera I did a hand launch and it

Does very good in case anyone was Wanting to know [Music]

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