BEST LOOKING 50mm RC EDF Jet on the Market! – Arrows L-39 Albatros

Check out the Arrow Albatros RC jet here:
We have seen a lot of 50mm RC EDF jets hit the market recently, but this one is by far the coolest, best looking one out there. This is the Arrows L-39 Albatros, a 50mm EDF jet that comes as a PNP (plug and play) with Vector flight stabilization. In this video we maiden this RC jet for you. Let us know your thoughts about this RC jet in the comments.
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Check out the Arrow Albatros RC jet here:
Arrows SALE:
Nate’s favorite Hot glue:
Nate’s secret weapon:

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I've been looking forward to Flying this Since it showed up at our door just a Few days ago this is a new airplane by Arrows the albatross recently on the Channel we featured the Viper 50 mm by The same company and it did a fantastic Job and basically this is kind of the Same class of airplane this is an EDF or An electric inducted fan and it comes in As a budget flyer because it flies on 3s Batteries believe it or not that Viper 50 mm flew really well and they save a Little bit of money by not having Rudder That's right this is a bank and yank Hand toss and belly landing airplane I Really like that 50 mm Viper but I Definitely like the albatross a lot more Let's just say I like it so much I put Some RC saor stickers on it it's already Earning those just because it looks so Stinking cool now here's the added bonus To this EDF it comes with and maybe you Can see it right there just like the Viper 50 mm a flight stabilization System that works extremely well you can See that I've got a little Spectrum Receiver mounted in there with my Special secret weapon which I'll have Linked In the description box below I Would never consider using anything but The secret weapon to mount the receivers And it has that extra channel the fourth Channel is flight stabilization my Favorite thing about this flight

Stabilization is how easy it is to set Up and I'll talk more about that after We put this in the air because I'm sure Everybody's dying to see how it looks And flies as am I without further Ado Let's put it in the air and see how it [Music] Does Nate's favorite hand Launching right into the sun right into The ground that's why we hand launch in The He hates hand launching come on Chuck It he's having to hand launch right into The sun with the Wind and he's Up I like the way the silhouette of this One Looks really cool really stealthy Looking sounds Good oh yeah sounds really good for a Smaller EDF So it recommends a 1300 milliamp battery And I've got a 22 in here a little too Heavy were you too nose heavy heavy i p Back probably you got it in the air There we go so it's flying good now I Just needed look hey I don't sugarcoat Things or hide things on the channel you Guys saw a couple nasty hand launches There I needed to throw harder and up More uh I feel like all this needs is Some missiles and it would look so right It looks really good got those wing tip T very cool I like those I love the way

This looks the profile in the air is Really nice it's mean it's aggressive And it's flying really well with that Flight stabilization still needs a Little up trim there we go and I Probably could have trimmed it up more Visually uh but yeah hey and it can take A little bit of a beating I was worried About that nose but it took a couple Solid hits on the ground let's see what Happens when I turn stabilization off Okay it didn't nose dive which I was Worried about woo that look good I Definitely need to pull that battery Back some for better performance but There's a Full Throttle roll and I'll Shut up on this pass so you guys can Hear what it sounds like hopefully over The Runway I think for a small EDF it Doesn't sound like a 50 does it really Good yeah I like the way that Sounds Really like the way that sounds a lot Will it snap Nate oh no probably not but I think the Viper did Didn't no not Really not really I liked it that I Liked that you got a little nervous Didn't you nous just cuz I don't have a Ton of up elevator right now I'm having To hold it just a little bit just cuz it Needs it needs visually trimmed up a Little better on the ground but you know

What that's a maiden flight it's the Reason we do Maidens is so people can see what to Expect on their Maiden I don't think That it does anyone a lot of good when They buy a new airplane they think about Buying a new airplane do they want to See it performing at Peak Performance What it could be capable of in the hands Of a professional and best case scenario Or do you want to see a realistic Realworld ex example of of the Airplane's performance I think this Thing looks and sounds amazing and yes Uh I I think Abby I should plop this on The ground put another fresh battery in Push it farther back and see if it Performs better which is what I'm Expecting it to do so let's actually Just plan on doing that right now we're Going to bring it around and land it Back behind us and I want to try to Increase this thing's performance I Think That's fair for it cuz I like it a lot So here's Z Landing in the sun yeah it's Hard and here we go hey it's not too Pretty good good job What Happened well the fuel tip broke off Snagged in the grass poor thing yeah Nothing that a little hot glue can't fix So here's where I have the battery and I Think that I think part of the problem

Is those Landings shoved It Forward some Looks like you have a lot of space for The battery to sit in there yeah Remember they recommend a300 and I've Got a 22 in here so for such a small EDF It does have a lot of Space and we have reduced weight in drag Now so Or it's going to be Topsy turby Yes oh my Gosh all right let's see if he does any Better hey there goes this other side Huh he's going to get the other fuel Tank before it's all over or missile or Whatever that is have fun looking at the Sun glare of Nathan he's running with it He threw it toward the hill to give it More Cushion I saw that that was Smart it just drops off right there it's So Funny once it gets in the air it's Great oh my goodness that 2200 might Just be too heavy in general mate that's Anyway maybe you should have like hand Chucked it from a wing well I'm not good At that I am really not good at that but I think it's flying better with that Battery push back some yes its Recommended battery is a 1300 milliamp And I'm flying on a 22 cuz I like flight Time and a lot of guys do fly the Biggest allowed recommended battery in

Their airplanes I think the CG is way Better it's flying better I'm not Fighting uh to pull back on the elevator To pull out of things it's this is a Much better CG just need to have a Friend launch for you or be prepared to Look like a goober like me well it Looked like you launched toward the hill Where it dropped off so you would have Like a little cushion there is that what You were kind of doing no I was running I ran you ran toward where it drops off Though that just the the wind that's I Did that it's flying way better now once It's in the air flies great you just got To get this thing in the air I think That's Fair and you should be able to fix what Is that a missile or whatever that fell Off fuel tank fuel tank fuel tank you Should be able to fix that Just a DI of hot glue I'm not worried About that I love this thing I really Like this a lot a lot it's really unique Looking I like it for a 50 at least in Our collection yeah I've not seen Anything like this and I love that Military o inverted that looks good my Third inverted pass oh you been I don't Know uh I'm looking at you on like a 1in Screen so forgive me yeah the inverted f Is nice I like the nose on this plane Too me too I was wor that's where it's Was going to snap on my hard oh yeah

Yeah I mean honestly you would think That'd be the weak point right don't Jinx it you still have to land this one Well that's true hey it took four Stinking beatings into the ground I I Think we're okay it's clearly Strong yeah it almost has an A10 look to It doesn't it it's just because it has That long fuselage in front of the Wing vaguely reminds me of the a that Just the fuselage Yeah I really do like the way this Sounds you're like 3 minutes plus all Your failed attempts so however you want To calculate that constructive Attempts are they failures or the Constructive steps in the right Direction your attempts we'll just go With attempts we'll take the adjective Off don't you like how This sounds Sounds Awesome whoa that was fast yeah you're Cooking it aren't you yeah that's Full Throttle yeah we're going to we're going To bring it in here I think it's time it Is Time okay all right let's try to slow Down and not snap the other I mean or You can match It now I got a light I'm worried about The nose now after you said that you had Jinxed yourself but it's been It's been

Good FL that was better it didn't catch It did not catch that Time if you were a real pilot in that Jet you'd be suffering some major Whiplash after that Landing yeah yeah have that shoulder Harness On I think I've been pretty fair in this Video you know I I can tell you guys Fact I tell you for a fact known fact Not a lot of channels are going to show That many failed attempts out a hand Launcher and and I hope you guys Understand I do that for a reason I want You to Understand nothing ever goes perfect in This Hobby and hold up this world right But I think it's really fun to share Such a great hobby with all of you we we Are reminded when we go to airfields and Clubs that when you see a fellow Club Member crash you're like H I'm not the Only one and I hope that when I show Goofy little attempt takeoffs like that You realize you're not the only one There are guys that will show up at the Airfield and hand launch perfectly every Time but guess what they were there 20 Times while no one else was there Practicing so that when they're in front Of their friends it looks Better we all make mistakes I've seen I've seen paid Pilots show up and crash Planes before so a cracked little piece

Of foam's no big deal little dab of hot Glue about a penny worth of hot glue and We'll fix that and it's going to look Great in the air again absolutely no Problem I really like this and I don't Say this kind of thing very often Especially with a new airplane like that Viper 50 I like the Viper 50 it looks Like a cool Formula 1 race car but for Me I like the way this looks better and Even though I struggled with the hand Takeoffs same size battery as the Viper 50 I'd say the takeoff on the Viper was Easier than this and better than this I Still like this more that's just how I Feel about it let me know what you guys Think in the comments performance in the Air is fine but the hand launch Obviously Chuck it hard get this sucker In the air and look things don't go Perfect always and that's why we Encourage you to fly with AMA The Academy of model Aeronautics I just Renewed my spousal membership discount Today 3 years $114 so I'm going to fly for $38 a year Hopefully my math is right that's really Good three years three years that's Really good I'm glad I and yeah the Spousal I've always said now am if You're listening I think that you should Offer a spousal lifetime discount I get A big discount huge discount if I sign Up for lifetime membership I get a

Massive annual discount anybody does not Just you but for whatever reason they do Not offer spouse Lifetime dis no it's just the same so I Would have to live like 100 years for it To make sense for me or something I did The math forever ago and it didn't make Sense yeah I just renewed so it's Basically an insurance program for those Of us that fly you just never can tell If it's going to go perfect or not you Know especially when you're maiding Planes and uh yeah it just makes me feel Good and comfortable and confident to Have Ama when I'm flying it's a good Christmas gift idea too because you get A magazine subscription annually you'll Have Link in the description box below Near the link to this airplane you know It only took me like 2 minutes to renew On the phone on the phone it was so fast And they're so nice hey man you can Still hello I help it I only had to be On like hold for 30 seconds and she Pulled me up fast oh yeah she's great The human helps you a real person so and If you have questions it's hey can I fly Where I'm flying yep we'll look into it And let you know or or yes or no you Know they're they're great for that kind Of thing if you're ever curious so be an AMA member and you have those tools at Your fingertips anyway this this was Awesome and I didn't even mention the

Assembly time of this Abby it was boom Boom four screws and I think I had to Put yeah there's a little bit of glue That holds the uh horizontal stabilizer On I use hot glue so if I can remember We'll put our favorite hot glue in the Description box below too and remember This I'll uh tell you the secret weapon That holds my receivers in that's in the Description box below as well and I do Believe there's actually a Black Friday Sale or pre-black Friday sale going on For arrows right now in our description Box so check that out too okay enough of The links and links and links the Assembly of this is great it flies Really good it looks amazing I say it's Downside for me is the hand launch and I'm just being truthful and honest about It because you've seen me hand launch Other things I do okay definitely not Great at it this one I I struggled with I don't know you struggle always I think Whatever you've struggled actually a lot More I mean with that being the only Little bit of damage you got today I am Surprised cuz usually I'm real happy he Struggle not that I'm any better well I'm actually way way way worse you do You have really destroyed some airplanes On your hch more than Me ups and downs life in general RC Hobby I'm just glad we got to share this Experience with you guys and for

Blessing us with this beautiful day to Fly the albatross I say a massive thanks To God also a huge thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Amazing support if you're into budget Friendly EDF Jets will have a handpicked Video Just For You popping up right About now thanks for watching we'll see You there Bye

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