$130 BIG EASY TO FLY RC Warbird RTF Trainer for Beginners!!!

Check out this RC warbird here:
Save with code: BG78f2a1
This is the Kootai ki84 wwii fighter plane. With our code above, this trainer RC warbird is coming in at $130 currently! This is easy to fly and comes with everything you need to fly in the box. Let us know what you think of this RC warbird plane in the comments.
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Check out this RC warbird here:
Save with code: BG78f2a1

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This is a very unique airplane and I'm Really excited about it because if this Airplane had a major name brand label Attached to the side of it people would Be over the moon about this thing it's Nice to see a ready to fly World War II Bird that is of every level hobby grade Quality we have a nice big brushless Motor we're flying on a 2s if this had FMS down the side people would be pretty Pumped about it and when I put it Together it has every bit level of Quality that I would expect in a nice Little compact ready to fly setup we Have a jst plug we've got two individual Servos for the aerons mounted on the Wings all the wires pre- ran this was Like a 10-minute assembly we've got Individual elevator and Rudder control Surfaces with their own independent Servos and I love the prop on this Because that has got to be stolen from Some race drone somewhere that's Definitely not designed specifically for That airplane but it should work I also Love that it comes with these optional Drop tanks so they're actually pressure Fit in here and I might try to fly on Those today cuz I don't think they're Going to go anywhere that's a nice snug Fit and it'll probably remain that way For quite some time in and out uh Numerous times before that would wear Out but if you love them you could

Always glue those in place we also have Optional landing gear so we could do Asphalt takeoffs and landings if we so Choose with even a tail wheel on here as Well but also I'm going to like flying This without that on because it'll look More realistic more scale like the Retracts are up the setup that I have Comes with two of these little 2s Batteries that is a 1300 milliamp jst Plug really nice setup comes with a USB Charge cable and I'm actually really Impressed with the quality of this radio For a ready toly radio this is Significantly higher on the Spectrum Than most ready-to-fly airplanes that we Come by it just feels good nice high Level of quality and I'm excited to Really put this all together put it in The air and see how it does so let's go Launch fence Nate well launch fence is Half so let's go to the Grass he does not have his launch Fidence today launch with Confidence oh Yeah getting better every time Now hey this is with flight stabilized Mode on and like super low throttle this Is definitely beginner friendly because It doesn't want to come down that's Almost zero throttle so it's almost like A Trainer which is nice uh cuz it's a Ready to fly setup and a lot of

First-time Flyers will want to buy Something like this I don't know if I've Ever seen a good warbird that I could Say is equivalent to a trainer I'm Actually hands free right now while I Put my hood on to keep that wind out of My ear cuz I got a little ear infection So Ah Okay that's good if you can go handsfree Long enough to put a hood On now what I don't like about this is The flight mode switch the middle Position which is what I'm in now is Flight stabilized mode on when I pull The switch all the way down or toward me It's uh equivalent of as3x so it keeps It nice and smooth but you're out of Flight stabilized mode and then if you Throw the switch all the way up which You have to Bypass uh the stabilize mode again to Get there everything is off and you're Just flying completely on your own so You know these these different brand Birds I like to put them in stabilized Mode at first just to see how they fly And then we'll kind of take it out of Stabilized mode and wake it up a little Bit so let's go as3x Equivalent we should be able to roll oh My gosh that's slow okay I don't Recommend that oh no I don't want to Lose another oh man I thought you hit

Okay we're back in stabiliz how did you Save that oh man it just didn't want to Turn wide or sharp enough it was a very Wide turn you crashed that one you were Going to get a sour reaction for me Today oh yeah so not a laugh just so you Guys know I I just crashed a little Airplane before I put this one in the Air people people used to get mad at me When I'd laugh when you crashed and then The last crash I was like why did you do That and people were okay with that Reaction which I thought was rather Mean rather than laughing but whatever So this has definitely got some trainer Tendencies to it it's a slow flyer if You guys can't tell it's very quiet too With that three blad Prop don't know who that is green truck Yeah we've got a visitor here to Probably watch fly that's okay yep That's what they're doing just cutting The video there I do like having those Drop tanks on I think it looks really Nice and I think here in a minute if I Can get this down in one piece we'll Probably try Uh putting those landing gear on and Seeing how it flies like That I would can you Loop it huh Can you Loop it okay let's take it out of Stabilized mode completely no as3x Equivalencies there's a nice roll again And no no no no no okay back it so it

Saved it it saved it I had to R see that Was the switch stop rolling it well the Switch I had to I had to throw the Switch and I didn't like the position Okay so let's go off nope nope it does Not want to we're going to try one more Time You're above us yeah I know that's zero Throttle this thing doesn't want to come Down unless I take it out of stabilized Mode okay you want to see a loop yeah Loop so Off noing it down the up there's a loop That was there's a loop that was there's A loop okay we can Loop it right Stabiliz mode on let's bring it in for Landing put that landing gear on it's a Little quirky okay it's definitely got Some quirky flying Tendencies if you fly It slow and stabilized I got to land in The grass okay it's okay so let's put The gear On flight stabilized mode landing gear On this thing has such a weird throttle Delay just so you guys know watch this I'll Jam the throttle see the airplane Too Mhm see that it has like a 3sec delay on The throttle it's a we weird throttle Curve but hey that's a pretty good oh I Thought I was in nope definitely not in Stabilized Mode no I'm in stabilized mode I hate The position of those switches

Stabilized mode being in the middle is Just weird compared to I don't know 90% Or more of the stuff that I fly that has Stabilized mode I feel like it should be On one end or the other and usually that Position would be all the way up so There you have the landing gear on the Whole point of that is so we can do Ground takeoffs and landings I think It's ugly cuz it's just little wire Wheels uh wire struts I should say And um I don't know let's see if we can Do a landing it's probably going to be Pretty ugly I would I would just say Shoot for grass with this on or off but Here we go okay this is so touchy Oh that's Okay and there's no Ste four out of 10 I Think there's no steering it on the Ground so I got to go get it is that the Walk of Shame Or the Walk of Pride because he is able To walk away with it in one piece let us Know in the comments I don't love Wearing this Hood but i' I'm on an Antibiotic for my ear infection so I got To keep the wind out out of there so Check out this weird throttle curve Right I'm going to jam the Throttle see that I've never seen an Airplane especially ready to fly do that Here one more time cuz that's so Interesting like it starts but it takes A second to get to rev it's almost like

A gas Engine they might do that because warb Birds on takeoff have a pull tendency And so if you ease into throttle Sometimes it can help but if you jam the Throttle and takeoff it would torque Really hard so maybe they did that to Help newer Pilots because this is Obviously targeted toward newer Pilots Cuz it's a ready to fly setup it's Definitely not the Most overly sensitive plane that I've Ever flown in fact I think it's very Sluggish I think that if you're flying This in the St mode which is the middle Position okay I put it up here so you Don't have to hear the servos working When I'm talking but if you fly it slow And like a trainer plane I think you'll Get enjoyment out of it if you try to Take it and do much else with it in my Opinion it's not very capable of that The roll rate's really slow and the Loops were doable but not really Reflective on other airplanes in the Hobby so if you get this as one of your First planes don't let it be a strong Reflection on what the hobby is capable Of and what it has to offer because it's Not a very good indicator of it but It'll put a ready toly warbird in the Air for you if that's kind of what You're after and I'll be honest over the Last 10 years of doing this I can't tell

You how many hundreds of times people Have asked if there is a good ready toly Airplane out there that's a warbird and Not like some ugly looking thing or some Trainer csna style of airplanes how does This compare to the Ean lineup of Warbirds uh If you fly it slow and in trainer mode It's nice because it's bigger and it's Brushless and it's probably going to Give you much longer flight times so That's nice but I don't know I think the Eing birds are much cheaper so those Those are like a standard but you know They have their limitations too it's a Good question it's a good question I Can't remember what the price point is On this I'd say if it's any more than Double the price of an eing bird it's Not worth it all right we just looked it Up normally it's 180 and I would say That'd be a hard Yeah okay we're getting right on the Line of maybe not being worth it but Abby's got a coupon code which is insane To get it to 130 so now all of a sudden It is worth it because sometimes eing Birds are 115 or so uh if they're on Sale I've seen them for maybe 80 $85 but Now this is on sale for 1:30 and you can Thank Daniel for being awake during China time so Abby Works through the Night to try to get you guys coupon Codes and in this case if you're

Watching the video right when it's Coming out and you're a subscriber and An active viewer it literally pays Because you get $50 off and that's a Good deal so at that price point I say Pull the trigger on it not for everybody But if you were kind of drooling over it Wondering is it worth it at that price Point absolutely at 180 questionable but Still if if you love it it's not Overpriced or anything it's just um on The verge of not being worth it if it's Was $200 I'd say no which is crazy cuz If that said you know UMX down the side Or something it would be worth that so Using the link to buy this does help to Support our Channel and our family no Extra cost to you and hopefully you guys Appreciate those coupon codes and just The video in general and honesty and Stuff so it's there if you want to help Support us it's a great way to support Us I want to say massive thanks to God For blessing us with a beautiful day Nice blue skies very low winds to get Out here and share this experience with You guys just for being awake today Breathing and uh being alive just the Day in general I want to say a massive Thanks to God also a huge thanks to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't Do what we do as often as we do it Without your amazing support if you love Good pric ready to fly airplanes we'll

Have a handpicked video popping up right About now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there [Music] Bye

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