$60 RC Boat RTR with TWO Batteries! – DeeRC RC Boat on AMAZON

Check out this RC boat here:
This is a $60 ($50 if prime member) RC boat that is full RTR with two batteries and lights. This is a boat by one of our favorite Amazon RC companies, DEERC. In this video we test this boat out and drive it in a lake. Let us know your thoughts about this RC boat in the comments!
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Check out this RC boat here:

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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We have one nice brand new little bonus For boat week it wouldn't be boat week If we didn't throw a cool traditional Like DRC style or ising Style just nice Budget boat everybody likes when we Feature an Amazon boat on here and That's what we're going to do I want to Show you guys what a good budget Bro is capable of doing and even though This one doesn't have high performance Brushless motors we are saving money on This one and it's still a lot of blast Oh my gosh what is wrong with you it's Still a lot of fun a Blast let's put this in the water and Have some Fun okay we plugged our battery in and You guys are going to think the boat is Not working what am I going to do I have No power I got nothing oh no this Happens all the time it's a magic trick It's actually a safety feature the boat Needs to touch water there's this metal Contact on here listen to this There we go we and it has to beep too it Has to beep look at that we've got a Blue light on the front that's actually Really cool so does it turn off now when It's out of the water yes goodbye boat And look at the red line on the back so For above the boat we've never had a Budget DRC boat like this with lights Like that and I love that so we've got That blue light on the front and then

Red on the back and that's really nice Because it gives us more driving Opportunities late evening and even Nighttime driving now this is full speed On this boat you've got to remember it's A brushed motor but it is completely Ready to Run it's water cooled and it's a lot of Fun and not everybody has or wants to Spend hundreds of dollars or even $100 On an RC boat to try the experience I Promise you this RC boat is going to get You at least halfway there on the fun And addicting part of the hobby that'll Get you hooked Right and sometimes let's face it like Our kid is five years old she doesn't Need to be driving a $200 RC boat if she Wants to drive something faster than the Tugboat that was featured on the channel This week this will be a good step up For her to have something fast but if She hits the dock or something I'm not Worried about breaking the bank or Hurting somebody with this kind of boat But listen to That still sounds And looks really cool and if I had a Boat like this when I was a kid I'd be In heaven on cloud N9 I didn't have Anything that performed like this and These things are considered budget RC's Now so it has an LED light button let's Push that it probably just turns the

Lights off and yep it did and we can Turn them on so that's nice we have a Speed knob but it's all the way up we Can turn it down let's go all the way Down or at least close to it now that's Full throttle so I could give that to my 5-year-old and it's already gone faster Than the tugboat and the battery's going To last longer too she'd have a lot of Fun with that but me I crank it all the Way up and it has steering trim it's a Pretty basic boat but it gets the job Done and I just wanted to show a really Cheap affordable option for boat week Before it was over let's do a water test Here we go Abby did you want to drive Yeah Okay oh nice automatic itself okay get The before the lily pads hit oh reverse Is just Breakes and aby's at the Controls so we all both of us got to Drive all the boats on the channel this Week you got to drive it a little More good self- riding in the air it's Like a cat I wanted to see if it would Flip over well try Again there it just self wres without Having to self-right just the weight of The boat is self-writing all right now I Know you don't have to drive this too Long to come to a conclusion what was Your favorite boat of boat week that's Really hard cuz there's three stand out

On I Agree maybe between the two of us we can Think and Ponder while we watch the Bonuts he hit like I I have a favorite I Really do all right let me hear yours so You can influence me the the no-brainer One would be the prob booat because of The performance right right everybody Wants that boat because it's expensive It's fast it's powerful it's cool but I Have a YouTube channel we have a YouTube Channel where we try to make sure all The bases are covered money does matter And for that I think the blue jetbat is My Favorite that was I was thinking that That your blue jet boat was going to be My number Three so I'm strugling I think with my Number one either being the jet boat ski Jet ski boat jet boat Ski or um the proboat Blackjack 24 in Well I have a second place tie between The jet ski with you know the fun factor Is really high on that and then the Probo would be tied for second place for Me those are tied for first for me I Think okay you probably feel that way Cuz you had to dig the rock out of the Jet ski sure yeah that that was a huge Con that was a huge con of the jet ski And that's that was my only hesitation However when it like nose dived under The water it nose Dove nose Dove Dove

Noosed and then it like shot out the Back like that was so cool all I wanted To do was do that again and I did you What my submersion of the Blue Boat Definitely beat your jet ski submersion Though so yeah and I only got it to do It once yeah but man both of those boats Really good and the speed on the Blackjack is really fun but with all Catamaran boats you have the one Glaringly obvious negative of it not Being self- riding agreed yeah okay Let's do a water test on this puppy here We go got to watch that prop oh nice Nice trop thanks yeah this will be easy This one's easy cuz we only have one Layer of protection oh here we go come On hey that's really not bad Abby it's Bone dry so for the I think the budget Boat which was the slower boat had the Driest insides now if I were a little Jimmy with a budget for a birthday Present and I needed to pick a favorite Guess which one would win if I had you Know I don't know exactly how much this Is 50 bucks whatever it is this would Win I think that for all of us price Means really everything and uh that's What we try to do on our Channel when we Talk about RC's we understand that money Cost of things is a relative term so we Don't ever want anyone to get the wrong Idea when we say this is potentially a Favorite versus a prob booat okay you

Put a proboat next to this it's going to Win every time but then you factor in Cost in the realistic world that we live In where some people live in mansions And some people don't even have a house You have to understand that money is Relative and so we try to view RC's from That relative point of view where we Understand this might be the most Expensive RC boat that anyone ever owns Their entire life there's nothing wrong With that so for blessing us with this Awesome beautiful day I want to say Massive thanks to God also want to say a Huge thanks to our patreon supporters Because you directly fund our Channel And we couldn't do what we do as often As we do it without your amazing support If you love budget RC boats we'll have a Handpicked video popping up right about Now just for you thanks for watching we See you there bye

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