Advanced “AI” Controlled BEGINNER RC Airplane – FMS Ranger 850mm RTF

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This is the FMS Ranger 850mm RTF (ready to fly) RC airplane. This is a trainer plane aimed at beginner RC pilots. In this video, Nate maidens this RC airplane and gives his thoughts and opinions about it. Let us know what you think about this RC airplane in the comments.
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Check out this RC airplane here:
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And now it's time for plane shots with Nate you might be wondering why I'm Sitting on the ground on the runway at The start of this video and that's Because we have a very smart I want to Say AI controlled because everybody Abuses that now it's just a stabilized GPS system and to get it paired up Properly Abby read through the Instructions and in order to get a solid Light on the front of the airplane that Means our GPS is locked on the FMS Ranger 850 this is a small but ready Toly trainer heavy airplane with yes I Said it a GPS system on board it means This plane when in GPS mode can't fly Too far away at 120 M it will Automatically hit that fake wall turn Around and fly back also it has a return To home function with the Press of a Button if you panic at any direction or Any distance you can press a button and It will fly back to where it took off Basically and circle above you it also Has different flight modes that you can Progress into to learn to fly without Those assisted modes so essentially this Is an airplane that's designed to teach Anybody how to fly and we want to put it To the test today and see how it does so Let's get up off our bums and put this In the air and see how it does in the Beginning of this video you guys may Have heard a beeping that beep happens

Once a minute out of the radio to let You know hey a minute has passed it Helps you keep track of your time man That makes the runway look rough doesn't It do you guys like that beep or do you Hate that beep remember let us know in The comments let us know and leave a Like for a maiden flight let's go oh There goes my battery hatch okay that's All right it's held on with magnets I Think it needs stronger magnets so I'm Just cruising right now at maybe half Throttle letting it kind of do its thing Get a feel for it it wants to climb even At half throttle so it'll ease off on The juice some remember it's a trainer Plane in GPS mode and we have safe Equivalency on so if I try to push the Wing all the way over it will not let The plane go upside down in this mode Again that's equivalency of safe boy It's liking to climb but I think there That's why it just wanted to climb to That altitude by itself so that's really Cool actually it wasn't throttle uh it Was just trying to get to a good Beginning level height let's see it Should auto level right here at least it At least it did over There H I don't know maybe okay we're Going to test a few things first because It's flying well I want to fly out and I Want to hit that 120 M it might be Farther than I realized but maybe not

Maybe not fly over the pond that's out There why don't you turn and fly over You know well there we go let's see did Was that it that might have been the Distance we're going to get it a little Closer to us bus it does feel a little Bit tail heavy this airplane so some Added nose weight would probably benefit This airplane pretty big but we're just Going to let it fly out here I'm just Curious to see if it can actually hit That wall right 120 m is pretty far but That's also good you don't want it to Hit that wall too super close hit it Baby starting to lose orientation okay We're not going to go any far farther Than that oh my God that was me so I did The turn back I'm going to press the Button and see if the GPS mode will work When we get back here now guys the Reason I'm so heavily focused right now On the GPS modes is because the plane is Flying pretty good other than it wanting To climb and that could just be me Needing to trim it and I can do That it just wants to climb okay so Let's test let's go about out here and Hit the button because this has a GPS I Just want to try the GPS modes right I Want that's that's the heavy Focus for Me so we have a headwind obviously it's Kiting some but we're going to press the Button short Press okay so it definitely got a mind

Of its own I'm not doing any of this Since that double beep you Heard I'm going to ease up on the Throttle son the idea is well when you Touch something it cancels okay that's What I understood from the direction the Second you put input into your Transmitter it cancels it I'm not Touching anything it's supposed to fly Back to me it climbed and then and it's Supposed circle around but it's not so I'm bringing Who knows I uh I don't think the GPS on This is anything to brag about but the Safe uh style of flight stabilization Seems to be working really well I will Give it that and it's a nice small Lightweight aircraft so that's good and I also like that it is a scale looking Plane right it's a sess style plane I Like that a lot pin stripes and decals On the airplane make it very easy to see Orientation and it has light so it has a Lot going for it it is flying on a 2s Battery though and it's so lightweight That even in a light Breeze it kind of Struggles to uh to fight that wind it Just wants to climb in the wind which Really beginners shouldn't be flying in Wind anyway so if you pick a calm day It's going to fly really well for you Now it has different flight modes we Have as3x equivalency so if I flip the Switch out of GPS mode all the way up

Into that mode Let's do a little higher In case it gets a mind of its own we Should just have a little a little bit Of um stabilization assistance so that If we get a gust of wind it'll help Fight that but we should have more Control over the plane and it does seem Like we do so let's throttle up see if We can get like a roll no that's pretty Slow let's get a loop see what we got Here there we go yeah so in the Intermediate mode we can pull off some Nice Maneuvers with this plane I I think It's flying great in this mode I like This this is nice and then there's a Mode in the middle switch which should Turn everything off so we have no Assistance at all now Which might also be good too but on a Windy day to have the assistance is Nice there we go can we roll it I'm Going to really try to roll this thing There we go probably the slowest roll Ever let's play everybody's favorite Game Nate oh man okay good luck will it Snap build up the speed climb it no it Will not that was full s full s okay This Plane probably took me about maybe 15 minutes to assemble just so you guys Know and with these little gusts of wind See how it's kind of buffing in the air A little bit up down up down just a Little I'm going to turn on that as3x Equivalency which is flight mode up all

The way on the switch and that just kind Of smoothens things out just a little Bit so let's talk about this too we had Another one of these we had our hands on One and I think the Jeep PS had a major Malfunction because it just got a mind Of its own and hammered into uh the Ground and luckily their customer Service was awesome and basically no Questions asked they I mean they said You know did the light status go solid We said yes I said okay we'll send you Another one so good on FMS for doing the Right thing the problem with companies Is when let's use that helicopter we had The $700 helicopter as an example that Company tried to bribe us and threaten Us to take the video down that we had Showing the problem uh and they did not Want to send any replacement parts or Anything well FMS or maybe like Horizon Hobby or someone like that I think their Colors show True when they have good Customer service that don't drill you About sending replacement parts or even A replacement airplane I was surprised They sent a whole plane um I thought They would just send a new GPS unit or Something so good on FMS for doing the Right thing I want to applaud them for That because we've experienced some Really really really bad customer Service lately from other companies so What do you guys think about that I

Think FMS in the last maybe two years I'm seeing about maybe year and a half To two years has really stepped up their Game uh not saying they're perfect but They have definitely increased from Borderline Dynam status touch and go to Uh to being a really really strong Competitor if not getting close to being One of the best airplane Brands out There and then there scale details on Planes and ground vehicles are starting To really rock and roll so kind of Excited to see what else they do this Year the shark Jet some some people had their scratch In their why did they make it look like That I think they should have leaned Into that heavily I did too really Really played into yeah this is a shark Jet and they should have put the decals On and everything Or go a completely different direction So that's just my opinion of that but I Don't think that a huge fail I think That was just a risk they took and good On them for taking risks uh regarding This little guy you know it's not a Plane necessarily for me but look how Look how much control I have over this Uh now that it's just in the as3x Equivalency basic flight assistance I'm Enjoying putzing this around and flying It low and slow I really like planes Like that uh it's not necessarily a

Plane for me that I'll use as a daily Flyer but I have had some local friends Ask about getting into the hobby lately And this would with confidence be an Airplane that I would hand to them after They've flown like an Aeros scalp or Something along those lines um there's Uh there's maybe better first airplanes Cuz I don't really love the GPS on this So it's flying good out of GPS mode I Like that I could fly like this all day But let's do one more time back into GPS Full like safe mode right and I don't Think we're going to hit that wall cuz It got really far away but I do want to Fly it away and I want to hit return to Home one more time bam there's return to Home and I'm not going to touch Anything it's kind of coming back I'm Just going to hit that button I want to Hold that Button oh man look at that holding it Did that why did it do that did you see That spiral did you see that I saw it Okay let's get this thing back holding It I think turns off the GPS you Probably shouldn't hold it while it's in The air well that's why I was five Mistakes high so we're back in assisted Mode like safe mode right let's just Short press it Again okay it throttled up on its own When I pressed that is it trying to Climb to certain altitude flies back I'm

Just going to not touch Anything until it's a tiny dot that I Can't see this is all the airplane since That beep is just the minute beep still Not still not pushing anything I think it's going to fly away if I Don't push Anything it's turning it's turning right No it's turning again we're getting wait Is that a bird that's a bird I'm getting The I just don't think how can you see That that the GPS on this is anything to Brag about that's it that's that's my uh Honest feedback on on the GPS of the Ranger but everything else is Functioning and flying really well let's See some Landings Nate yes now when you When you put this in Um the you know full beginner mode that Is really nice too so they did a good Job with that okay we are going to do Maybe a landing maybe a touch and go my Battery's probably going to die oh Really that's why you're rushing me okay Yeah here we go oh they got a slight Tell me it was going to fly this long It's a good flight time isn't it wind Picked up a little bit let's go nice Smooth Landing let's do a touch and go And then we'll land it the other Way I'm I'm surprised at the flight came On this Too oh see that wind a crosswind it's Crosswind so let's actually bring it

Around my fault cuz it's a lightweight Airplane and you really if you have a Breze to your back you need to come in Under some power you stalled it so we're Going to land it with the nose into the Wind there we go at that Angle oh yeah nice little Landing that's A cool airplane I like it it's like one Of the smallest Cessna style planes that I own and it looks good the scale Details are there enough to really look Like a bigger airplane and when you get It up close to you you're like wow That's a tiny Airplane yeah overall that's a pretty Good experience I like the scale looks That they have on here that's not really Necessarily functioning but the scale Details are there the wheels are nice You could pop those off if you wanted to Hand lunge and belly land the wing Struts are nice because they just snap Into place this thing assembled really Quickly if I was heavily focused on it I Probably if I was in a race could have Built this this in 5 minutes or less and I really like that you just plug a few Things in here under the wing and then Attach the landing gear and the wings It's a ready to fly setup with a nice Hobby grade battery you have a brushless Motor you definitely have enough power To fight some wind and it's a nice just Casual calm flying airplane if you like

Scale airplanes and you're looking for a Trainer that's pretty budget friendly Honestly because it just comes with Radio but it also comes with a charger In the back battery and that goes a long Way I really like that and you're Looking to just kind of up your Park Flyer game I think this is pretty much a Perfect airplane because it does have That stabilized mode for beginners that Won't let it tip over too far but out of Stabilized mode it flew really well it's Not a stunt plane you're not doing crazy Rolls but you can learn some loops on This very easily and again I like the Size and speed of it this is something That I don't feel like I would have to Fly up here where we fly a lot of our Stuff I could take this to a park and Fly with confidence very comfortably Hand launching in the beginner mode and Then I've got big enough landing gear And wheels to to set it down in any Level of grass and if I'm lucky enough And I had short enough grass or gravel Or something I could even do ground Takeoffs at a park too especially if you Have parking lot access to any basically Any parking lot this would be a perfect Airplane for now we'll have this Linked In the description box below there may Or may not be a coupon code there to Save a few bucks I'm not exactly sure if We'll have one

In time for this video or not but I hope To so at least be sure to check that out And they have a very good selection of Other trainer style airplanes at the Beginning of this flying season that's Kind of the focus here right now we want To see people try airplanes for the First time ever and this would be a good Trainer plane to do that so again it's Linked in the description box below if You want to support our Channel and our Family clicking that link is a great way To do that at no extra cost to you in Fact hopefully it might save you some Money we had some light gusts of wind And yeah this is crazy Abby and I were Just bragging about shorts and t-shirts And tank tops and now we're bundled back Up again that's nuts but I'm still Grateful for today it's still a Beautiful day that God has blessed us With to get out here and fly this plane And share this experience with you guys So for him I'm very thankful also I want To say a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Amazing support guys if you are into Trainer style airplanes you're looking To just get into the skies for the first Time we'll have a video handpicked just For you popping up right about now Thanks for watching we'll see you there Bye

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