BEST BRUSHLESS FAST Self Righting RC Boat for Summer 2024! – Pro Boat Recoil 2 18″

Check out this RC boat here:
Going into Spring and Summer 2024, this may be the best RC boat of the year for the price. The New Pro Boat Recoil 2 18″ rc boat comes in at $200. For a fully RTR (ready to run) RC boat, that is a great price for all the features this RC boat has to offer. This RC boat is fast, brushless, and has self righting. Let us know what you think of this speed boat in the comments.
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Check out this RC boat here:

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Welcome to My Favorite week on the Channel of the entire year it's boat Week on the RC Sailors and we're going To start out strong today with the new Proboat recoil 2 full throttle hit the Curve there you go oh that was actually Amazing this is an 18in self- riding Brushless RC boat and I highly encourage You to check out the price because I was Just telling Nathan back when we had our First boat on the channel it was about This size and I'm thinking it came in Around1 15 and that was like 10 years Ago so I'm really impressed with the Price this is a great entry level option For anybody looking to get into RC boats Because this has self Ring it's that flywheel on the brushless Motor there that helps it flip over and I think that's probably one of the first Times we've ever seen that technology am I right Nate uh the original recoil had The flywheel too well there you go it's The first time I'm realizing it this is All Spectrum out it comes fully ready to Run with a battery charger and the Transmitter it is it's 3s power so it's Going to go pretty fast I'm hoping to See some rooster Tails today let's get It plugged in powered on and have some Fun Nate be my pit crew let me start by Saying how glad I am the sun shining and Abby we're out here in t-shirts tank Tops and shorts and it feels great I do

Got to get a little tan going here oh it Burns oh my gosh it's so bright check This out though now make sure you have All your wires and everything tucked Away from the motor because the flywheel Is protecting the motor Sun there's Still a couple catch points so just be Careful with that we should have three Beeps for 3 S power so let's power it On there we go and check out that Flywheel in action so first we want to Check and make sure we have power with The Ruder that's safety first then we Give it a little power keeping our Fingers away from that Prop it keeps spinning because it's got Extra weight on the outside of that Motor and that gives it centrifugal Force if it flips upside down you can Rock it back over and if it's anything Like the old recoil there was a Buton we Could press and it would automatically Rock it back over so I'm excited to see If they kept that feature or if they did Away with it because I was a huge fan Either way it should still work we had a Foam seal going around this and just one Latch in the back give it a little pull To make sure that's on there good and We're ready to go so Abby you want to do A self- riding test I do okay we're Going to test the self Riding does it have a button A or B nope So you just got to do it yourself there

That was nice H the Do oh I love it but week so we have high Water right now because it has been Raining a lot a lot of lot it was Completely over the boat dock like 5 Days ago yes oh I love me some rooster Tails some water love Better aby's famous Bonuts you actually knocked it over so There you go just just juicing the Throttle right-handed B that's pretty Good listen to it it is Powerful so just just juicing the Throttle won't flip it back over you got To have a little bit of stop start Motion it comes with the Spectrum slt3 Transmitter which it does have the Throttle limit at 5075 and 100 we just Started on 100 just because it's boat Wig bigger go home so let's do not Really a speed test cuz we don't have Our speed but let's do a driveby Really quick look at that bird out there Yeah it's like what is going on Let's Race the bird I think you win I think we Win oh wow caught me off guard all right Let Me ease into that more there's Always kind of a learning curve with Every single thing you drive and fly you Got to learn its Tendencies you are far out there too We've got choppy Waters today a little Bit we uh go with the

Water W Nelly or With the Wind Rather whoa you're just skimming along The water So we would ideally drive on a very calm Day I think we have about 8 mph winds Right Now it sounds great like 25% throttle Wow I love this size boat it's just it's A good boat for anybody and that makes Me Happy may I have always said the more The merrier in the Hobby to see something coming at at this Price range that's completely fully Ready to run is incredible Nate you got To try this out okay I'm ready for it See if I can get a top [Music] Throttle all right my Turn oh yeah that's nice there's your Rooster tail that was Full Throttle Blast I got it no problem there we go Full Throttle knes off on the juice on the Curve you don't want to hit that if you Hit the curve Full Throttle it will do Well I'll show you what it'll do you Ready Full Throttle hit the curve there You go oh that was actually amazing it Looked like a stunt yeah this is like a Little stunt Boat so reverse is what was flipping it For me okay isn't that funny well you Didn't do it yeah I was doing reverse

And it easily flipped it over turn it While Full Throttle it's just too much Wild yeah but Isn't that cool how you Can just rock it back over so if you Find a nice calm spot you can juice It and get a full throttle blast but This Bo is almost almost too powerful For its own good which is never a bad Thing no so you're kind of cruising Around half RW or So and then you punch it when you have An opening got a Sweat yeah that's Nice you see how it was rocking around What size was the battery I now you said 3s yeah it's a 3s I'm pretty sure I'm Thinking it was an 18800 millimeter or Millimeter milliamp Number so it's small smaller and it has An ic3 plug there we go we flipped it Right Over ic3 Plug but you can use E3 or me xt60 will Actually work on that too a little known Secret look at that if you go left turn So fast yeah watch this if you go left It turns so sharp that it like skips Across the water if you turn right it Almost does a different kind of stunt See if we can do it right here ready oh Man I like it it reminds me of that Little Geico boat that we had that we Call the stunt boat oh yeah cuz this Thing if you just turn it too sharp will

Turn too sharp and just throw itself out Of the water like that oh my goodness I Know I keep going and it's not there Anymore do you want to finish off the Battery Abby all right ab's back at the Controls 50% just for fun that's less Fun but okay okay so then you have this Is a great thing to do if you have Somebody inexperienced or a kid Bystander wants to try it this is what How you want to hand it to them man yeah You hand you hand the controller over But you knock it down to 50% if they do Good you give them a little extra juice Throw it at 75 okay so Abby's doing 75 Okay cuz 100% like I said it's almost Too much power for it 100% on 75% okay That's a pretty good yes pretty good Speed honestly it is very controllable On a windy Day that actually seems just about Perfect yes it does now if you have a Calm day kick it up to 100 Yeah that's kicking the rooster tail Aby's getting some confidence there the Best driveby I've had [Music] Yeah as soon as you turn you just got to Ease off on the juice some Pretty good runtime too you guys I was Expecting a much shorter runtime on that It might have even been a 1300 Milam It's 1300 or 18800 I just cannot

Remember there you go see Stunt remember some of the boats that Like get Yeah this one almost seems like it could Do that I think it could if you hit it At the right angle but it's also very Lightweight and pretty very uh Buoyant it's very floaty so watch I've Just been giving it reverse didn't do it There there you got it so it's kind of Interesting how this one flips over the Bigger version had a button you would Press and it would just automatically Rock over but it's not hard to just rock The throttle back and forth you just Have to remember to take your finger off Of let let the throttle die down Completely and then start rocking it That's the best way to do It there Abby and boat week we're boat Week is back it's Good we got aby's bonuts we're starting Off strong with the newest boat by Proboat to get everybody in the Hobby and we've got some other great Boats too that we're planning for boat Week this week but this is just a fun Way to start it Off we've just been needing good weather To make this happen it's been we've had Snow we've had like 70° days and then Snow battery okay that's Full Throttle So this is how you know your battery is Low it just the juice just dies all

Right let's get I'll get it for you here I still have power but you can just tell That's good to know all right let's do Water test yeah that's good all right I Almost forgot oh yeah you got to see if There's how much water if there's water Now we can't count the drips but we do Want to look inside the boat see if we Have water in there and we were upside Down a lot so a lot there is about a a Drop size drop right your finger there Right there that's all the water we got That's really good that's good I was Expecting way More now some small advice but still Good advice to those of you that are new To RC boats when you take this home even If you only have a drop in there just Like we did today then I highly Recommend you leave this off of your Boat for a week or so or you can set it Outside for a day on a nice bright sunny Day just to help get all that water out Of there and it'll will be more dry when You seal it you don't want to have uh Moisture in there sealed off for a year If you wait that long to drive your boat Again so just let it dry out before You the goose is watching us yeah Actually there's two so goese and if You're curious these hoses are there Because of water cooling this stuff is Sealed off it's watertight right uh so It's got to be able to get cooled off

Somehow with all that power and heat in There this thing would overheat if you Didn't some way of keeping it cool so Water gets sucked up these little inlets Back here and then just pushes in Through this to cool off the motor and ESC and just to give some type of Cooling in here and I don't feel any Heat in there so it did a really good Job cuz a lot of times these boats will Cook the batteries that's a nice decent Warm temperature and yeah see the water Cooling goes over through the ESC here Too which is really just mind-blowing to Me they did a good job with this boat There's a couple different color Variations and if you want to check Those out we'll have it Linked In the Description box below where you can go See which one is your favorite this is a Very good beginner-friendly ready to run RC boat you only need four aa's and You're up and running but I do highly Recommend you pick up a couple extra Batteries so we'll have those Linked In The description box below too I hope you Guys are enjoying the kickoff to boat Week I know I am we're excited to show You what else is on the channel but Before we do I want to say a massive Thanks to God for blessing us with today To be able to get in front of the camera And share this experience with you I Also want to say a massive thanks to our

Pat supporters because we couldn't do What we do as often as we do it without Your amazing support Abby I'm going to Leave it to you to pick out an awesome Boat video for everyone to check out so Guys we'll have a cool boat video Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye [Music]

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