BEST RC Boat Under $50 2024

Check out the DEERC H120 RC Boat here:
This is the BEST RC Boat Under $50 2024. You can get this on Amazon, with a clickable 10% off coupon code (and no my math wasn’t mathing lol). Let us know what you think of this RC boat in the comments.
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Check out the DEERC H120 RC Boat here:

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We started off boat week really strong With an awesome option but this is a More affordable option coming in $150 Cheaper than yesterday's boat this is The DRC or deerc h120 currently it's on Amazon for $50 with a 10% off coupon and If my math is mathing correctly that Means this is $40 right now it's fully Ready to run comes with a battery Charger the transmitter and the boat This has self- riding and it claims to Go about 20 mph so in this video we're Going to put it to the test and see if It's worth that $50 $40 price range Let's go pick cream Nate get me ready Now I'm not sure if you talked about This Abby but this is even water cooled That's what that little hose is sticking Out the side of the boat which is very Cool comes with a battery charger Everything needed to run and we even Have two layers of protection with our Kind of unique radio this is more of Like a drone or airplane style radio When we put this seal on that's going to Keep 99% of the water out but this is Also going to step in to get the rest of The water but of course we'll do a water Test at the end of this video so let's Drive it and see if it holds up to aby's Bonuts it probably has to touch Water see yep there it goes so don't Think your boat is broken touch it to Water there's a sensor on it and that's

Going to bind it to your boat so then You have ready Nate no it won't work oh Okay it won't even work until it's in Water see okay no sometimes they bind And then they have power but then Sometimes they just always have to have The water it's a safety feature it's Good all right self riding test self Riding test let's Go there you go just had to rock it back And Forth so $50 budget boat and just a Heads up we have a flashing battery so It might die it may die on our camera Any second but you're booking right Along now there's a big performance Difference between a $200 boat and a $50 Boat obviously but if you just want to Get a taste for the Hobby and have fun and cause some Waves actually $40 is not a bad price of Admission to go to the lake and have Some fun what was the battery connector On this mate can they find extra Batteries you can yes and DRC sells Parts and batteries chargers all the Good stuff you're very unlikely to have To buy parts for this boat maybe a Propeller but the good news is it comes With a boat stand it comes with an extra Prop it comes with some stuff to keep You going even grease to help keep the Water out of the Boat which I got to say it the $200 boat

Didn't come with the grease and stuff so You know it's nice that the $40 boat Does the bonuts are to be desired on$ no Sure yeah there's no Whirlpool going on There So how do you like driving with this Transmitter that radio I've never been a Fan of the Drone transmitters for boats I like the car style better yeah the Pistol grip that's just preference you Know I bet airplane guys would like this One better maybe I mean I when I'm doing A ground vehicle I like pistol grips Ambidextrious for RC transmitter is that A good word well no cuz I can't fly I Can't fly with throttle on my left or on My right hand side so that would be Ambidex ambidextrous but you know what I Mean yeah I can pick up any controller And use it fair word for what I'm trying To say well we should make one up we Tend to do that R adrius well let me Give that thing a shot Abby Full Throttle 3 2 1 all right let's go Full Throttle blast bam and the camera did Turn off but I was talking about the Buttons on the radio there's not like a High speed low speed I'm clicking both Sticks it actually needs trimmed up a Little bit It's going to the left so you just push Right and that helps trim it up so it Drives straight there's a baby rooster Tail going on

Here it's kicking up some water it's a Decent boat and a lot of times we have Coupon codes for this kind of thing like An Amazon deal but this one I think it's Just that I can see the water shooting Out that side by the way it's on the far Side now we'll look for it together when I come back the other way it's got a $10 Off coupon which I think is really Really good here you go see the water Shooting out the side I see yeah it's a Cool little boat let's see if it put Brought on any water let's check out do The water test good little budget boat That's why that rubber stoer is there Just for Rrc's okay we have two layers of Protection so let's see if it held up or Not I'm guessing it did usually this Double layer is a good thing look at That we have four latches on this One any water at all that is bone dry Abely dry I don't see a drop in there Cool that's impressive I like that it's Got a little clip in there to hold the Battery you really don't have to worry About that thing rocking around at all And yes of course the bright red looks Amazing on any day out on the lake they Come in a couple different colors though So we'll have this guys H where'd it go Yeahoo we'll have it linked in the Description box below know that using That link does help to support our

Channel and our family at no exra cost To you and we're very grateful if you Appreciate this free content great Budget boat that's all there is to it It's very simple but it's awesome it's Kind of amazing that they can make this For that price I am impressed by that And I want to say a massive thanks to God for blessing us with this Bright Beautiful Day to get out here at the Lake and share this experience with you Guys a big thanks to our patreon Supporters too because we couldn't do What we do as often as we do without Your amazing support we might have to Buy another camera battery thank you and Uh we'll have another awesome boat video Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there that whole Time I was like rra it Up N WRA It Up N Rrap It Up N it's still going though we Got time you can say some more if you Want maybe we can just keep Driving bye you say by oh yeah sorry bye

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