Coolest LIGHTS on RC Boat EVER!! – VolantexRC Vector Lumen

Check out these cool LED RC boats here:
These are some of the coolest LED lights we have ever seen on an RC boat. This is the Volantex RC Vecture Lumen RC boat. It comes in the blue and green colors seen in the video, but there is a red version too. These go about 20MPH making them a great option for a young person or newcomer. Let us know your thoughts about these cool RC boats in the comments.
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Check out these cool LED RC boats here:

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Double wh po double Bon we've been having a blast this week On the channel because it's been the First boat week of 2024 and a lot of Times we tend to get more powerful as The week goes on but let's face it not Everybody has access to a large lake Like we've been driving our crazy Powerful boats more often than not People actually have just small ponds Like this or maybe even a swimming pool That's where boats like these come in to Play because I think we can have a lot Of fun and a small body of water and Wait till you see these power on because They've got one special trick up their Sleeves so let's power them on and have Some Fun what color are you blue I want to be Green today all right well I'm going to Toss in first really fast okay here we Go Auto flip we Hope no no don't get it caught up in the Lily pads so Abby wanted to go green Today the cool thing is the Fact that they they have lights they Have really cool lights I don't know if You guys caught that what did I just hit Did I I don't know you must have yeah I Got you oh I'm upside down so really who Won that but I flipped back over now Hold on a second Abby let me just zoom In a Hair

Okay I am trying to record and drive at The same Time and not get caught up in the lily Pads I just ran over one one I didn't Get caught so that's good or maybe I did I might be dragging it I think I am RSE Yeah chew it up a little Bit okay so these are volan teexs I Think they're called like lumens or Something something like that name Something along those lines and we'll Have it linked in the description box Below double wh po double Boner guys I think they come in like Four different colors too not just these Two oh really that's cool I'm pretty Sure there were some others and mine is Definitely turning much sharper One Direction than the other you cannot Catch me this is so hard to drive and Film at the same time Abby can you uh Give him some good camera work here for Just a Minute dead in the water don't kill me You know what yours was Flashing you might even have a low Battery possibly you not charge my Battery sabotage I thought it was Plugged in maybe not that might have Been a storage charge for yours so I got The blue one it does have a button on Here that you can press and it turns the Lights off you want stealth mode that's Right this is actually I was a little

Worried this Pond would be too small for These boats this is perfect isn't it yes Just like awesome cool little Pond for These boats if these boats were in the Lake that it oh no that definitely got Che up okay I'm free thank goodness we Have you out there too as a recovery Boat I like my lights on so let's turn Those back On so I I think this is amazing if a Little boat that's budget like this can Put super bright powerful lights on it I'm pretty sure all boats could cuz it Doesn't just have lights on the top it's The whole side of the boat on both sides It's solid my turn kind of unfortunate It's so challenging to drive and record At the same time we're lucky to have Each other Abby are what was that about that's s a Little passive across no I'm just saying We're lucky to have each other because If I want to like fly an airplane I'm Lucky to have you record if you want to Oh my goodness that was a good ramp oh My gosh so many distractions if you want To drive one of your favorite trucks You've got me to record for you that's What I'm Saying passive aggressive not saying That we're incapable of that But as I tried to that wasn't my not my Intention that's called intentional Aggressive why am I so terrible at depth

Perception depth perception with boats Or just just like imagine trying to hit A ramp with a car really far away Terrible it's not easy to do I thought I Was right in line with you hey the only Reason guys can hit those on tracks why That is because they have giant Yellow Rails keeping them headed toward the Ramp oh did you get caught in one yeah I Did that's wild cool though I mean it Has the ability to itself One Second Battle boats battle boats again that's Just too much Fun remember I'm blue everybody who's Going to win this who's going to win This this is fun RC is always more fun With other People Abby see they turn left poorly to the Right they can handle yeah I know better One way than the other oh was Close they're fun they're good little Boats I love that they lighted up They're good Budget Boats and I think my Favorite thing about these boats is Actually the size now here's the Challenging part for today can we get These out of this Pond cuz there's not a Good space Abby on the way out I packed J's claw that she got us just for this But you didn't tell me I was supposed to Grab it yep and so we don't have the Claw sorry j reader let's see that side Maybe is better but I'm going to try

Right here you want to record me sure Have fun getting your shoes wet Yeah yeah right here we go here we go Here we go here we go I definitely have Something caught on me too So oh no okay I got it that's all I Needed woo yeah it was thank goodness You have long arms The Claw uh I don't have that long I'm doing This what do you want me to fall in Probably there we go yours is going much Faster mine is the Superior Color oh Yeah that was way better look that was Good mine was definitely better than Yours the claw would have been nice Though yeah volantex is doing some cool Stuff with this I like that the lights Are what make this stand out the size And the price I really like them yeah They're not like great high performance Leg boats but I think they're really Perfect little Pond Boats drive me it says drive me that Means it has Telemetry so if the battery Gets low or disconnects the battery the Transmitter will be at you so that's Please drive me please drive me please Drive me I Know uh these are fun and I have had a Blast this week for boat week Abby as I Disconnect these batteries what was your Favorite boat of the Week got to remember

What okay we had the uh Horizon boat probo proo recoil 2 yes we Had the little red budget boat for $45 Not 40 you were wrong your math did not Math oh yeah I'm dumb then we had the Udrc so all these company varieties here This week yes and then these two little Guys uh my favorite was The proboat Recoil good for you I like the udrc and It would be cool to see if those if we Raced them which would be very hard to Do but I'd be curious to see which one's More powerful because I did feel like The probo was overpowered for its size Remember that yes and you put it on 75% Just to have control over it and I Thought like the udrc felt slightly Underpowered and maybe it's because of Our experience with the probo so is that A tie did we have a tie this week we'll See so I think we both like size and Power Right these are fun it's all about the Rooster tals the rooster tals is are Nice and on a hot summer day when you Splash yourself with those rooster Tails These boats will be linked in the Description box below and if you use That link it does help to support our Channel and our family at no extra cost To you I've had a blast this week and I Want to say a massive thanks to God for Blessing us with good enough weather to Get in front of the camera and bring an

Entire week of boat content to you I Also want to say a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't Do what we do as often as we do it Without your insanely awesome support if You love RC boats we'll have a Handpicked video popping up right about Now just for you thanks for watching We'll see you there Bye yeah Jeez gotcha oh [Music]

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