Coolest RC Mini Crawler just got EVEN BETTER!

Check out The Axial SCX24 here:
This is the updated Axial SCX24 Chevy 1967 c10. In this video we show the updated version of the coolest Axial SCX24 mini crawler and test it out. Let us know your thoughts about this RC car in the comments.
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Check out The Axial SCX24 here:

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I wonder if it can do it oh yeah it's Doing pretty good you guys look at that That climb angle Axel's newest release Or Mini release is the 67 Chevy C10 and They've got a couple new collars and We're here at toxic Pines crawler course Today because we've never taken this Truck through our awesome mini crawler Horse I like the bright orange if you're A hunter that very much looks like Hunter Orange in my opinion and I'm Excited to see how this mini crawler Does through the course so let's power It on and see how it Does all right Abby is going to take it Through the course I Do love the grill on this truck that is Probably my favorite thing for sure they Actually have like a light bar without The lights that can go on top that looks Super cool and ched out too just option Parts that it comes with just wanted to Run it the way it comes right out of the Box I think we're going to do well today On the course because it's very wet and Muddy which usually will give us as long As it's not soaking wet a little better Traction it's been a while I got to Remember it has been a while this is the Hardest spot of the whole course too the Hardest spot of the course and it's Early in the course you guys got to Check out some of these really cool Features later in this course especially

If you've never oh that's one I think I'm not equipped to do oh you got it you Got it if you've never seen this course Before now this is where you have a Choice Abby I think you should do full Circle on the old and then come around To the new possibly oh that's getting Pretty Steep nice bridge at the top does have The throttle limit and I'm driving at 100% throttle Limit very cool bridge and then we had Mulch Mountain down here it's holding up Well we've got some Greenery overtaking The course but after we get off of the Old course which is what aby's just now Finishing up we'll hit the new course And you guys got to check this out There's some really cool things that our Friend did and ab's going to go in Through a shortcut Nice the truck is looking good well Going through the course and I'm not Exactly sure what the other color is off The top of my head so you guys will want To check that out in the description box Now here is one of the newer pieces of This course Abby the Teeter Totter last Time Yes I think I had to hit it with speed What it needs is just a nice smooth lip For I don't know the rules of crawler Courses is it like golf you have to play It as it lies or can I move these pine

Cones out of my Way I need some speed and not Bumps oh nice oh that help oh and then You roll it fail at the last minute now That's two shush shush You okay all right you can save it oh No all right Hesitated she'll get it that's the fun Part of crawling oh my go is persisting Giant bird that is soaring oh yeah yeah Wow okay my gosh that's terrifying W Yeah that carry the crawler away for Sure You're you're going to get it you just Got to hop that back end up there [Laughter] Wow Oh oh yeah pine cone wedge that's going To help for Sure you think that's cheating no it's Not cheating the course needs modified Here I think yes it does there you go Nice and smooth that was good Abby good Call and is that oh not enough weight to Push it down no way oh that's hilarious I don't think that's fault of the truck It's just uh is this stiff oh yeah it's Not really teetering the way it was no It's messed up okay that's why course Problem it's okay it's all right I don't Think people have been using it Lately but we're here to have some fun On it those sticks are pretty Wet you made it through okay now this is

A very wet board this is usually Extremely steep I wonder if it can do it Oh yeah it's doing pretty good you guys Look at that that climb angle and then This wet Tire there's no way you're Going to be able to get over this slick Tire there's no way I agree but I got to Try I'm impressed by The Climb but in All fairness we've never done this in Wet yeah there's just no way I know for Sure the grip the grip is there okay I Mean that's just so steep right here no Way yeah all right we'll take that I Feel like the course is made for more Like 18th scale maybe 24 Scale still this is the best course we Have access to and I love it and I'm Very grateful for it and we like to Drive our mini crawlers Outdoors even Though these are quote unquote designed To be driven indoors I will say that However we have a blast driving ours Outside that's what RC is about right Getting Outside yeah look at that Abby nice Awesome are you going all the way to the Top oh Yeah will you make it Though need Dig nice yeah you got it you conquered The course I got to play around with this a little Bit Abby but I think it's definitely Your truck it goes perfect it's the

Perfect color match with your Blue yeah yeah and uh they knocked it Out of the park axial knows what they're Doing if you're in love with the way This thing looks you're going to love The way it drives I like the bright Orange paired with the Chrome and I know That the uh other colar that you'll see Linked In the description box looks Really good with chrome too so in true a You'll fashion I'm sure that by the end Of the year we will have bought the Black Version just to go in our Collection too we're kind of addicted to Buying them all it's like Pokémon it's Kind of unfortunate because I know that If axial released 10 different Colors at some point eventually we would Find a way to sell other things and buy Them okay it's Addicting but that's cool and they do a Really good job this will be linked in The description box below if you guys Want to support our Channel and our Family no extra cost to you and it's Just a good way to say thanks for making This free content you can click that Link and buy this RC or anything else on The website and we will make a small Credit for that that is the only way That keeps our Channel going so that and Our patreon supporters and we thank you Guys so much from the bottom of our Hearts also want to say a mass of thanks

To God for blessing us with this day to Get in front of the camera and share This experience with you guys RC Adventure is what it's all about but Just the day in general is what I'm Thankful for so a big thanks to God I Know I mentioned it briefly but a huge Thanks to our patreon supporters as well And if you're into mini crawlers we have A mini crawler that absolutely dominated This course you've got to check that out We'll have that video popping up right About now thanks for watching see you There bye [Music]

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