Doing things a little different…

Check out the Arrows T-28 Trojan here:
Doing things a little different in this video and flying multiple batteries for you. Let us know what you think of this style video. This is the Arrows Trojan, dubbed the “McDonald’s” plane. A long time favorite on our channel. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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Check out the Arrows T-28 Trojan here:


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This happens to be one of my favorite Trojans to fly and this type of thing Doesn't happen very often on the channel Where I just pick up something that I Want to fly and hang out with you guys Super casually that's what we're going To do today and we'll talk about this Plane while I'm flying we've got a Little wind we're fighting today but That's partly why I chose this airplane To fly instead of something else that I Kind of need to fly so without further Ado let's just jump jump right to it and Put this in the Air hope I got the right Radio and of course we've got Ron ready To go baby ready Ron we got It and here we go One of the reasons this is my favorite T28 or one of my favorite t28s is simply The way it looks I love it because it's Unique love that it has ret tracks which I think one is down yep it is did it Work when I showed it on the ground yeah I think so well sometimes you just got To kick him a couple times there it's up It just flies really good too everybody Knows T28 tend to fly well this one Flies extremely well it is a great Trainer airplane and just a fun toly Plane in general I love that it looks Different I also love that it flies on a 3s battery but it feels about like a 4S

Plane you ready let's punch it and climb There's four or Full Throttle on a 3s Battery we'll just kind of nose over There it's just a really fun plane to Fly you want to play our favorite game Will it snap will I Yeah let's build my speed back up okay Ex speed full speed and snap it good J Yes it snaps that's reason I love it Snaps good yes it does it's at least a Nine out of 10 oh yeah for sure Especially for like the price and Everything okay so more reasons to love This it has bright red and yellow on it So it's very easy to see for Orientation it's made well it's an Arrows airplane we'll have it linked in The description box below and uh that's The price the Price Is Awesome on this Thing you just need a b battery and a Receiver and batteries are affordable It's brushless and a lot of times you Don't get at least you know usually Retracts on your airplanes at this price Point and if you do it's just kind of a Junk airplane not always but tends to be The case now I'd like to hear from you Guys what are you gearing up to fly I Mean for this whole flying season There's a lot of potential for things to Fly and where are you flying you don't Have to be too specific you don't have To get give like your physical address Or anything but I would like to know

What part of the country are you guys or World even cuz we have worldwide viewers Where are you guys watching From or and where do you fly and what Are you hoping to fly and you can talk About if you fly on Tall Grass if you Have to do hand launches do you live in An area where you have to slope Sore cuz I would love to do that and I'm Sure the guys that are stuck slop slop Soaring so they wish they had somewhere Like Myspace to fly too you The Grass Is Always Greener right but I'd like to Hear from you specifically about this Upcoming flying season we're basically At the PE the just the tip of it right Here just getting right into It and are you flying giant turbines are You just getting started in the hobby Let's just kind of open a big old Dialogue in the comments cuz that's fun We don't get to do that very often a lot Of times I don't really ask questions I Just kind of leave it open comment if You want to but I really would like to Hear from you Guys so one thing we're going to do a Little different in this video if it'll Last if this airplane will last three Flights what is that what is that oh I Know what that is oh he's putting his Them that's how Nick gets his plane in His hanger he's got like a gas powered P Pusher Dolly thing to push his plane in

You guys didn't miss much I Just easy Manu as I said one thing we're Going to do a little different in this Video hopefully if it makes it three Flights is I want to do three flights We're just going to kind of shot the Breeze Get in some low passes fight this wind Together and just fly and have fun and While you guys are typing up where You're from and what you're going to fly And stuff I'll just keep flying for you Yeah we don't do this very often we're Usually and and even still today tend to Be in a big hurry life is that way Unfortunately one day it'd be awesome if We could come up here and just hang out A long time with you guys we had the Right internet Do other stuff too at our flying Location But Beggars cannot be Choosers there his little taxi thing is Turned off isn't it it's amazing how Quiet it can be up here when when we're The only people up Here but a lot of times there's there's Usually some kind of traffic and chatter Going on so Abby we're we're going to Push this 2200 milliamp 3s battery to Around 5 and a half maybe 6 minutes Which I feel like we're getting close Uh 4 minutes 4 and a halfish and we I Going to fly this side that is all there

Is to it maybe you can challenge me on Trying to do some Maneuvers or something Here's one that I haven't done in a While remember I feel like the last time We did that it didn't go very well here So we get low and then We remember inverted Show Pass oh yeah Inverted Show Pass was very Hard you guys you can probably tell the Wind is knocking me around a lot there's A show pass it's I said inverted I'm not Doing that inverted Show Pass every time I kick that Wing up and the wind picks Up you can see it just get Jarred over And I got to fight it right back so feel Like my confidence is a little Bit probably on the next battery I'll Really just crank it I'll open it up and Really just snap the sticks a little bit More than what I'm doing Now you're at Five okay so we have to land really the Best way to land is going to be like This Kick those landing gear down make sure We see three about half flaps and keep Some throttle on because that wind is Strong zero throttle and a little flare Okay we'll take it take take it we'll Take it we'll take it my that rough We're down oh my go strong wind are you Just 3s in it today just 3s all it is is A 3s airplane it doesn't do for us can Fly on 4S but I it says I looked at the

Website before we came cuz I couldn't Remember It says 3s I probably put a 4S in here But I guarantee the way I fly if I put a 4S in here I would push it so hard it Would just fry that ESC I Guarantee all right let's try to kick The landing gear up fast as soon as the Airplane gets in the Air landing gear up good Job lightning mqueen right Good So it's got a nice strap holding that Battery in that's my 5 minute timer from The last one this just go crazy Full Throttle off that dive and then right up Into a wild snap yeah that was Good little cubanate Action the wind is dying down as the Evening Progresses flies inverted good too Trouble is I don't fly inverted good Especially not with the Sun over There there we go let's kick it upside Down and hold it There see if we can bring it around Fly we got This right out of Savy inverted little figure8 inverted How's that that's pretty good and never Do that that's hard challenging it's the Planes that we fly the most though that We get to kind of push ourselves a

Little bit more what's your favorite Color scheme of Trojan this one oh yeah McDonald's over the yellow so I like the Randomness of it okay side Loop now Let's see this this is fun scary ready Down oh man oh whoa and keep it going he Made it scary Jeez okay let's do some crazy snap here We'll come off of this Full Throttle Bring it up snap it but keep the Throttle On there now we'll do one of Abby's Favorite little kind of death spiral Flat spins where we get this does Eventually stall out being 3s so we got To build up some speed and then climb it Up and then we just let it stall out Nose down pull the sticks out and there We go just got to remember to save it oh Come on baby had to build up that speed That's why I sometimes Abby will not Push it that long cuz I like my Planes okay we can do a flat pass over The runway let's do it so he's off on The throttle so we can slow it down some Get around this Bank full flaps on but We keep the landing gear up and we bring It in this is how we got the the uh Corsair gone you said I'm going to SC You said I'm going to come in here and Skim the runway and then you actually Did that and I said why did you was bad Cuzz you said that's what you were going To do that was bad I don't think you

Realized you were just speaking Metaphorically flaps up throttle up some Stop pushing the elevator down and we'll Just keep cranking It Nice it's a very fun airplane to fly it Flies very true even in the wind you Don't really have uh uh bad flying Tendencies with it it's pretty Predictable it is lightweight you got to You got to accept that so in the wind it Gets knocked around some more than Bigger Airplanes but fun to fly whoa yeah just Doing different stuff Today three they're back up whoa see That wind we went from no wind to like a 15 M hour Gust here this will be Fun okay I see three I see three I see three come on baby Come On oh no no no oh my oh my go keep going Keep going keep going keep going W that Was wild with that wind very sketchy oh One wheel that one's not liking going up Right now cuz you just landed like that Before my goodness she handles it I've Got like a door down uhoh uhoh uhoh uh Oh that was pretty bad that was pretty Bad all right crazy Killer once you land it yeah oh my gosh You need to take a breather well it's This wind it really is half flaps think

To you you think yeah why don't you fly It get out like you got safe on it no no Stabilization no nothing no thanks yeah I figured she's holding up okay to this Wild wind let's put a fresh battery in And do it Again You guys may not believe this you Probably won't actually I'd say probably Blow a lot of your minds but I think 95% Of my stick time you all get to see do You believe That truly I really mean That I uh you know we have other have Other obligations my life my wife my Kids life in general on the house grass All the above dishes you know all that Fun stuff that everybody does that People think for some reason YouTubers If you make videos on YouTube you don't Have to take care of the life stuff and I mean some YouTubers probably don't but We Do just everything in general car Maintenance and stuff so uh and I don't Talk about this very often it's not Really anything that I hide at all in Fact I probably should be should be Proud of that really because I I truly Believe unless I am just messing around With something cuz like a friend invited Me to go you know fly with him for an Hour which happens twice a year if that Uh or I go to an event and I'm flying

And aby's not there cuz she's watching The kids I mean 95 it's got to be 95% of This the time that I fly stick time we Do a video and and you guys get to be a Part of it so I've probably never flown This Trojan off camera and most of my Airplanes they're flown on camera it's If I ever go to sell or give away one of My personal airplanes I can usually tell The person I'm about I'm like 99% sure 100% of the flights of this thing or or Even you know sometimes cars too with Airplanes a lot of times for sure have Been recorded so you can see everything That I've put this thing through it's uh It's interesting it's wild but that's Just how it is for Us see this around I mean just being on 3s we're we're struggling to fight this Wind a little bit look at that that's a Weird Cloud look at that is that a cumulus Longus Nimbus or something Strange wow did that just pop up while We were I think so must be getting ready To Rain yeah Crazy let's go that's Full Throttle We're we're wearing this guy out on uh Just being 3s but it's fun you know we Don't have to have 4S is kind of like This new standard but 3s is nice for Budget flying Too straight up Full Throttle punch

Where do we lose it where do we lose it Was not straight well that was wind H That wasn't even close to it was let's Try again okay ready Up okay that was Straighter oh my good when you get that Wing like a kite in the wind it just Wants to flip you over yes that's full Scale guys got to deal with that too It's very scary in full scale very very Scary on the sticks here now imagine Being in the big Plane um people have been asking about The full scale stuff I have videos Recorded of some more progress that you Guys haven't seen I just got to take Time to edit them they take a little Longer and the one that I am currently On uh it all recorded at a weird angle For some reason so I'm working through The edit of that kind of a Challenge uh but I have had to pause we Just had you know medical stuff income Stuff hit us slowed us down pretty much Stopped us from doing full scale so we Were doing it as budget as anyone really Could anyway uh but it just had to had To hit pause we'll keep you guys updated A few people know some of progress I had On it but it's out of it's out of stand Still right now oh there okay I thought We only had one Wheel and up landing gear up roll baby I Saw just one wheel sticking down yeah

There it is oh Man not a very happy landing gear that Happens sometimes with three tracks on Planes that's the first time this has Happened on this airplane though Abby What's the flight time on here 4 and a Half all right we're doing okay let's Bring it in a nice gust of wind let's See if we Can yeah best landing today Myness I must have come in just a little Bit hard cuz that one's not sitting too Super flush but I can bend that back and It'll I can that right now just so you Guys know you're either going to bend it Or you're going to break it it looks Like it needs to go forward some so push It more than what you think it needs to Go and Then hey I fixed it job That's a lot of times as complicated as It gets and people tend to make it more Complicated you used to do that oh yeah When I started this hobby I was afraid To build airplane until I did it myself You do it yourself in the confidential Sky rocket it's really cool and I just Love I love stuff like this I mean it You know it's not the most expensive Thing in the world you can get so much Fun out of it hand ey coordination There's just so many great things about This hobby that I absolutely love and I I'm in a unique position where I don't

Just get to love the hobby I get to Share it with you guys I get to share it With my wife my kids my son especially Seems to be very interested in he's uh Car car car for car car and airplane is Car too well sometimes it's car and Sometimes it's he's one he's learning Yeah he's learning but he seems to be Extremely interested in them especially If they have wheels but the point is I'm Just very happy with this hobby because It's a very sharable hobby I mean yeah Sometimes I give someone that I know Doesn't quite have the funds available People ask why don't we do giveaways on The channel anymore we do I just don't Brag about it we do it to local families In need and stuff like that um and it It's nice it's nice to see the big giant Smile on their face and they get to go Enjoy the hobby something that they just Didn't expect to happen it's usually Nothing like this unfortunately because No one really flies anything like this It's more of a a bang good special Flight stabilization ready to fly thing Or a drone or a car uh that's just kind Of all ready to go this tends to get More in the lineup and that was part of The problem doing giveaways of something Like this because most of the people That watch our videos don't have the Radio and the knowledge to fly something Like this it's kind of a limited

Audience when you really think about it And so when you do giveaways people just Go sell it for 30 bucks or something and It just falls into the wrong hands as Far as that goes so we try to do more Local things for fundraisers and that Kind of thing which I don't really know Why I got on that topic but love the Airplane love the hobby love being able To share it with you guys is what I was Getting at and that's just the beauty of What we do and I hope you enjoyed this Video let us know in the comments did You make it all the way to the end did You enjoy watching flying something That's been on the channel a handful of Times three batteries which we just Don't normally do would you would you Like to see 10 batteries if we were able To do it just be nice to hear more from You guys so let us know I need to do an Update on my nx7 E I think it's called The white one yeah uh this had dust on It I haven't used it in so long because I've been putting that one through its Ropes so maybe we need to do a video on The 70 I don't know I don't do videos on Radios like you plug it in it works but If you're curious I've probably got 20 Or 30 models on it and it's holding up Really well um this one has more and More time of course but I've got no Major complaints about the nx70 except I Think the screen could be brighter I

Can't see it outside very well I've got To take my sunglasses up and look at it Like that really that's about it all This stuff though that you're seeing This airplane especially will be linked In the description box below the Batteries we're flying on this radio AMA The Academy of model Aeronautics we'll Have that Linked In the description box Below I highly encourage you guys fly With the Academy of model Aeronautics But now that we're getting into this Flying season the cool thing is all the Events that are going to be Nationwide And if you have Ama especially if you Fly with AMA you can go to these events And tend to be the key in your door the You know get your foot in the door to Fly at these events so uh do you have Any events on your radar that you guys Are hoping to go to as well as what are You hoping to fly where do you fly what Events are on your radar look them up With the AMA we'll have it linked in the Description box below all the goodies Using the links for the products helps To support our Channel at no extra cost To you it's just a good way to say Thanks for the free content I want to Say thanks to the big guy upstairs to God for blessing us with today because Got up here and I saw some activity Thought maybe we wouldn't get to fly and You guys don't know this because there

Wasn't a video posted but we didn't get To fly yesterday we came up with Intentions to fly because there was Activity going on so we had to turn Around and go home so thank you God for Blessing us with this beautiful day that We got to share with everybody watching Uh very grateful also a massive thank You to our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your insanely awesome support If you guys love watching these cool Warb birds fly we'll have a handpick Video popping up right about now just For you thanks for watching we see you There Bye

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