Check out this Drone here:
We love when we are able to take the opportunity to test RC drones at the beach. This is the C-FLY Faith Mini 2 GPS drone. In this video we attempt to test out this RC drone for you. Let us know your thoughts about this camera drone in the comments.
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Check out this Drone here:

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We're here to do an overdue drone video On the channel and I like to nowadays When we do a drone video do one with a Purpose we are traveling a bit it's Definitely unfamiliar territory for most Of you watching but for a lot of you You'll recognize this space we've been Here before and it's usually to test Drones yes that's right we drive all the Way to Georgia to test drones and to Check out the live oak trees behind us They're very cool today we're going Going to take a look at a very big well Not big they're trying to be a big Competitor to DJI mini with the uh cfly Mini 2 let's not forget how much I love When a drone comes with a nice case this Is definitely trying to compete with That mini drone because it's under 250 g Ready to fly it has a 3axis Gimbal and a Supposed 4k camera now the reason this Drone is jumping on the channel is Because look how tiny that is and the Fact that it's under 250 g makes it a Great travel drone but I also promised a Friend that the next drone to be on the Channel would be this one we've got some Others we can test too but I'm excited To see how this does with its brushless Motors and pretty high performance and Bragging points compared to DJI and Here's the best news where a DJI drone Is going to be $500 or more at least at The time of filming this video this

Comes in under half that price under $250 so if you can get a drone for Better than half the performance for Under half the price then I think we're Doing pretty good so let's power this on And see how it [Music] Does they still haven't learned have They no uh I think we've only ever had One semide decent experience from Seely So what should be a drone flying right Now fun over the soccer field and views Of the ocean has turned into about 20 Minutes off camera of my wife and I Trying to get this to work now let's let Everybody that's watching know we've Tested over 1,000 drones on our Channel I think it's very close to 1,00 drones Now so don't say that this is like our First drone we've tried doing updates We've tried doing uh all of the Connecting things that it wants to do it Connects it connects and then it Disconnects it connects then it Disconnects status lights are changing And it's just really unfortunate because Um you know so we wanted this to fly and I think there's a lesson to be had here Look see just not working and this is Not working it decided to turn itself Off when we brought this drone with us From home we made an assumption we Assumed it would work this is the Drone We brought to fly and test here at the

Soccer field we knew exactly where we Wanted to fly it and test it and we are Here let down now am I saying that all Drones that are not DJI drones are bad And you shouldn't buy them absolutely Not we featured tons on our channel that Are fantastic they don't keep up with DJI but if you don't have DJI money and You just want a good drone experience we Have some really good alternatives for You to check out we don't want you guys To show up somewhere and be stranded and Not able to fly and let's face it that Happens all the time when people buy Expensive drones without watching Reviews they can trust and this should Just be another video for the record Although a person is expecting to tune In to our Channel and watch Perfection And see a great drone and us saying go Buy it click here this is not a good Drone that you should buy I've never Been impressed by seaf ever they had one Drone that we tested that basically did The B the basics that it was supposed to Do this is a it's a let down in my Opinion and we'll have an alternative Out there in the description box and Probably at the end of this video for You so to anybody that says or thinks I Just want to remember this video I can Send to them the things that are sent to Us are sponsored videos you can think Whatever you want but this is just a

Good example of a drone that was sent to Us that doesn't work and of course we Don't want to make a video like this Because we don't want to make Seely and Our friend that works for seaf fly upset With us but it is the truth of the Matter we can't even get this to connect Properly in order to fly properly and Definitely not to get a video back to You guys properly so here you have it I Know it's not a very exciting video but It is the truth truth that happens There's a lot of YouTubers that would Not do this they would just re-shoot and Re-shoot and re-shoot until they finally Got it to work and then they could sell You a drone that you probably have a Horrible experience with this is our Experience couldn't get it off the Ground I was excited to fly it there's a Lot of reasons to like it but ultimately It's not a drone that I want you guys to Buy because we Know we know how drone should work hell Yeah and this is ain't this isn't how it And we want you to have a good Experience when you're in the RC hobby An experience like this if a person Bought this as their first drone that Was their experience they're going to be Deterred from the hobby forever cuz They're going to think all drone Experiences are like that and they Aren't so let's watch another video of

Ours here soon I want to say a massive Thanks to God for blessing us with the Ability to be able to jump in front of The camera and share honest experiences With you guys for getting us here on This trip despite the poor performance Of this drone safely and just everything And life in general big thanks to God Also a huge thanks to everybody watching But specifically our patreon supporters Because we couldn't do what we do as Often as we do it without your amazing Support we have one of the best support Teams in the world and we highly Encourage you guys to join so we can Keep making content like this who knows If we'll ever see Seely on our Channel Again we've done maybe five of them and They're all generally a big letdown so Maybe there will be a sixth or a seventh We will find out Mosquito Thanks okay we have some more RC fun and Adventures to get to so we're going to Leave you guys with an awesome budget Drone video popping up right about now Definitely worth your time thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye [Music]

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