E-flite Super Timber 1.7m RC Airplane!!! 5 NEW ADVANCED Features on BIG Plane!

Check out the E-Flite Super Timber here:
This is the brand new E-Flite Super Timber 1.7m RC Airplane. This RC plane has 5 new advanced features. In this video we maiden this new Super Timber RC airplane by E-Flite and talk about these new exciting features. Let us know your thoughts about the RC airplane in the comments.
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Check out the E-Flite Super Timber here:
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D how can I not start the video when the Thing is called super Timber and think what you want about This being another Timber this airplane Has actually got my jaw almost on the Floor because we have five unique new Things that this airplane is doing and I've got to applaud eflight for their Innovation on this airplane the first Very cool thing is down here on the Bottom of the These are now rubber air filled tires That are actually bead loock Wheels very Cool that they did that also to all you Draco lovers you can buy those for 40 Bucks and they do fit right onto the Draco the second thing may surprise you As matter of fact you're looking at it Right now and I doubt you'll know what I'm talking about but check this out This is the first timber ever other than The giant Balsa one that I brought to The Airfield in multiple pieces and that Is because it's easy to take on and off That wing with just a quick little Locking mechanism check that out we just Push this over that little metal pin Goes into place and believe it or not That's holding our wing On now just don't forget to actually Lock that in place when you go to fly Number three is everything that's under The hood that's good on this plane this Is the first timber other than the Balsa

Version First foam Timber that's flying On 6s power it'll also handle 4S power But yeah I'm excited to put a 6S pack in Here and just go crazy with it and we're Going to fly on a 3200 today now this One might surprise you guys because of The Innovation you check out these Vortex generators on the front of the Wing right the Leading Edge if you'll Notice if I so Choose those can pop on and off with a Little clip rather than being Glu in Place I love that but it's because bring It in bring it in these are our wing Slats and they just clip into place with Those same clips that the vortex Generators use that's exciting I love That they do that because a lot of times I put these on and they get stuck on With the glue so it's really cool that We've got the option and we can just pop Them on and off as we choose whichever Way want we want to fly and I said I Told you they're doing five unique Things the fifth is the fact that we are Using yellow paint for some reason I Really want a banana right now now I Know that's a little bit anticlimactic But I mean come on look at that thing It's like a lightning bolt and I love The way it looks it's going to pop in The sky I'm crazy excited to fly this I Want to see what its performance is like I will say that these are very bouncy

When you set it down that puppy will Rock back and forth even in no wind so That'll be interesting to see how it Handles on the ground let's put it in The air and see how it does okay the Lights look good too we've got nice Lights on the wing tips I think we have A white light on the top of the rudder We've got front lights under the prop It's taxiing well okay I'm liking Everything that I see so far see the Bright lights up front mhm handles well On the ground I was worried it might Like swing back and forth with those Rubber Wheels I love the color I'm ready Let's Go oh yeah that's nice that's Cool all right Timber yeah definitely Feels a lot like the twin timber in a Lot of ways that is one of the more Recent ones that I've Flown oh this is so cool Abby love the Color feels like a Timber I think that's The best uh first like initial Impression that I'm getting from this Rock Solid right off the ground I didn't Have to do anything maybe could use a Touch of trim no it feels really good It's climate 6s power Right on a 3200 I'm not exactly sure what kind of Flight time we'll get ooh that knife Edge is beautiful so looking at the Um movement that I got on my control

Surfaces on the ground I was expecting a Snappier roll rate for example that's Pretty slow just to see how much uh Movement I had on the control surfaces But I mean we could mix in flaperons Which would give us a lot more we can Increase our rates too so it's just uh It's kind of tame it's a good roll rate It's it's not bad it's just a little bit On the tame side which is good let's Climb it again 6 has power we can just Keep going I don't think we're going to Stall out although it's kind of a heavy Airplane let's just let it roll down We'll pull up out of that and go into a Nice clean Loop out Here and then maybe cubanate over here We'll go like this get into a nice [Music] Cubanate yeah I feel good at the sticks On this airplane we just keep it Inverted here instead of finishing the Cuban eight feels good feels like a Great airplane Abby it's something that You would probably do very well to fly I Want to play everybody's favorite game Oh yeah okay we can do that you got to Get a not upside down or are you going To go for it no we won't do it like this But let's go right side of the field is Better side of the field tonight with The lighting let's do it you ready let's Play everybody's favorite game will it Snap Yo oh yeah that snaps great of

Course it does now that was more than I Expected which is really really nice I Didn't expect that kind of level of snap On That it's flying really nice guys best Way best thing I can say about it is Just flying the way I would expect it to Now I'm wondering too how well are those Wing locking systems going to hold up Over time it is just a small pin right So I'm sure they've tested that but that Is a curiosity of mine how will that Hold up over [Music] Time we'll just kind of keep it over Here cuz obvious said it looks a little Better with the Sun the way it was yeah You're going silhouette on the other Side Hard let's just do a little Hammerhead Action yeah this is nice very enjoyable Airplane to fly it is a good size at 1.7 M it flies I think they said on a 6S 3200 to 5000 although it starts feeling Very heavy in the 5,000 mamp range it Feels heavy now um and it will fly on a 4S in case anyone is curious but I don't Believe I would ever want to fly this on A 4S it feels really good on the 6s I Could see a trainer if a person was Wanting to learn to fly on this or is Their second or third airplane maybe um You could put that 4S in and keep it in Safe and just kind of cruise around I

Just I don't think I would want to do That myself for me if I'm ever flying This it's going to be on a 6S battery I Think they did mention that it is float Capable on some existing floats that are On the market I can't remember which Version of floats but those will be Linked on the website where we will have This airplane linked as Well now we've got flaps too I haven't Even touched those I'm just having a Really good time flying this I mean this This could be a daily flyer and I say That because here's full Flaps oh Sorry scared me there yeah we're just Going to KI what you were doing kick Those flaps off and come around over the Run no we're not we're oh my goodness Okay we're going to hit those flaps on Full here and zero Throttle maybe a touch and go maybe a Touch and Go woo bouncy right the rubber TIR like A trampoline no flaps and a future video We'll put those wings slots probably It's not going to fly significantly Different but it'll be slower and so uh Maybe we'll put in a I don't know windy Day with the wing slats yeah that was Pretty good boy that is just bouncy on Asphalt no matter how I felt like that Was pretty smooth Landing we'll do it Again so what's the pros of rubber

Wheels tires well they should hold up Longer than foam that's one thing foam Gets beat up really bad and easy these Are more scale um yeah they definitely Should hold up uh I'm just used to Flying with foam let's I don't know Bring it in again I could have landed Down there I like to land closer to Us little low oh my goodness wasn't Ready for that I like that snap Abby Let's just do that again probably going To need to test my battery here so let's Land it and maybe put in a battery a new Fresh battery cuz I do want to get a Second flight on this I think I'm not Sure I'm not totally sure if we're going To do that in this video or not but I Want to see where we're at on the Battery life there that was pretty nice I'll take that that's a good way to end A maiden flight video I think as far as That goes guys we're going to take a Look at this again a little closer I Want to look at the battery but I'd like To remind you as I'm taxiing in that This is linked in the description box Below it's brand new it'll start Shipping if you're watching when this Video came out 2 weeks from the release Of this video is what we've been told And it is very awesome airplane if you Use that link that's in the descript Description box it does help to support Our Channel and our family at no extra

Cost to you if you appreciate this Content if you like this video and you Don't necessarily plan on buying this at Least leave us a like and let's check That voltage which tool Abby which tool Yeah that's the one uh this I just want To talk about this for a second this Came with it uh if you buy the $40 set Of landing gear it comes with that and The funny thing is I have not put any Air in those tires I aired up four of The kids balls at the house that Desperately needed air that they want Arcades um so that was cool it works I Used it for that but not for this I mean It was handy it was it was very handy Because I had this on the table let's Just use it let's see any warmth that's Not very warm at all there's just a Little bit of warmth to it the Assembly Of this airplane 99% of it was great I Hated the four bolts with the little nut That holds on the legs did you ever Decide if you were correct on the Direction of The Landing I think I got It right everybody will let me know if I Got it wrong here's the beautiful thing About that flight I don't know exactly The flight time we had I think we were And you know what I could have looked on The Telemetry on the on the radio too But this gives us a little bit more Accuracy that was like a 4 and 1/2 Minute flight and we're at

3.83 volts per cell that's a storage Charge I feel confident I could have Flown for at least another minute and a Half if not longer so that's a really Good flight time even the way I was Flying it I think they knocked this out Of the Park and I only say that because Of the Innovation it flies really well If they just came out with this and they Put yellow paint on it and said it's 6s Capable I'd have said yep it's another Timber but at least it's a good Timber And an acceptable upgrade however the Vortex generators versus the wing slats The air filled tires and the clip on Wings are all welcome in my opinion and I hope I sincerely hope that anytime Eflight releases an airplane for this Point forward as long as that holds up Over time they continue to do that Because it's visually very nice there's No bolts there's no twisty things Sticking out of the top there's no Rubber bands it's pretty and if that Holds up over time the function is way Up there because literally I just got Done flying check this out just got done Flying need to pack it up that fast and I'm not even experienced at doing that I Can take my wing on and off that's a Beautiful thing in my Opinion it's not very often a new Timber Comes out and I get this excited because Yeah they might Implement one or two new

Things like the twin Timber what they do They put two Motors on it don't get me Wrong that's very cool and I love flying It but given the choice I'll throw this In the car over the twin Timber any day Uh the twin Timber is cool and fun and It'll be a a fun different thing to fly But if I want a traditional high Performance or at least upper level Performance that's still somewhat of a Casual flyer and very high visibility And also here's the bonus here's the Downside right large airplanes hard to Transport fun to fly large airplane easy To transport super fun to fly on a 6S Common siiz battery this is now easily a Daily flyer rather than a trailer flyer You know what I'm saying so this is very Exciting I really like it and I do think They nailed it on this kind of coming Off that high I don't really feel that Good after a lot of flights Maiden Flights too that was just fun like Awesome super awesome super it'll be Linked in the description box below and I hope you guys share my excitement over This because it's really cool super Duper super duper let me know your Thoughts in the comments though uh about All the things the the new things that They're doing with this and I cannot Wait to hear from you I love the Discussion because you know maybe I'm Overlooking something maybe AB told you

Guys something that you weren't aware About so let's talk about it I want to Say a massive thanks to God for blessing Us with this beautiful day almost no Wind I can't believe we got this for a Maiden flight it feels amazing out it Was just an awesome awesome day so's Legs are showing so you know it was a Good day that's right yeah soon as they Start getting tan the heat is done so You know as long as they're shining you Guys know we got warm weather still to Come uh and I'm very grateful for it and I just want to say again a big thank you To for the blessing not just for this But for the whole day in general also Massive thanks to our patreon supporters Because we couldn't do what we do as Often as we do it without your amazing Support please consider signing up to Support us or another great way is again To click the link and buy your things Using our link no extra cost to you and It's a big support to us we are super Grateful if you're into awesome Airplanes we will have a handpicked Video popping up right about now just For you thanks for watching we'll see You there bye [Music]

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