EASIEST TO FLY Micro Trainer RC Airplane! – HobbyZone Apprentice STOL S

Check out the HobbyZone Apprentice 700mm RC plane here:
This is the HobbyZone Apprentice STOL S 700mm RC airplane. It claims to be the easiest to fly ultra micro trainer airplane on the market. In this video, Abby puts that claim to the test. Let us know your thoughts about this beginner rc airplane in the comments.
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Check out the HobbyZone Apprentice 700mm RC plane here:


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This airplane makes some big claims it's Claiming to be the best most easy to fly Ready to fly trainer plane that's micro Siiz there is this is the Hobby Zone Apprentice stall s it's a 700 mm it has A brushless motor inside it's supposed To be able to do tight spaces but I'm Here on a Runway today to have some fun I'm flying on a 2s battery and I have Not flown this yet Nate has so this is Going to be my maiden I'm going to try To push myself a little bit more out of My comfort zone today even though it's Been a while since I have flown but That's okay I trust this plane let's fly Okay I'm going to take off in the Beginner mode since this is so easy to Fly let's put that to the test going to Give it some throttle and some up Elevator a little bit of left Rudder We're up very Minimal throttle was needed for that Good job so here's beginner mode that is Full left on the Aeron Nate can say this Stuff so much faster than me she's in High rates too I told her she'll have More control over the airplane in high Rates she's used to Flying this is full Down right now just so you know man with Throttle though yeah with Throttle here's a right turn with a Little bit of up Elevator and the reason they do that is To make it hard for beginners to crash

When you have throttle on you really Don't want the plane going down usually Now if you were to go zero throttle and Then push it down you'd probably get More Effect barely but it's coming down and That's going to prevent a nose dive Crash that's full down and zero throttle That's what this plane's all about now One thing I think you might have missed On the intro and that's okay that's what You got me for I think this airplane Don't hold me to it but I'm like 99% Sure this thing is under 250 g and That's like the biggest selling point is Completely ready to fly with everything You need coming in the box and so now With all This um what's it called freia Stuff mhm With remote ID it has to be under a Certain weight for them to be able to Sell their planes completely right mm so This one must hit that way it does yeah You're right very small plane 700 mm Well it's actually bigger than a lot of Ready to fly little airplanes Intermediate oh there we go now you have Way more control especially on the Elevator not okay okay got to remember How to fly now and that's intermediates For Abby's just knocking some rust off Today and I told her this would be a Good airplane for her to do that Intermediate Mode's going to let her

Bank the airplane way sharper and Pitch The plane up and down way steeper that's What you guys are seeing she's waking The plane up some she's flying low too I'm myself up yeah you're right I'm Pretty proud of your height that you're Flying cuz a lot of times you used to Fly way up there yeah but this is good You're doing really good height-wise You're you're zero mistakes High so That's more fun to Watch now today is a cold day with clear Skies and we're picking up radio chatter Far away you guys might hear some of That well a lot of times it's not Directed at our airspace but we do fly Within those I don't know if I can do Advaned mode today I got Twitchy thumbs You can you can fly a little higher and Kick it and then try like a maybe just Like a loop or a roll cuz it's capable Kind of grinds my gears what's that Instead of advanced mode because you Know beginner intermediate Advanced it's Experience I agree I agree it kind of Hurts my brain good for it girl there You go and just get ready to kick it on And you're now come on down wow I really Pushed my limits with that today that's Okay didn't I say that in the intro I Was going to push myself I wasn't sure If that was cloud or you 12 Mistakes by With that Loop okay you did on the car Ride over she's like I'm this is it

Today's the day I don't even care I'm Pushing It which you know how to fly you can fly Out of safe but it has been a while and I think confidence is the biggest Factor When it comes to Flying anytime a pilot gets quiet They're very Focused triple yeah that's pushing it Way out into outer space I saw it I Heard it's there it's Recorded no I just have to kill the Throttle one full elevator down cuz I Keep switching back to beginner mode so I don't have to think to recover this Well now that you've recovered it hit Intermediate and just nose dive oh wait Everything brain wise just died so That's the one downside to safe and this Is what guys will complain about Complain all you will no it's fine this Is there's two sides to this coin if you Learn in safe it's like learning with Training wheels on and then it's harder They will say when you jump to Intermediate I say you learn a lot more In safe and then yeah you've got one Little hurdle to get over when you're Trying to kick safe off but you have Gained so much knowledge I think that if You took a person that flew in safe for 20 flights and a person straight off the Streets with zero flights and put them Side by side and said here fly this

Plane in regular that good R good roll With full throttle you'll roll faster That was Full Throttle I it's just a It's a trainer plane so it'll it's not Going to roll real fast here's my Thoughts on it a lot of guys leave Comments will you guys do a video on how To get your wife or partner significant Other whoever into the Hobby and okay if You're wanting someone to fly with you And they're not always going to be able To practice like I don't have that much Time to practice as you guys see Usually the one in front of the camera They're going to want something like This that they don't have Toess about crashing Yeah and that's why safe is important if You want someone that you love to come Out and hang out with you and have a Little bit of fun in the hobby something Like this is why this exists I mean and And to help the guy Learn to Fly that's Never flown before too but yeah I agree This is the perfect safe is the perfect Option to get someone to fly when they Just don't have a lot of time to get Good yeah I can't believe the wind that Kicked up it's supposed to only be 3 mph Max today all right well this was a fun Flight I'm pretty sure this could Probably last forever which is Incredible because it is only a tiny Tiny little to us battery I'm going to

Try to land it you need to land kind of Toward us kind of hard T today yeah but You can do it cuz it's not going to need A lot of Runway barely coming at us now FL oh very nice Abby that was that was Great but not too bad A Little Wheel the Wind that picked up he did really good What I was saying is I think the person That has flown the 20 flights with safe Versus the guy that has zero flights off The street I think the guy with safe Under his belt who will uh will learn Faster okay well I think they did earn The title of easiest toly trainer micr Plane this was really enjoyable very Relaxing flight pretty stressfree for me Which is important to me when I go to Fly this is going to be perfect if you Only have tight spaces to fly now if You're looking for something a little Bit bigger I'm still and always will Recommend the Hobby Zone AOS Scout as The best trainer plane you're going to Need a little bit more room though to Fly that so if you decide you want Something bigger make sure you have a Good space now I do get emails quite Often it's like Nate and Abby I feel Like I'm a little bit above the Aros Scal I'm looking for something maybe That I can push my skills a little bit More I'm very confident that's when I Would step in and say okay here's my Next favorite plane it's the eite

Valiant we have both those planes that I Just recommended on our YouTube channel Subscribe go check out all our videos to See them now if you want to see Nate fly This Hobby Zone Apprentice stall s he Has flown this what twice once once he Has flown this once for you guys he made In it he liked it but this is a trainer Plane so Nate said Abby you got to fly This today so I hope you guys enjoy the Flight and just so you can see the Transmitter oops really quick I flew in High rates then here's beginner all the Way back in oops yep intermediate Advance there is a panic button which I Forgot to talk about and then your Throttle shut off cut off throttle H Whatever and if you're new to the Hobby I want to give a shout out to the Academy of model Aeronautics AMA they're An insurance company that helps give me A little bit of peace of mind when I fly God forbid I hit a fullscale plane or That wind meter thingy out there or one Of these Runway lights if I did I Damaged them AMA would step in to help Cover the cost of the damages that I did Because of my RC plane I'll have that Linked In the description box below I Highly recommend anybody that flies to Have Ama I will have this because it's Ready to fly it comes with everything Needed and I'll have the bind andly Version of this RC plane linked down in

The description box below so be sure to Check that out for a great successful Maiden of this very nice airplane I want To thank God it's a beautiful sunny Clear sky day with just very many Minimal Breeze to fly a micro plane so Thank you God for just such a fun day I Also want to say a huge thanks to our Patron family members you guys are what Get me out in the cold to always film These videos for you guys just thank you So much for your support I will have Nate's maiden of this Apprentice popping Up right about now for you guys to go Check out and learn a little bit more About this plane thanks for watching We'll see you there Bye

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