Fly It Like You Stole It – E-Flite Decathalon

Check out the E-Flite Decathlon here:
This is the E-Flite Decathlon RJG. This 1.2m RC airplane is the best looking plane in the E-Flite lineup. In this video we push this RC airplane to its limit! Let us know what you think of this new RC plane in the comments.
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Check out the E-Flite Decathlon here:

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Here you [Music] Go we're coming in hot with the new RJ Gitter eflight to cathlon I love this Thing it's absolutely beautiful and I've Got to take out this battery to put in a Fresh pack this time we're flying on 50c Batteries and in the maiden flight we Were flying on a 30C battery I think That with this high performance of an Airplane we want that higher SE Discharge when possible but don't get me Wrong this thing can fly around nice and Calm and smooth if you want to on a 3s Battery too now I talk a little bit more In detail about all the bells and Whistles and features this plane has to Offer in our Maiden flight video uh and We'll talk about it a little bit more in This flight too but today I just want to Take off and have some fun with it so Let's get right to it beautiful plane Guys absolutely beautiful I want to see Flight do more more more more more like This and I want to hear from you guys in The comments am I alone in thinking I Want to see more stuff look like this or Do you like the uh more scale Look not that this isn't Scale I like the 4S power it has to Offer and right now we have a little Less wind but still some wind compared To that Maiden flight that we had this Thing is just wild Abby it is fun and

We've got to get you on the sticks for Sure so hopefully we can bring it back In one piece today so you can fly it the Snap on it is is insane absolutely Insane flies inverted almost better than It flies upright I just really like how It flies upside down you almost need no Elevator input at all let's see if we Can do I haven't done this in a long Time if I can do this it'll make me feel Really good about the inverted flight uh And okay nervous but we'll put it upside Down and then what we do is roll it and Keep going yeah Inverted that was a little bit high up But that's okay That's what we do when we're trying Something we're not super comfortable With right couple mistakes High this has the power that's for sure You do not have to worry about losing Power on the climb out or if you've made A mistake and you need to punch out of Something let's say you're low on speed Low on throttle throttle up and up Elevator about 1 second later and you're Going to climb out of it I've only flown This thing about three times now I think This is my third flight and uh already I Can just tell you it has the power Oh wind is fighting my knife edge but we Did It love the inverted love the inverted We'll work on getting lower inverted but

It's just such a pretty plane I don't Want to uh w got low on that one cool so That was an inverted I finished finished It by coming down which I almost never Do but felt felt pretty good about it so That's just about a oneir throttle pass Uh nose With the Wind I'll try to go Nose into the wind here and go full thr Here you [Music] Go very nice flyer come out of this Full Throttle snap it not even going full up Wow that was Wild that was Wild it's a pretty plane and it's Aggressive it flies good and don't get Me wrong she'll fly in safe too I showed It in the maiden flight fighting that Crazy wind we'll kick it on here for a Second so there's safe on one and if you Guys are you know not crazy like me and Like to just whip these planes around Like you stole them uh you can just not That I'm always that way but I feel that Way with this one you know you can fly It in safe and that's what I have it on Right Now and just kind of it's almost like a Trainer I mean it's a little Bit it's hard to really tell you because I haven't had a very calm day to fly This on yet but you know It's it flies like a small plane okay is The best way to put it it it doesn't fly

Like a big tame large airplane uh now That might be completely different on a Super calm day But small inputs go big on this one I Think is the best way to put it now when You turn safe off the rates by default Go up by a lot and so you get that Really fast aggressive roll rate look at That we did a double roll and that Climbs straight up with almost no speed So we'll go zero Throttle throttle climb roll roll roll Like it's nothing that is just so cool Abby let's do one of your favorite Maneuvers we got to get some altitude we Put the wing on this Way and we're almost at the top so let's Do it let's see the wind is going to Push us away as we fall down which is Crazy I had to I had to stop it before We lost that we did too I know I know But the wind was pushing and the wind is Back up now uh you know that's the best I could Do I think one of my favorite things to Do is just a nice clean roll on this the Loops are are good and anytime you get That Wing facing the right way look at This the top of that Wing look at that Ain't that beautiful against that blue Sky or the white clouds man that's nice It looks really good I don't know if That was an accurate 5 minute timer cuz I'm pulling I'm not I don't have you at

5 minutes yet so it's interesting from My other Flight here we go Go the other way you're like four and a Half okay this thing will just eat up The sky on a 4S battery and we're doing All this on a 2200 milliamp which is Really Impressive really impressive I love this Size airplane because of the size of Battery and Abby does too I think the Next time we see it on the channel we Got to get Abby flying it for Sure just got to get it back in one Piece today that's it that's the main Mission got to make sure Horizon has it In stock before I fly it yeah look at That Abby look at that very cool so this Is an airplane that I'm going to Continue to push myself on because it's Going to go in the car quick and easy And I can just do stuff like that and See what happens uh and maybe learn a New maneuver or so on it because the Tumble rate on this is very impressive Where the tip of the Wings are clipped The tip of the rudder is clipped too Let's go ahead and I know my battery is Getting a little bit low got a little Bit of an audience here today too so I'm Going to land this while I still have a Little bit of juice we'll bring it down Hopefully we can get it down in one Piece with this wind a little bit of

Speed a little bit of speed slow it down Right at the last second and that was so Much better of a landing maybe my best One yet really love this airplane but Even more so love the way it looks Yeah what an awesome plane guys I'm Going to make this short and sweet we'll Have this Linked In the description box Below where if you buy this or anything On the website it does help to support Our Channel and our family at no extra Cost to you I want to say a massive Thanks to God for blessing us with this Beautiful day this time of year to get In front of the camera and fly an Airplane for you and finally last but Not least I want to say a massive thanks To our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your amazing support we thank You guys from the bottom of our hearts I Highly encourage you check out our Maiden flight we'll have that video Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there Bye [Music]

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