FMS Toyota Land Cruiser 80 1:18 Scale: The Ultimate Off-Roader in Miniature!

This FMS Land Cruiser 80 get yours here:
The FMS Toyota Land Cruiser 80 (1:18) is more than just a toy; it’s a miniature masterpiece! With its realistic design, working lights, and impressive performance, this RC car will blow your mind. Join us as we dive into all the details, from its durable chassis to its advanced two-speed gearbox. You won’t want to miss this!

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Hey everyone today we've got the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 and 118 scale from FMS On the review bench it comes in three Cool colors gray yellow and blue the Model measures 282 mm in length and 126 Mm in Width in the box you'll find the Controller the Toyota Land Cruiser Itself a charger Battery and an instruction manual with Decals The controller is pretty standard but Offers some neat features like being Able to change settings such as Drive Type battery type and neutral Brake Plus The fourth Channel controls the lights And the third channel is for shifting Gears from The Waiting hose luggage rack Spare tire open hood to the tow hook on The body of the car every detail is Meticulously designed to make it look as Awesome as the real deal adding to the Off-road Adventure vibe And the lc80 model has advanced in retro Realistic car lights including Reflective headlights fog lights daytime Running lights Etc which provide clear And bright lighting effects for the Vehicle while perfectly capturing the Classic style of the real Car powerwise it's equipped with a 3in1 Receiver ESC light control system the Rugged chassis construction of the FCX One8 lc80 provides excellent strength

And durability it can handle strong Impacts and heavy loads while staying Stable in all sorts of terrains and Conditions offering an unparalleled Off-road Experience plus it's fitted with Precisely tuned metal hydraulic shock Absorbers for more stable shock Absorption and better driving posture The tires have high abrasion resistance And low noise characteristics allowing The vehicle to drive easily on any road Surface whether it's climbing difficult And rugged terrain or speeding down a Dirt path and the lc80 model has Advanced and retro realistic car lights Including reflective headlights fog Lights daytime running lights Etc which Provide clear and bright lighting Effects for the vehicle while perfectly Capturing the classic style of the real Car and let's not forget the two-speed Transmission which gives you the Flexibility to switch gears according to Your needs whether you want to Accelerate quickly or crawl slowly this Model's got you covered the high and Variable transmission offers excellent Speed and power for smooth rides on flat Roads while the low gear shift provides More torque and traction for handling Steep hills and rough terrain so the FMS Toyota Land Cruiser 80 isn't just a Remote controlled model it's a real

Adventure on wheels for all off-road and Car enthusiasts out there I can't save The audio file directly yet but Hopefully this slow reading helps [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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