FOAM 3D Stunt Helicopter For Beginners!!! – New Blade Eclipse 360

Check out the RC helicoper Blade Eclipse 360 here:
This is the brand new Blade Eclipse 3d RC helicopter. This is a foam rc helicopter just announced. In this video we maiden this RC heli. Let us know what you think in the comments.
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Check out the RC helicoper Blade Eclipse 360 here:


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[Music] Do you like seeing shiny brand new Things crashing explosions well today Might be a good day for you then which Would be a very bad day for me this is The new blade Eclipse 360 and it's a very cool unique Different looking helicopter now I don't Think they're the first in the world to Do this but I do believe this is the First time blade has ever used foam EPO Foam as their body on their helic opter It's going to be easy to work on and That kind of thing which is great and Let's not deny the fact that it looks Really cool I think that a lot of people Are going to like the way this looks now Your blade stunt helicopter Pilots may Not because it's less traditional and People tend to like traditional things Sometimes and that's okay too we have a Brushless main rotor this does fly on 3s Power so I don't think it's like an Extreme Performance helicopter but more Of a scale flyer with some 3D Capabilities and we have a brushless Tail rotor I love the way the tail setup Looks I really do I like the multiblade Fan what do we have there five blades Abby it looks good we've got lights all Over the helicopter up here on the tail We've got some nav lights down here and Optional wheels for landing gear if you So choose it comes with the skids on but

You can pop those off and put on some Landing gear if you like we have a Carbon fiber blade and Metal Gear servos And then let's take a look at under here Again because we've got our receiver Mounted here on the side at least the Satellite receiver which is really nice We just pressed the button and bound it To the transmitter now unlike the blade Infusion 120 where I struggled to bind It up I got this just right and then I Reached out to Ethan AER the most Amazing guy in the world and I said Ethan I don't want to do anything wrong On this can you help me make sure I did It right and we kind of went through Everything and turns out I did it right I think so today's going to be a maiden Flight of this really cool different Looking blade helicopter again we're Flying on a 3s 2200 mAh battery I'm Nervous but I'm excited and the longer I Talk the more wind picks up so let's Fly that should be throttle hold yeah I Got throttle hold to work okay remember That Ready There's my flight modes that's my flight Modes that's great after a little bit of Pre-flight testing like making sure my Throttle hold Works and safe is on a switch which it Is if I throw this up into different Flight mode then I automatically spool

Up I feel pretty good about the ma in Flight here now I have a little bit of Wind so I have to be cautious of that This being a maiden Flight of the big Helicopter listen to that oh my Goodness let's spool up some sounding Good nice and balanced you know what Rookie mistake that looks cool the way It's sitting but guess what orientation Point it at us thank you I was sitting Here my shoulders were getting intense I Get so Nervous thanks mate throw hold was on When I moved that sucker this is a big Helicopter so we got to be a little bit Careful yes let's listen to that spool Up Again [Music] Nice okay this is good this is good now I want to take my own advice and not Hover too close to the ground cuz that's Where we have the ground Effect prop wash so we don't really want To fight that we want to hover a little Higher where we can be away from that Prop wash and I want to take things Slowly this is a maiden flight of a big Powerful helicopter want to make sure Things are working the way they should Good and generally speaking if you're New to anything helicopters or hel Airplanes your made flight shouldn't be Too exciting unless you're really good

So you know we just want to make sure Things are working the way they should Am I rotating the proper way when I push That yaw yes I was when I pull back it's Coming back is it snapping back to level Because I'm supposed to be in safe and It is when I push right does it go to The right and feel good when I push left The same deal once I got that down I can Now rely on a little bit of muscle Memory and a little bit of skill and we Can just kind of puts it around and get Some orientation going and that's what I'm doing all of which is very Challenging to do while talking to you Guys Nate struggling to talk what well With something in the air yeah this is Good though this is this is feeling Really Nice sounds good all right Nate will it Snap you just touch you just Hush so today's Maiden at least this Light I don't anticipate doing anything Crazy but we'll see we'll see I tend to Fall in a comfort zone pretty quickly And then want to push myself out of that Pretty quickly there's our y right this Is all there it picked up speed look at That once I got it going that's pretty Cool so it started off slow because I Actually have Expo in this Abby sounds good I think it would look Good with the landing gear on the wheels But it also makes it look like it has

Retracts right now with them not on so It looks great in the air but if you're Flying close to the ground then those Wheels will look pretty cool on it and I Think that's really cool it comes with Them I brought them up here I can show You at the end of this Flight I can see the lights they look Really Nice I am not a very good helicopter Pilot and I really want to be better I'm Trying to baby myself and just take Things slowly and carefully with this New helicopter cuz it looks cool I like It is this the biggest size blade of Helicopter Maybe blade yes it's a good size Helicopter isn't it [Music] Yeah so I've never flown a helicopter With Expo in it either so that's new to Me I followed the instructions step by Step verbatim to get everything set up Properly and it worked really well if I Recall the infusion 120 did not have Those type of instructions and that's Why I struggled now Ethan made a Tutorial video after I said hey I need Some help here he probably realized you Know Nate needs it there's got to be at Least one other person out there that Needs it too so he made a video to help Out this one I think he's going to have A video on too which is great uh we kind

Of briefly talked about that so look out For it but also the instructions seem to Have done a good job getting me in the Air I'm flying on an NX radio it's the Newest NX 7e and a lot of people kind of Hate the fact that it's white so it's Going to get 30 other than that it's a Good radio because it's a budget radio And it has been my primary radio For well since it came out I've just Prioritized using it cuz I want to I Want to test it for you guys let you Know how it holds up so let's let's just Get a little more speed going and what We might do if this still goes well I Might put a fresh battery in and try Like one Loop or something uh we'll just See how it goes but for the first pack We're just keeping it nice and scale Which I know a lot of people that fly That way nice and scale and there's Nothing wrong with that it feels good It's looking good it's fun to ZIP down The Runway nice little helicopter Abby mhm I'm liking this with safe on safe is Assigned to switch B I have flight modes On switch F I have throttle hold on Switch H doing it like a Real baby helicopter pilot Here not bad at all this is a good fun This is a fun experience it truly is the Equivalency to what I would say some

Guys would be Flying um just in their patterns right The guys that fly in a circle or maybe Even a figure eight that's kind of what We got going on here now I'll tell you What I was I've only flown in a circle Let's we can do some figure eight Patterns and that's always good and Healthy practice so there we got got our Left hand and there's our right hand and I feel good with That figure eights are are good practice On a helicopter you get a little left G and get right into some right hand Banking and Flying it's really good muscle memory It's good to react that way and you can Mix it up too you can go the opposite Direction so I think what we hit was a 5-minute timer I believe this from what I understand has Telemetry so we should Actually get a low voltage alarm and Since we're just maiding this I kind of Want to keep flying at about this Altitude and see if we can't get that Low voltage alarm with you guys because I think that's really important for People to know the flight time they say This can fly on a 2200 mamp up to a 3200 Mamp battery I have 2200 in today which Is my most common 3s battery and I do Own a 3200 which I was charging before We got up here but it only got a 75% Charge so today I'm just I just have my

2200s what do you you think of this Helicopter Abby now that I kind of got It looks really cool I don't know what People are going to think of the Foam and I wonder if that will actually Even make it more durable because Usually what happens with helicopters When they crash is just the motor gets Obliterated and plus the blade but I Think it looks cool what do you think of The foam okay wasn't ready well sorry I Should told you I was going to do that Cuz I was out of kind of character there But I I throttle punched it just to see How it felt Uh yeah I actually like it I I like that It adds a scale look to it it's a Futuristic scale look but it gives more Body to the helicopter I've never been a Massive fan that was just me by the way I've never been a massive fan of the Ugly traditional 3D stick helicopter Like the infusion I just don't love the Way it looks cuz I feel like they all Look the same they're just an ugly Little stick frame with a lightweight Canop be on there I get it I know why They do that that's to reduce the weight Get it as light as possible so you have More 3D capabilities but for me I've Always appreciated these really cool Like Huey uh scale looking helicopters World War II and even a paches and Anything that looks realistic and scale

I I tend to prefer in the helicopter World uh and it's funny because I say in The airplane world I like things that Are extreme and hypocrite put the flames On and the the stars and stripes and Stuff so I'm actually very impressed With this flight time I was not Expecting this I was thinking four Minutes and that'd be It there's Full Throttle with not full Pitch if I was full pitch up then we Would have gone down so here's what Happens in Safe if I Full Throttle and Full pitch forward you see we go down so If you give both sticks all the way up You will actually lose altitude here we Go full throttle and full pitch forward You really go down pretty steep so if What what you want to do if you want to Get your full speed down the runway is Full Throttle and like half or a third Of your right Stick this also has the ability to have Panic mode um set up it's a button up at The top it's your bind button you can Assign that to a switch which I did and Theoretically if I'm out of safe and I Panic and I can't get my finger on the Safe switch fast enough I could hit that Button and it would recover the Helicopter for me you know you got to be A good mistake high or so but I'm really Impressed with this flight time and I Hope you guys are just enjoying kind of

Chilling with us hanging out pushing the Flight time to its limit just a fresh Battery right off the charger it is very Cold out this morning in the 40s so you Know we're not going to get Peak Performance out of this Battery I keep thinking we're going to Just start sinking out of the sky but Look at this flight time this is a Really good Maiden Flight it's increasing my confidence and My comfort with this helicopter which is Really what I need Time time and moving the sticks there Listen to that did you hear that I heard It we got Telemetry that's great let's Try to have a decently smooth Landing if Possible the wind is picked Up don't want it coming toward us so Let's just do it like This okay we'll take that we'll take That that was a good little Landing what Was that flight time that was almost 10 Minutes M oh my Gosh Wow you always have to film the entire Spool Down now gosh I hope I do this right Okay we're going to keep it in safe what I did there guys I don't know if you saw But the battery Strap I think it's wise to strap all the Cords down even the balance lead if You've got balance lead on your battery

So it doesn't get up in the motor so Really take advantage of the two straps That are in there okay now what I'm Going to do is fly Up couple mistakes high it's going to Not be great for filming or anything Keep my hand on the safe switch like Push it out some too yeah okay okay and Then I'm just going to kick it in the Middle flight mode and see if it'll let Me roll over we'll do a sideways roll so Middle flight Mode roll it over yeah and then back Going safe hey hey okay that felt fine So what I'm going to do and that's not The best way okay 3D Pilots cringing oh No Abby okay it's fine it's fine I'm in Safe my camera went blurry right when That happened I don't know exactly what Happened but the helicopter twisted Around Quickly and I think it was wind pushing It but I'm not totally positive so I Definitely just want to take a quick Look at it cuz that was not me that Twist around Was not me sorry about the blurry I Forgot it was on auto maybe it was Nervous thumbs I don't know but I just Felt good just checking it out Everything seems to be okay we're going To try that again maybe a tiny bit lower This time we're still in Safe

Okay and we'll just it's we're getting Some gusts of wind now so not Necessarily the best way to to Uh push yourself but I feel okay right So we're going to go out some but we're A little lower this time and I want to Try that roll again we're just going to Keep it in my comfort zone we're going To do a right hand here we go safe off Roll it over leaving it out of safe I'm Not messing with safe Yet right and I feel a little wonky so We're going to put it in safe get it Lower before I get out Of sight or Anything going to get a little lower I don't feel like I'm dropping too much Altitude on that so we're going to do That about right here and do a right Roll Again safe off let it spool up Some uh and safe back on never ever Commit to The Landing when you don't Feel comfortable you can always go Around don't commit to the loop unless You feel comfortable make sure Everything is within your comfort zone Okay we're going to go safe off roll it Over and safe On now the helicopter goes through some Things when it's doing that you don't Want it to all be instant because the Way it flies in safe and the light flies Out of safe is very different so listen

To this when I'm down here lower and I Feel comfortable doing this this is fine I'm not going to do a roll here not Doing a roll here but I am going to take It out of safe it's fairly close to us So you guys can just listen to what the Helicopter does I'm going to throw safe Now and back in Safe here the difference in the is this Out of safe or in safe this is in safe Okay so now listen to what it does in Out of Safe 3 2 1 [Music] Listen and back in Safe you hear the difference in the Pitch could you hear that Abby oh yeah Okay it sounds more powerful out of Safe It does yeah so also this helicopter can Fly inverted and do crazy things but I Can't do that but what we are going to Do is a front Loop and then we'll get Back in safe and land it cuz I want to Keep this helicopter in one piece but I Also want to push myself a little bit so We're going to fly out for safety sake We're going to rotate the helicopter to My left we're going to throw it out of Safe and do a front Loop And in Safe and just recover that's what we do That's what we do well because that was So much fun let's do a Backflip thank you and then we're going To bring it home okay yep so we're going

Out of Safe let it spool up Back and in safe oh that feels good okay Now that's not the best way to really Push yourself it's the way I like to Push Myself and I think that was a very Successful Maiden cuz I feel really good About my safe functionality working I Know that I can throw it out of safe and Do some Maneuvers I know I can also kick It up into the more advanced flight mode And do 3D Maneuvers what that does back Here when you bind it switch B is safe When it's in the zero position or all The way back you're in safe when we kick It out of that we would actually Throttle up by itself watch this stand Back happy throttle hold is off when Safe is Off it wants to stay at a constant speed And what adjusts your altitude at that Point is the pitch of your props they Adjust so the rotor stays at a speed and What adjusts your height and how it's Cutting through the air is these rotate And that affects your altitude and how It moves through the air So when you're in safe generally Speaking but not always it's the RPM Plus a little bit of the pitch of the Prop that adjusts the altitude you have No altitude hold or anything but you do Have auto level and then when you're in

The most advanced flight mode what it Tends to do and I could be wrong someone Correct me if I am but at 0% throttle You're actually like Full Throttle in Reverse at 50% throttle on your stick is Its perfect happy hover mode so you have To imagine the Helicopter has from 50% to 100% is your True normal flying mode and then if you Want to fly inverted which if I do this It's going to fight me here but then From from 50% to 0% is now how you fly inverted and it's A lot to wrap your head around because It's just a whole different concept of Throttle management versus like most Airplanes some airplanes have a similar Flight mode but very few I'm thrilled I Think for me that's one of the best Maidens I could possibly ask for in a Bind and fly helicopter and this puppy Will be linked in the description box Below I'm nothing special at all Especially behind the sticks of a Helicopter so if I can have success with This I am 100% confident you can too This was a really good helicopter Experience for me I like that it's Something different some people won't Some people will also appreciate like me That there's something different it's Not fun to see the same old thing all The time so good on blade and Horizon For doing that now it's vitally

Important especially when you're pushing Yourself out of your comfort zone that You fly with something called AMA it's The Academy of model Aeronautics it's an Insurance program for those of us that Fly RC's Drive RC's anything between Cars trucks boats even helicopters Airplanes drones they cover it all I Highly recommend you fly with them Because if I were to crash this and it Flies through a window back there or or Car or even an airplane that's parked up Here the AMA is going to step in and They're going to help cover those Damages that I could have potentially Done with the helicopter and again I was Out of my comfort zone very much so and So it makes me feel I I mean I just I Wouldn't even consider Flying Without AMA it's just a huge security blanket For me I feel so much better knowing That I have it by my side I'm doing Everything that I should to fly by the Rules and guidelines but things happen You saw that happened it might have been A nervous thumb that might have been a Gust of wind but man that thing twisted Around 180° I recovered just fine from It it didn't bother me but that was the Only little 1 second moment where I Thought maybe I'm not in control here Don't really know what happened but Otherwise what a great maen this was and Again this will be linked in the

Description box below my entire setup my Batteries the radio I'm flying on and I Have put this thing through the ropes I Think I have like 30 models on this now Or somewhere around there I've been Flying on it Non-Stop and it's proven to Be a very good especially budget Friendly radio it's the newest NX radio By Spectrum a lot of people don't even Know this is a spectrum radio I've I've Not drawn a lot of attention to this uh But I've been flying my helicopters and Airplanes on it and it's proven to be a Great radio so again it'll be linked in The description box below I love the Lights on it by the way batteries Everything I use to get this in the air Including the helicopter itself I want To say massive thanks to God for Blessing me with a good enough day to Get this flight to you we have had so Much wind and bad weather lately I was Honestly worried about getting this Recorded in time for the release of it So a big thanks to God for blessing us With this moment to share with you guys I'm so grateful and on the subject of Gratitude I want to say a massive thanks To our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your insanely awesome support If you want to see another cool Helicopter video and we do have quite a Few on our Channel we'll have a

Handpicked video popping up right about Now just for you thanks for watching see You there Bye

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