GIANT 6.5 FEET RC AIRPLANE!!! – E-Flite Carbon-Z Cub SS 2.1m

Check out this RC airplane here:
This is a massive RC Airplane with a wingspan of over 6.5 feet. This is the E-Flite Carbon-Z Cub SS 2.1m pnp. This airplane has been around for years for a reason! Let us know your thoughts about this RC plane in the comments.
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Check out this RC airplane here:

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Well this is one of the largest Airplanes that I've ever owned and flown Especially foam on the channel and uh Actually will be right now it's about a Meter or so and it's supposed to be 2.1 M this is the 2.1 m not currently I want To show you guys how easy the wing is to Put on carbon Zss 2.1 uh it is big and the Assembly of This was more steps than I'm used to it Actually took me quite a while to Assemble uh and we'll see if that's a Good thing or a bad thing I got to put All the major nuts and bolts on Including mounting the motor sometimes That's a good thing for you to do it Yourself and other times well if you're Not skilled and you don't know what You're doing it may explode in the air So this should be a great video either Way because this is a giant Beauty with Really robust awesome landing gear the Wing struts the wings themselves are Just massive bright orange we're running Out of daylight so I really just want to Get this thing in the air pretty quickly But we will be flying on a 6s I think It's capable of holding a 4,000 or maybe 3200 milliamp up to a 7,000 milliamp Battery and I'll be flying on 5,000 mamp Batteries today and I did choose to put The optional Wing slats on let's uh Let's put this wing on and Fly like most planes two little thumb

Screws Now this is pretty interesting these are The Antenna they just snap on to your thumb Screw so that's kind of [Music] Neat thank goodness this is a nice Bright orange airplane because we are Losing our daylight or Days are getting shorter and shorter and It's getting harder to find time to fly Now I'm guessing this plane won't need Much runway to take off and we certainly Don't need any flaps so let's see what We can do right around Here Nice I like a big gentle giant airplane Like this oh it's Awesome totally a maiden I still need to Trim some stuff up uh but I just feel Really comfortable with a big plane like This I've really been enjoying larger Planes a lot more something this style Too this carbon Cub style is just very Tame it's nice and easy to see fairly Predictable I do have 25% Expo on all my Control surfaces except for my Rudder I Went with 20 They just tend to fly fairly Predictably big big airplane like this And a lot of people think that big Airplanes are harder to fly they're Scary and the only scary thing about

Them is really the price tag but this Airplane for as big as it is right Around $500 really isn't that bad for Such a big giant airplane they make much Smaller things that are way more Expensive so to come in at 500 bucks to Fly something this huge I think is Pretty cool um and man that assembly Experience just you know I learned a lot With it it was uh it was nice it's nice To know that I kind of did all of The all of it for the most part I mean Even even mounting the Motor which doesn't normally happen on Foam Models this is flying really well just Like I had Hoped Yeah I was getting worried we weren't Going to get a flight in today Abby it Was getting kind of close I've been Working on this plane a couple days now With a lot of Distractions now let's get into inverted Flight the best way to do that is to Bring it up from a loop like that and Then hold it inverted if it's a slower Rolling plane you don't tend to want to R roll into inverted flight getting Inverted from uh loop like that is much Easier and we're just holding a little Bit of up Elevator we'll do an outside Loop out Here a little throttle push down on that

Oh yeah that's great that's nice let's See if we can do any kind of a flat spin We're going to really need to get the Altitude on it see what the vertical Climb is like Anyway level off and can Do All right not great that wasn't the Prettiest flat spin but the best at Doing It try one more time and we'll try to do One of Abby's favorite Maneuvers out Here see if we can do it a little bit on The inverted Side if we can get into it fast enough There we go and not enough um confidence In a maiden flight to let that fall any F farther we're going to go full flaps Oh that's a lot of lift so cancel that That was too much lift I need to mix That elevator into that that was a lot Of lift on those flaps we might do a Half flap pass and see what that feels Like after we get out of the bank here After we get out of the bank we'll kick Half flaps on and see what that feels Like that's okay half flaps feels pretty Good and just get a nice slope [Music] Pass This is a cool plane Abby you're at About four Minutes well can it snap and then can it CU eight right that's what we want to

Know let's get it out here throttle and Try to snap it right around here pretty Good giant snap that was not bad at all And maybe we can bring that right into a Cuban Eight really not a good Cuban eight I Wanted more altitude for that roll out On the back side because my roll rate's Just a little slow So yeah see that I didn't want to hold Inverted too long on This on the back end of the Cuban 8 Right got to be able to roll out of that So plan ahead on your Cuban 8 know your Roll rate before you get into one let's Maybe try a little touch and go on the Runway Here coming in Fast little almost a bounce and go but It's pretty smooth wasn't too bad try it This way too Yeah aby's helping keep track of time I Think we actually have Telemetry on this But I'm not 100% sure yeah you're at 5 Minutes I'm pretty confident we do but It's always better to be safe than Sorry ah I touched one wheel I was Hoping to hold it down a little Longer I bet I could land in this tall Grass today too with this plane we're Losing our daylight Abby we were hoping To do some Chase shots but I don't know We Can that was fun

[Music] Well if you didn't know any better you'd Think this was just a big giant full Scale [Music] Airplane Yeah I can see logging some hours on This I mean this flies exactly like I Hoped it would 6 minutes all right we'll Uh we'll get ready for a landing bring It around out here we'll put the flaps On and actually come in for landing out Here we'll check and see what the Telemetry says cuz as I said I'm pretty Sure this is an updated version that Does have it so hit those flaps nose Down hard just trying to get it down in Front of us a little bit of throttle Here not much just don't want St little hop but that's okay that was a Pretty nice landing those landing gear Shocks are uh I have to show you a Little closer but they actually do Flex Out pretty Well and yeah that was a nice Maiden Flight of a very gentle giant fairly Sporty flyer uh but yeah if you've never Flown a big airplane I highly recommend You check one out Especially this One I had a little moment of Doubt but It does have Telemetry you know it's Always better safe than sorry I I was Like 90% sure it did we're at 3.86 volts

Per cell that means we could have flown For at least at least two more minutes And been pretty good this is an awesome Plane but here I want you guys to see How big this actually is when I'm Holding it remember I'm 6'4 that was hard to get out of the House without banging into every corner Because it's so big and that was with One Wing half off so this is bigger than Me show the pelage like that I mean it's It's go up and down with the fusel Yeah it's a very big airplane Abby and It's amazing when it's in the air Sometimes it just doesn't feel that it Does but like it doesn't feel this big It's a giant airplane and I think they Did it really really well I'm happy with It I'm impressed with it I highly Encourage you guys to check out a giant Airplane a big airplane and fly them and Just compare it to something small like A UMX UMX flies big for what they are But still just doesn't compare to an Actual big airplane so we'll have a Linked In the description box below and Using that link does help to support our Channel and our family if you click it And pull it up it doesn't cost you a Single extra Penny and it's a great way To say thanks for making this free Content if you had fun while you were Here or learned something while you were Here or pay for Nate's haircut I do need

A haircut pretty bad I actually cut his Hair that's why it looks the way it does Now before it gets completely dark I Want to say a massive thanks to God for Blessing us with this beautiful day and The opportunity to get in front of the Camera and share this experience with You guys Finally a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because without you guys we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It now if you're into big airplanes we Will have another big airplane video Popping up right about now just for you Thanks for watching we'll see you there [Music] Bye [Music] [Music]

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