INSANE POWER in a Micro Jet! NEW! – E-Flite UMX F-86 Sabre 30mm RC EDF Jet

Check out the UMX F86 Sabre here:
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This is the brand new E-Flite UMX Sabre. This is a 30mm EDF jet that flies on a 4s battery. In this video we maiden this RC aircraft. Let us know your thoughts about this RC jet in the comments.
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Check out the UMX F86 Sabre here:

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[Music] It's a great day when a newx releases Because let's face it unfortunately UMX Is one of the last standing brands that We can have 100% expectations of Awesomeness right out of the box this is Ready to go as soon as you pull this Foam block out we've got our Jet with the Press of a button on the Radio it's bound and Ready To Fly [Applause] And speaking of radios did you guys even Know this existed a lot of people don't Know about the Nx7 it's actually spectrum's most budget Friendly radio and I'll talk about that A little bit in this video because it's Been my primary radio since day one Release I've got hundreds of flights on This thing now and I've got a little bit Of feedback for you on it but this is The brand newx f86 saber and I'm kind Kind of obsessed already just because They nailed the scale looks on this Thing it is a true EDF and I'm guessing It's going to scream now the landing Gear can be easily Removed just like that fingers crossed That one Dayx creates something with r tracks Abby I don't know if you can get a shot Of that little brushless motor in there But pretty D on cute for a little baby Motor there there it is a so that tiny

Little motor is going to be screaming on A 4S battery this is actually a newer Battery it's upside down 450 milliamps We do have our balance lead on this Spectrum smart battery but we have our Ic2 plug as well which I love Under The Canopy this is kind of an interesting Layout and don't be thrown off by this Yellow plug here that's almost a Permanent fixture we do have our velcro Strip up here and then just a little dib Of Velcro on the battery to hold it in Place no strap in there so make sure you Put some Velcro on your battery besides One of my favorite features about UMX Planes which is just pulling it out of The box and it is beautiful from the Get-go I want to show you guys the other Benefit of UMX and that's how easy it is To get in the air so let's bind this Thing up together and then we're going To menen it on the channel so let's go Let us know in the comments what UMX Plane you want to see them make next Nate how do you do this hold the scroll Button hold the power button for a Couple seconds release the power button We're going to go down to model select Now I already have this in here but We're going to go down to add new model When you do you just back out and put Your name in to your saber okay simply Put we back out to the home screen and Turn off the radio when you plug the

Battery In the receiver automatically goes into A bind mode every single time if you Plug the battery in First otherwise it's looking for its Last pair Plane press and hold the vine button Press and hold power button release the Power Button give it a Second we can Release and we're bound now the amazing Thing about this plane is there's all of Our control surfaces working throttle And we have safe on safe off on the Switch a I wish every plane the eflight Put out every helicopter that blade put Out worked this simply because I think They would quadruple their sales if it Was that easy so let's put this in the Air and have some fun guys leave a like If you think Abby can keep the Huff in Focus this whole flight but tiny it's Going to be fast you ready Yep challenge Accepted I didn't stay on my taxi line Oh my gosh that was a beautiful takeoff Really smooth didn't expect that I Thought it would just kind of Jar up in The air wow sounds pretty powerful well We're cruising at about maybe 60% Throttle just getting a feel for it all Right it's flying really nice that's why I'm so low

Already yeah oh this is great I love the Saber I love it I already lost it cuz I Got distracted by geese let's go get the Geese here we go here we go let's go get Those geese we'll get right on their Tail there we go why that's why I Already lost them okay so do we deserve The like or not Abby oh gosh that's okay What' you say If you think I can in Focus the whole time oh I Guess I guess we don't okay here we go Saber so there's a variety of Sabers on The market but not a UMX are you ready For it to scream down the runway yes and Then guys don't worry I'm going to kick It out of safe and we're going to wake It up we just kind of like to show how Tame it can be cuz we have a lot of Beginner Pilots too screaming it down The Run Way let's go up up up up up I'm going to Roll it Over bring it down safe on cuz I got Disoriented in this one it is super Bright on that side I was about to tell You might want to keep it to the left Mostly going to go up again and roll it And bring it around I am glad this has 4S power because it kind of needs it Rolling it bringing it around We'll kind of keep it on the left side So we can see the Thing love the yellow tips for Orientation this is fantastic yeah the

Saber is such a cool plane because of That Wing angle I really love it just Like a Flying Arrow come this Way nice little low Loop clean clean Clean I think that's the best way to Describe it very very on Rails airplane Very on Rails now I think a lot of People are probably Expecting uh an EDF needing to maintain Speed to fly well I actually don't feel Like this is ridiculously fast in fact I Kind of feel like it's slow really yeah I do I I really I feel like it's pretty Fast not not I've lost it like twice Already I don't mean it's a slow flyer I Think it's just slower than what I was Expecting really also say that in a Really good way I don't I don't think It's too slow and you know when it's Smaller you don't want it to be crazy Fast you'd lose It roll it over and bank it around out Of that roll mate I think I disagree With you that's okay I think it looks Really good and I think it's a good Speed maybe I had enough caffeine this Morning but my brain is like we we got This oh oh my goodness sorry and we're Going to bring it out of this and go Inverted It doesn't want to hold inverted Extremely well but that could have been The angle I was at so we're going to try That again I had to give a lot of up

Elevator uh to keep it upside down so We're going to try that one more time Tell me again 2s 3s what was it 4S nice Wow unless I put the wrong battery in I'll double check on the ground but I'm Sure I got a 4S in here 4S 450 now That's handsfree flight Abby this is Very manageable if you wanted to fly ax Jet go this would be a good one and I Like listen how it Sounds we're going to do a full throttle Crank down the runway and that's our Telemetry letting us know we got some Low voltage so let's do a full throttle Crank oh yeah we're pulsing so on safe Is on bringing around now the reason I Wanted you guys to hear that is because I thought this would Scam hopefully they can hear That I left oh no oh no oh no oh no oh No oh no Oh no I pushed it so you guys could hear That pulsing and that was a horrible Landing I can't give you another Landing In this video cuz that's all I got but That's okay hey durability Factory it Did Good about a 4minute flight lucky for us We've got another battery cuz I feel Like I've got to redeem that Landing if Nothing else I just wasn't fair we Weren't sure where the fight time was Going to be on This well

About the average time of a jet maybe a Little bit longer I think you were over 4 minutes I'm not exactly sure 5 Seconds My timer said 55 seconds okay I was Thinking you were almost to 5 minutes But I wasn't exactly [Music] Sure the point of that pass was so you Guys could hear that it doesn't quite Scream like the citation if you've heard That one so we'll do a couple more Passes in this flight without me talking So you can just really hear it let's Go look how clean that takes off just a Little bit of Bel elevator and Abby this Flies so good and safe I want you to fly It and say you've got a saber flight Under your belt on the little UMX I Think you've flown another saber on the Channel but it wasn't you know I have I think yes it was the arrows One pretty sure you flew that if not it Was a t33 I became a mom and my memory Went down the Drain all right let's speaking of the Citation do they still sell that cuz I I Just am curious I know that's kind of an Older one right excitation it's just They still do do that nice I like that One quiet down the runway here we [Music] [Applause] Go we'll get it one more p Going down the runway just so you guys

Can hear it Full Throttle Screaming up up up up and [Music] Away and roll it over yeah okay will it Snap hey that's my job okay you say it The next time cuz that didn't work out Too good say it say it say it it's Because you said it Nate are you ready To play a game yes will it snap Let's Do It full throttle crank it snap it that's About as Snappy as it got it's about a Roll I didn't know we played that game on um X's I guess we Do I think we play that game on Everything I just forgot my Job o bouncing go that was a bouncing go We'll take it the wheels got down and Back in the air the pilots might have Hit their head on the ceiling But why you got a Co-pilot pilot down okay let's try Another let's do a little smoother touch And go we got to eat clean up that Bounce that's horrible am I just coming In too fast Yep oh no can it be popped Off traditional of Sabers the Pilot's Ejected they said Nate you're messing This up so bad we're out of Here why can't I land that smoothly try Again sir concerning too much caffeine It I did have a monster

Java gosh come on is it speed it's just Some some planes are different some Planes need speed some some planes need To come in slow maybe I need Speed there speed yes yes that was good Gosh that was really good man you just Got to you got to get each plane down This is the beauty of seeing a true Maiden I'm not here to show you guys Perfection there's a lot of people that Think they're making commercials but That's not what we're doing we are just Here to uh show you the reality of it And there's a learning curve with every Different thing all two for Two oh one tiny bounce but it still Looked good could have blamed that on a Crack in the asphalt cuz it did hop up Let's get a good touch and go like that Or a rolling go roll what would you call That that's a touch and go Yeah let's do it fancy though we're Going to go Up around oh Wow's my all right it's a Landing now no it doesn't have to be I Was full thrt on that Climb I think speed is the key and then A flare at the end let's See let's go around one more Time no no in the Grass everybody's favorite segment Launch with confidence launch fidence Nate go go he's getting better I think Nice that thing t akes off

Beautifully Wow and I lost it Where'd you go there You Are I think the best thing about this Jet is the takeoff it is amazing it Looks really good and I've banged it up Pretty good Abby I I think you really Should fly it we got to Crunch the nose First I got to land it all right butter Well let's let's go this way I guess Smooth soft butter Nate oh I lost a wheel was follow there It is Wow okay well the servos stay alive Until the power comes undone so Abby if You fly this you might be doing hand Launch in Grass go we all know that I'm Quite terrible at those more so than you Have ever been the UMX a 10 that you Hand launched did not go well that was a Beautiful hand launch I don't know what You're talking about I think I've got The footage so what happened was this Little I don't know pressure washer that Holds that on place in place there Actually the one on the back end fell Off too it just fell off so I've got to Buy another one of those whoever finds It right here in the video oh yeah I'll Give you 10 bucks I can't believe I Can't believe I filmed that it just Looks like one of these rocks back here You know so otherwise I can probably Blame that on my couple bouncy hard

Landings I had because I also bent this Which I can Just out it's all slightly crooked as I Said time for you to fly you like flying My banged up beat up airplanes so I but It still looks pretty well sure it does Yeah that was fun that say bills baby That side does but the other side says The Huff it's a fire breathing dragon Here Yeah all right okay all right very cool Good looking airplane uh I got to fix The landing gear situation but it takes Off and flies extremely well and it took Me a minute to realize I was coming in Too slow on that Landing it really needs To come in under some throttle 30% or so Just to keep that speed up and just ease It down and touch down and even maintain Throttle throughout the touchdown and Then once you're down pull back on the Throttle unless you want to go around Again can throttle into it and I think This will be a blast flying without the Landing gear cuz as I said it's just Going to look better in the air without Those Wheels sticking down anyway flies Silky smooth has no bad flying Tendencies I would even say the roll Rate was kind of on the slower side as I Rolled I needed to give it some up Elevator to maintain altitude and then Coming back through the roll climb rate Is good but it can stall out even on 4S

Battery I think the best thing about This is just kind of when it's in the Air at that bank like that and you're Coming around man to see those bright Yellow wing tips and the shape of that Wing looks amazing yeah I agree this is The brand newx f86 saber and if you're Like me sa we have sa you basically Collect them all and that's a problem But it's there Linked In the description Box below if you like seeing good honest Videos on our channel it's a great way To support us and what we do at no extra Cost as a matter of fact when you buy it Through our link just on the website in General you earn points and those points Are redeemable for future purchases so It's like a win winwin it really is and We're uh very very grateful for your Support you were supposed to say win-win So I could say win well it's a win-win Win yeah exactly people said it's white It's just going to get dirty I mean I Don't wash it I have a little bit of Dirt on the sides just a little a pretty Clean guy mostly mostly but sometimes I Come out here you know I got the kids And stuff i a sides of it are showing Little bit of dirt but they make rubber Grips that can go on the side of that to Uh prevent that and make it look really Cool I personally this is kind of most Guys would think it's a dumb thing to Talk about but there's this really

Bright light that goes around the Outside of the transmitter and when it's On out in the sun you can't see it very Well but inside man that thing is bright It's orange and when it's charging it's Green I love it I wish you I wish they Had all the colors and you could kind of Customize that I will say I think the Screen is slightly small smaller it Might be my imagination than the other Uh screens on the other radios and I Think it's not quite as bright as the Others but other than that it's a great Radio and the fact that it's their Cheapest radio and newest radio at least I don't think there's a newer one out I Love so if you're interested in this There's not a lot I can say bad about it It feels good it flies good it's just a Little bit of a different layout I still Wish Spectrum would make one that feels Like a PlayStation or an Xbox controller They should there's a market for it There's a demand for it I would enjoy it I would fly my helicopters better if it Felt like that I'm tired of holding a Shoe box flying I do not know why the Shape of the controller exists in 2024 The way it does that's for every Controller though Spectrum hello wake up We've got video game pads and I think There's a a lot of people that would Love to fly on those and hello Spectrum Let me show you something as a woman

Abby struggles to reach them that's very Difficult Abby to do that not even as a Woman as a guy is it hard for I'm flying My Blade 23 these switches in the back I Have to completely let go I I am Extremely uncomfortable flying on these Sticks and oh I got to throw safe yeah If I had R2 like on PlayStation or L2 or R1 that's just natural it would be ready To go I could hit that button and save My airplane or helicopter in seconds but Instead I got to be like yep okay NASA Hold the stick for me while I reach up Here to L2 r2z and switch it that's just Very uncomfortable if Spectrum made a More ergonomic transmitter it would out Instantly kids everywhere females Everywhere would buy that and anybody Who loves gaming would buy it I know What they're doing on the job Spectrum This is nice but I'm done with the box I'm tired of flying on a shoe box sick Of it f86 Sab I want to say a massive Thanks to God for blessing us with this Beautiful day to get out here and fly This plane for you it just shines and Looks amazing and that pass the arrow Pass awesome awesome and I'm so grateful To be able to jump in front of the Camera and have this moment with you Guys so thank you God also a massive Thanks to our patreon supporters because We couldn't do what we do as often as we Do it without your insanely awesome

Support we thank you guys from the Bottom of our hearts if you lovex planes Maybe the citation I don't know we'll Have a handpicked video popping up right About now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there Bye

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