Is the NEWEST Axial SCX24 worth it?

Check out the Axial SCX24 Jeep Wrangler JLU here:
Is the NEWEST Axial SCX24 worth it? This is Axial’s newest version of the SCX24 Jeep Wrangler JLU. In this video we talk about the upgrades and show a side by side comparison. Let us know your thoughts about this RC car in the comments.
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Check out the Axial SCX24 Jeep Wrangler JLU here:

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Anyone that's ever been a fan of these Little axal crawlers is going to be a Fan of what we're featuring in the video Today axal has just announced the Re-released and upgraded version of the Jeep Wrangler jlu Scx24 Yeah Nice it now comes in two new color Schemes we've got the realistic gray and There's a very cool forest green option As well that will be in the description Box and you can see a couple other Upgraded things like the tires and Wheels rather than blackon black we now Have the Chrome on the new version not Just looks are included in these Upgrades we have oil filled shocks as Well as all Spectrum Electronics in the New version anything from axial ready to Run is nice performing right out of the Box so in today's video we're going to Power this on and this completely ready To run little mini crawler and crawl Around our new giant log friends over Here bash mountain is forever changing Always Changing oh yeah feels like it's been a Long time since we've had the little Mini crawlers out Abby now can you guys Guess in the comments of the two that I'm driving around which one is a Millias no wonder now we got lucky today Okay the sun is shining for the first

Time in about 7 days and we're out here To do this video even though we're very Bundled up and it is cold it's in the 40s or so Fahrenheit uh but the nice thing about These little mini crawlers is the fact That they are super fun for winter time You drive these inside on little Cardboard crawler courses and we have a Cool video I think of one of these two Jeeps I think the white one driving on a Cardboard course that Abby and I put Together in like maybe 30 minutes or so About an hour or less just from all the Extra Christmas cardboard we had in the House and that's really fun especially With your kids if you have kids to kind Of keep everyone busy and entertained in The winter time let's go a little Off-roading over Hereas wow that looks a lot different Today I'd be lying to you if I said the Little Jeep made it up that things are Not to oh look how loose that gravel Is but they're tough as Nails I mean you Can put these things through just about Anything they can fall off the back of The couch and just keep on rolling and That's what's really fun about them They're very durable and because they're Crawlers because they're slower driving Like this it's actually really good Vehicles for kids to learn to drive one Too because I've gotten some RC's from

Mila for Christmas and her birthday and They're surprisingly kind of fast and Not wellmade when they're in that to Employ grade level but of course she Loves you know pink girly things and so I wish axal would make something that Was more appealing to like little girls Realistic is fun too but I think it'd be Really cool if they had a couple body Options uh just that were ready to buy In some wild unicorn colors cuz that Would get my daughter interested in Hobby more than these realistic things As much as I love the realistic things Then most guys do I think kids like more Non-realistic things don't they and you Know it's cool that they have Jeep Licensed things but where's the Jurassic Park licens thing for my son and where's The Barbie Jeep for my daughter or Unicorn mermaids whatever you know I Just think that'd be really cool it's It's almost like we're ignoring the fact That this is a family Hobby and yeah It's an individual Hobby and even Competitive hobby too at times but that Doesn't mean we can't all enjoy the Hobby together and i' I'd just love to See them come out with more insane Colors and variations in their vehicles Like you know they had white and yellow To begin with now I have this green and Gray all very cool in my opinion but I'm At a point in my life where I have kids

And they're young kids and I'd spend More money in the hobby if I if they Were involved you know whatever they're Involved with is what I'm dropping money On so if it was me I I would have a Rainbow unicorn Jeep at least on these Little guys just something to think About probably won't ever happen but you Would make money and I wouldn't make a Penny of It well Abby is at the controls she even Just said walking over here when do I Get to Drive usually we all know I'm attracted To water no don't do it Abby don't do it Do not take it in do not do not take it In that water these guys are not Waterproof they're water resistant the Tenth scale are more waterproof she's Going to get those Wheels muddy though Just she just likes to do whatever she Can to drive me Crazy now I do think an RC sailor Sticker or two is missing from this Jeep But we head it out the door kind of Quickly because our schedules aren't Always dictated by us we just got out The door when we Could we're just lucky we got out the Door so we could do a Video I mean these mini crawlers are Pretty addicting I got to say that you Know whether it's uh Buying all the colors of these I I know

A lot of people will buy at least one But I know there's some guys that'll buy Both just so they can have the entire Collection I totally get it very Relatable in fact there's guys that'll Buy a gray and a green and those will be The Shelf queens and then they'll buy Their favorite color of the two to go Run it and drive it so I'm right there With you if that's you there might be a Select few of you that do that but I'm Sure some of you will it's a cool hobby It's very addicting none of us just own One of the RC that we love whether it's Jets like Me um you know you buy multiples of your Favorites I totally get it and it's nice To see axial upgrading their existing Very awesome RC mini crawler Abby that's A nice I like that that's a good little Shot right there looks like car Commercial almost reflecting off the Water so you guys know we got some Zoom There Ah you get to clean it you get to clean It I can't get too close cuz I'm sinking In this thing is lighter than me you did Get it pretty money that's Good that looks Good trying to clean the Wheels I don't really have any grass so Here's what you got to Do don't get away he Says it worked

Works pretty well I got most of the mud Off now just take one of your face Towels when we get home and no it's a Mud mask Abby no absolutely not my poor Boots why do I always wear my boots out Here yeah I wear my work shoes those are My mowing shoes guys you know it's Always nice to see a good thing get Better sometimes it's significantly Better sometimes it's small upgrades We've got modified collars we have some Chrome wheels and we have small but Welcome improvements in the mini crawler Of the scx24 Jeep Wrangler jlu what a Mouthful if you're interested we'll have This Linked In the description box below All versions will be there assuming they Still sell the old versions as well and Just for having some blue in the skies Today the ability to stand on our feet And get in front of the camera and share This experience with you guys I want to Say a massive thanks to God for all the Blessings in our life and hopefully you You guys are grateful for some good in Your life too I want to say a massive Thanks to everybody that has stopped by To watch this video but especially a big Thanks to our patreon supporters because We couldn't do what we do as often as we Do it without your insanely awesome Support if you guys want to see Familyfriendly content continue going Strong into 2024 please consider signing

Up to our patreon page also linked in The description box below if you love Mini crawlers we'll have a handpicked Mini crawler video popping up right About now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there Byee

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